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  • Skys01_
    8 posts

    @noxious81 Absolutely smoked the pvp fools like OP. People should stop making everything COD. Just switch game if its so painful to you. The jump mechanic is the worst part of present pvp games because people mashing buttons of prone-crouch-jump is the worst clunky spam.

  • TxDieselKid
    276 posts
    3) PvP Removed

    Why? Why remove it and not just allow us who do play it and enjoy it have it?

    No one is forcing you to play the PvP aspects of the game, so why remove it?

  • AngryPandaNr1
    58 posts

    "Have you ever tried jumping with 50-100 pounds of gear on"

    Have you ever heard of 1 backpack filled with 120 different weapons, 120 body armor's, 120 masks or 120 backpacks stuffed in 1 backpack.

    Or ever heard of people getting shot in the head with 50 AR bullets and still walk around like what's up bro.

    I'm with you on the jumping thing in division but it's a game.
    Let's not bring real life facts in here hahaha

  • LateNiteDelight
    987 posts

    @angrypandanr1 non-deadly headshots and sponge is my biggest beef with the game 😉

    I'm one of the folks getting yelled at for asking Massive to make Hardcore a deadlier version of The Division, instead of the nanny mode that makes people stand by something folks do for fun [and police themselves] in other shooters.

  • AngryPandaNr1
    58 posts

    @latenitedelight there should be a better Hardcore mode.
    But with deadly headshots the looting isn't necessary anymore.
    I guess breakpoint is better to play if you want that. But you probably played that already.
    (If you didn't) it looks like division but with deadly headshots.

  • LateNiteDelight
    987 posts

    @angrypandanr1 I've got a few hundred hours there 😊

    They lack any Urban fighting, and their AI is braindead compared to TD2. I could care less about loot - so that seems like a win to me. I'd love for Hardcore mode to be a variation on Immersive Mode, but that seems like a bridge too far here.. they could just drop everything at a predetermined power level based on difficulty, have the only variation be the attributes/talent on there.

  • Virtual-Chris
    798 posts

    @latenitedelight @AngryPandaNr1

    I went back to Breakpoint last night - I need a break from TD2... but as you say, the AI in Breakpoint is brain-dead. You can see a group of 4 enemies on patrol and have them all dead before they even turn around. Whereas in TD2, with a good build, you can maybe take one enemy down quickly, but by then the other three have already scattered and are behind cover, flanking, or bearing down on you. TD2 is a whole different level of intensity. Part of that is the urban setting, where typical engagement distances are much shorter. In Breakpoint, you're seeing enemies at 200+m and able to engage so there's never any realistic threat unless you turn them into aim-bots. I might be back playing TD2 before long. 😄

  • FBS94
    24 posts


    In my opinion, the weakest features of the Division 2 are the raids; but only if you don't have friends to play them with, not well equipped, and don't understand - or care enough to understand- how the game mechanics in them work.

    Let me give an example:

    Occasionally, as a newb/noob/new player, i look for raid groups in discord channels with messages like this:

    "Hello. I'm looking for an Iron Horse raid group to join in, because i want to get the Regulus. I only did the raid once and i am a noob, so i will need help and carry. I also have no mic. If you are still interested, please send a direct message to me.",

    Or like this: "lfg IH, need sherpa/carry, i have no mic".

    And sometimes, i do find raid groups, and finish them with the helps, guidances, and carries of other experienced players; but in my opinion, this is not how i want to do the raids, or any activity at all.

    The problem is that i barely have any tolerance to learn the basics, and the bare bones of a game just to be able to play it, but not it's advanced game mechanics through and through - like some players choose to do.

    I always think: Why should i even try to learn about the game mechanics of a raid, even though i know that when i get the raid loot, i will not need to know such mechanics anymore?

    I mean, after getting my Eagle Bearer and Ravenous, i started to think about whether if i care enough to do the IH raid, just to get the Regulus.

    And that is my problem: To me, raids are just hurdles to get through, in order to get that raid loot; and not an activity that i would prefer to do regularly.

    Because when i am not trying to get through raids, i am just a casual, solo player, who uses in game matchmaking to get groups and get things done.

  • xcel30
    652 posts

    While aware i might sound like a broken record, specializations. Different from optionao content lile PVP and Raids that player themselves can opt out from it, my biggest gripe ends up being simply how forgetful they become when they should have been so much more and were sold as.core part of the game end game builds and character customization. Now they weird like a loose peeble that got into your shoe but you cant get rid of so every few steps you feel it rolling around where it shouldnt

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