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  • Thiccum69
    9 posts

    @elonmacaroni Yeah you're right. Battleye did a great job. But we have no choice, we have to rely on Ubisoft's decision.

  • ekovi
    1 posts

    I bought this game only when I heard from BattlEye team that they support Linux now and that there is no development needed from game development team to enable it on a given game, so yeah, me trusting you I though - you'd be able to send one e-mail and get on board to enable R6 on linux.

    But... oh well, seems that the company and the development team responsible for R6 do not care about the small number of folks asking for R6 linux. You'd be a good Santa C if you make it possible two weeks ago, but nah, you missed the date. What a pity, what a sad commercial world we live in.

    Change our mind and how we see the world, be the good guys, you do not need a cloak of a superheroe to be one, just submit a request to BattlEye team so R6 works on linux, big please.

  • KravvHopz
    13 posts

    And again, Ubisoft, this post has more and more and more and more relevancy than ever...

  • KravvHopz
    13 posts

    @elonmacaroni They don't like the possibility of making MORE money, strangely...

  • ElonMacaroni
    16 posts

    Wouldn't it be funny if someone breached Ubisoft through phishing and send the email themselves haha (For legality reasons, this was a joke and not to be taken serious).

  • Vivianne.
    2 posts

    @ubi-viral Yes, we really want the R6 to work on Linux, I have some friends who want it too, just email BattlEye, she said that just send an email, and she allows us to play.

  • PuniSHW_
    3 posts

    @ubi-viral  I want it to, the Linux support will be great for the community as a whole, as well as increasing and integrating the player base, and the Vulkan.

  • ElonMacaroni
    16 posts

    @ekovi Refund the game while you can!

    Steam has a 2 week 2hr playtime refund policy.

  • KravvHopz
    13 posts

    @elonmacaroni Do you think maybe Muta could use his influence to get Ubisoft to say to this? I highly, highly doubt they saw this video, but if we got Muta to spread this forum post, maybe we could get their attention?

  • Major.uwu
    4 posts

    I'm just here to show support as well, I would love to install and play R6 on my main machine!

  • ElonMacaroni
    16 posts

    Ubisoft won't care until Q1 22 Feb to be exact. That's when the SteamDeck launches.

    Since mods definitely don't read this thread on purpose: Ubisoft is a shity scumy greedy anti-consumer company and they have been doing stuff like this for a long time.

    Honestly just drop R6. It's just terrible nowadays anyway, no point in asking anymore. Seriously people, try Ready or not: (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1144200) it's basically what R6 has missed and will never become anymore.

  • Zakafu
    1 posts

    Please add R6 is one of the few games that are stopping me from running lunix on my daily driver

  • nadrolinux
    1 posts

    Still no progress? Ubi, it's just one simple email to BattleEye support, is it really that hard?

  • Ubi-Nacho
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1497 posts

    Hi there @nadrolinux

    Thank you for reaching out for an update on BattlEye's proton support, and R6S.

    Regrettably we have no new news to share at the moment!

    We would still like to encourage players to keep an eye out for further news here.

    Please be in touch if you have any questions.

    Official Response
  • I_Bad_Aim
    1 posts

    I will never buy another ubisoft game or dlc if they don’t commit to linux support through proton or a native build (which we know exists due to stadia). The linux community has spent countless hours into making this possible, there’s zero excuse not to enable battleye proton support.

  • sjonny30
    1 posts

    I wouldn't necessarily say they should support Proton specific but Linux as a whole. Making a Ubisoft Connect client for Linux for example. Cause now you need to rely on Steam, with Proton, to work on Linux. Combine this with the fact that Rainbow Six Siege can already use Vulkan which is natively supported on Linux. I don't like running 2 launchers and 2 different accounts for a game. I don't own the Steam version of almost any game that can be bought on the platform it's made for. Like GTA 5 you now need have a dedicated launcher meanwhile you already got Steam and needed a rockstar games account anyways. Maybe for a game like Forza I can get why you want the Steam version cause the MS Store is just bad. (because things like the files are locked a weird directory on you harddrive) For these reasons I rather just want a Linux client for the whole game. Google Stadia and Amazon Luna run on Linux right? So I see abosolutely no reasoning in why the game and Ubisoft Connect shouldn't be made for Linux.

  • zerowhybr
    1 posts

    I am another user that would like to see Rainbow Six Siege on Linux as reality 🙂

  • troy0h
    5 posts

    R6 Siege already works on Linux via Proton, just without any multiplayer support right now.
    Ubisoft will just need to send Battleye the email to say they want to opt in for Linux support, and it'd work with no effort on Ubi's part

  • Tanglewood642
    2 posts

    Yes , i quess RSS is going to get on Steam Deck in the end!

  • sTiKyt
    1 posts

    I understand when companies don't want to support linux because it's "just one percent" but for fucks sake, ONE PERCENT ARE STILL MILLIONS OF PLAYERS! STOP OPERATING IN PERCENTAGES, COUNT PEOPLE! You are potentially loosing almost as much players as you had on Windows, you can't know for sure because you can't calculate how many of general linux population are interested in games like this, and trust me WE ARE, because there are NO ALTERNATIVES... It would make you at least moderate profits for specific titles if you could send simple email and enable support...

    OH, you are scared of support requests from linux users? Let's not forget linux users are free and almost professional QA team, and most of bugs they'll find and report won't even be Linux specific! Yes, we'll report more, but we'll report Windows version issues... Linux community is ADVANTAGE, not DISADVANTAGE

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