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  • heli0n_prime
    19 posts

    @lamoi I haven't played Far Cry 1 and 2, but I know that we've had HP regen in 3, Blood Dragon, 4 as well.
    Why was it such an issue in 5?

    As for random events, I would tone down the animal attacks.
    In a country that's crawling with bad guys, I can understand coming across a conflict between a bad guy and a neutral at every corner.

    They seem to have done just that in Far Cry New Dawn. Either that or it was just my luck that I was coming across hostages and convoys, and fewer animal attacks.

  • SofaJockey
    372 posts

    "I would tone down the animal attacks."

    It's a Wolverine!!!!!!

    Hell, yes....

  • LaMOi
    162 posts


    So the old health system was a segmented health bar. The health regeneration was limited to only one bar. Beyond that you needed either a health syringe or manual healing.

    This worked for me because I mitigate health regeneration being OP and handicap it by not upgrading certain perks e.g upgrading my health beyond say 3 bars, I also did not unlock manual healing.

    so this helped me get a far more hard-core and challenging experience that I preferred.

    FAR CRY 5 saw the inclusion of a new single health system, one bar that completely regenerated up to Max. This was a new health system that was much more similar to games like Halo. And there was no way for me to moderate it’s effects — as I had done with previous games.

    Therefore it made combat encounters relatively easy I was playing on the hardest difficulty setting when the game launched.
    It killed the game for me.

    There was no tension to the combat. The health regeneration was so aggressive that it actually made you feel like wolverine from the X-Men, it was pretty ridiculous actually.
    So because the game was too easy I just got bored of it quite quickly.

    I know previous posters have said that actually the later added infamous Difficulty did make the game quite a bit harder. However in order to unlock that new difficulty you had to play through the entire game and complete it and I wasn’t about to do with a game I wasn’t enjoying.

  • Flanker1Six
    228 posts

    @milit4nt --yes it looks good at 2K rez on my system. But, then Ubi is amongst the leaders in game world design and presentation.

    Does it look good from a well written and presented adult level story, without dopey magic mystery tour elements, dream sequences, no looter shooter bleep, immersion breaking plot holes, cartoonish over the top NPCs, or nothing but animal GFHs perspective? Well, based on the spiked collar wearing rooster GFH 👎 alone they're in a deep deep hole 🤕 -----------------------with no grappling hook. 😉

  • WID992007
    126 posts

    @flanker1six you have no need to grapple or a hook you use rocks and stones and twigs . to craft a ladder , there are some skills yes you must learn First
    you will find that in the first level of carpet weaving and using your loom you MUST make new carpets to cover the blood up from your first few kills and learn the hard way of how to use scissors as a throwable item as you cut hair (to yes weave your collected human hair to make the macic carpet you ride on ) and get the skills to talk to the persons who's beard you must shave


    sorry still under NDA till the 7th👍

  • GameGuru2018
    186 posts

    Not wrong game but WRONG WAY OF THINKING!

    Why was invented that crafting system? Because of nothing to do?

    It was invented to make the game more interesting.
    To do something, to craft something.
    Because people are not only hunters and gatherers but also craftsmen.

    Far Cry must have its own Crafting System!

    It should be - Yummy.
    Not so big and not so poor.
    It should be interesting and closer to reality.

    Crafting System - is a bloody important stuff!
    For a big open world game it's irreplaceable.

  • usafirefly7
    47 posts

    @evil2u Can it be played offline too? Are there any mandated 'kidnap' type of missions where I have to shoot my way through a carnival maze over and over and over and over and over again (I deleted FC5 soon after that)?

    I'm waiting to hear from you all on these two issues.

  • SofaJockey
    372 posts

    "shoot my way through a carnival maze over and over and over and over and over again"

    I thought what they did there was rather clever.

    I got very good at it (and yes I did what they expected me to do at the end).

