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  • Netspook
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    Luke Stephens Review: Definitely not sitting through Luke's review. The guy is on Quaaludes. It takes him two hours to recite a bloody sentence.

    His review is so epic in length that it needs to be done in Chapters. A one-hundred hour review. I don't have time for it.

    Quite spot on.

    I actually saw half of his.... eh... "review". He played the ENTIRE cut scene, the long one that plays when escaping the intro island. Who the heck do that in a review? Also, it took WELLL OVER 21 MINUTES before he even started talking about gameplay, the most important part of any reveiw, imo.

    Never gonna see anything from that dude again, he's way too much in love with his own voice.

  • LaMOi
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    WORTH A BUY I think nails it…

    • TOO EASY - only 2 difficulties
    • Story tone offset due to an odd choice of characters that seem included only to tick current politics/ virtue signalling boxes.
    • Dumb AI
    • buggy

    Then add this whole enemy respawning crap.


    Is it fixable…?

    For me the strangest thing is the difficulty. I can only assume that Ubisoft felt it better to add these things further down the road to keep interest in the game for longer? As the absence of higher difficulty settings seems absolutely baffling….

  • Omgilovesteak
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    I like the fishes!!

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