  • Flanker1Six
    228 posts

    @sofajockey Aaaahhhhhh that's where Ubi frequently goes astray into the schizoid world of adult themed and violence laden games being fun and funny. Yes, it's a game, and most of us play for entertainment value which is inherently "fun" for healthy adults. I don't want them to be a relentlessly lifelike sim (who wants PTSD from playing a game), but on the other hand Ubi frequently just doesn't get the blend right between the serious themes and plots presented in their games and crafting in some humor, fun, and the occasional light hearted break from slaughtering your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances 💀 (like in FC 5). Never mind the totally borked premise of the game, silent player character, woefully underdeveloped Hope County Infrastructure (compared to those in AC Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla) and 12, count 'em 12, frequently unbelievable "magic" kidnappings out of game play. 😀

    I'm hopeful Ubi has taken some of the well deserved hard knocks they they got for Breakpoint, FC5, and some other delayed recent releases to heart and got this one, if not "right", then at least more bug/issue free and a a continuity consistent with the real world themes of FC 6 without lapsing into cartoonish arcade like mechanisms.

  • leroy198532
    32 posts
    @sofajockey modern ubisoft definitely have the "quality over quantity" problem that plagues most open world games nowadays, but I am also optimistic, the far cry franchise has always been about great combat mechanics and amazing level design and although i think far cry 5 was a step in the wrong direction, especially when it came to mission design and level design, I think this game will be a comeback for the series. I'm just a bit skeptical of how the rpg mechanics will work, but they seem to be doing their best to have meaningful content throughout the game that respects the players time, both through mechanics and level design, and the devs said its important that the gameplay loop does not just comprise of combat, which can't be said for far cry 5, which makes me excited to see what they can come up with. Looking forward to launch personally.

    What ? Far crys 5 map was hand crafted, so far while far cry 6 looks pretty the map is all copy and paste, i cant find anything interesting. Massively dissapointed.

  • Darren_Evans
    24 posts

    I'm digging the vastly improved environmental audio. Distant gunfights, radio chatter and NPC voices seem to be processed properly such as slightly muffled at distance. The same holds if the audio source, or the player, are in interior or exterior locations. The biggest audio improvement is in the game Options. Previous Far Cry titles had very limited audio channel separation. Now we can adjust the volume of Master, Radio Music, Dialog, Score Music and Sound Effects.

    The only thing letting the game down now is Distant Object Detail. When you have a game that gives you binocular-type features you really need to make sure your LOD system doesn't drastically ruin textures and polygon detail of distant objects. It's like the Hubble Telescope. The deeper it looks into space the further back in time you're looking. Similarly, in games with poor quality LOD, looking at distant terrain and buildings through binoculars is like looking at a game from the early 2000s games era with muddy textures and PS2-level polygon detail 😊

  • Nandiman
    14 posts

    @milit4nt I'm having a blast with the game, but than again I always loved the Far Cry franchise, so I am somewhat biased 😉

  • Nandiman
    14 posts

    @darren_evans Speaking of sound design, did you encounter the little easter egg about Dani singing along to her favourite song when it comes on the radio in the car? That just made my day. 😄 (I assume dude Dani also sings along, possibly to a different song?)

  • igrvks
    62 posts


    If they end up toning down the ridiculous enemy respawn rate and doing some other minor adjustments I would say it's probably the best Far Cry game in a good while. I think the tropical setting just belongs in a FC game.

  • ivyfoos
    6 posts

    I'm disappointed so far. It's weird because even tho it looks pretty, it feels cheap, like everything is made out of paper and plastic. There's no weight to anything. Also doesn't really seem like they want you to play stealthy, which is they way I like to play.

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    I'm liking the overall visuals so don't get me wrong here. Like in most high end graphics games the water in rivers sometimes tends to look like it's flowing under rocks and boulders instead of around them. As if the water flow is slicing through a rock. In some games they make it look more like a natural flow around the rocks but not so much in this one. But that won't stop me from getting lots of fast travel points to make it easier to return to the best views and places.

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    @leroy198532 Have you been to the big oil rig in the sea in the northwest? I'm going to return to it and explore it more to see if it's a cool location.

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