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  • MiiaTheLamia59
    6 posts

    @vgoth you again
    stop posting its not even related to the issue

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @devilkazuya83 In that last video, they change the HD Texture option without restarting the game, which does nothing...

  • UhOhIPooped
    20 posts

    Time for my check in again, and surprise we are now two weeks in without word or patch from Ubisoft. I have a 3080 FE from nvidia, I payed over $900 for this card. And here come Ubisoft, "welp I got an idea, how bout we screw all those who bought new gen cards?" This all has officially become a joke! 11GB, 16GB? What a crock, anyone remember any of the recent Resident Evil games? You can max those games, well over your card vram and still run them at 60FPS, and guess what there were no graphical issues. I see some on here that feel the same, some who have amd cards and dont really care because its not an issue for them, and I see some who are just on here to fix the problem, which is all the same, disable the hd textures. Point is we should not have to, if this was five or six years from now, yeah maybe. Plain and simple, this company has spit on gamers one too many times in the last few years and I'm not surprised it continues with this game. Thanks for taking our 60+ dollars for a game that does nothing special and has issues running on high end rigs, we really appreciate it!

  • Iulian2507
    3 posts

    I have the same problem with the blurry graphic and already tried every suggestion so ... FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!

  • syklonis01
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • kmil85
    3 posts

    [censored] probably sitting on amd [censored] so it will not be fixed

  • Lancezerkir
    11 posts

    daily check in

  • xLeeN4x
    9 posts

    Conducted tests on cards rtx 3070ti, 3080, 3080ti, rx 6700, rx6800xt everywhere this problem is present, only in the case of amd
    showed itself much later (1-2 hours of play). In the case of nvidia, the problem manifests itself the first time you teleport to the hub or change items of clothing.
    For the purity of the experiment, the hd and dxr textures are disabled. Render resolution 1440 and 2160.
    Rolling back the drivers also does not solve the problem, but only postpones it for an extra 30-40 minutes.
    So gentlemen, the problem is with any card or even AMD

  • danielowyyyy
    7 posts

    Last far [censored] game I paid for. More than two weeks after release and still no update...

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @xleen4x  Can I ask you what CPU used in the various tests? I have no problem with 3080 and Ryzen 5600x without HD Texture pack, even after many hours of gaming. 

  • xLeeN4x
    9 posts

    DevilKaZuya83  cpu i7 10700k(oc), 11700k(oc)\ 64gb\m2.samsung 970 evo 1tb

  • lovegrudb
    6 posts

    If the problem is not fixed, this will be the last Ubisoft game that I purchased.

  • MediaevalSine
    1 posts

    the fact that the game has been out for 2 weeks with this enormous issue that literally makes the game unbearable to play, and ubisoft not releasing a patch or even acknowledging that there will be one soon is just mind boggling to me. how the [censored] is this possible? if you make a game, you test it, right? and how come, that almost every [censored] player on pc immediately noticed that half of the textures look like absolute [censored], and ubisoft playtesters never noticed it? i honestly think they've buried their eyes in their [censored] because an issue as blatanly obvious as this texture issue should've been visible to them a long [censored] time ago.

  • Zenplayer8
    8 posts

    @mediaevalsine We are the "playtesters" :)xD:(

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    They definitely have to shoot out a patch along with the DLC in November. If that patch doesn't include this issue, I am afraid this will never be fixed

  • Iulian2507
    3 posts

    So i may have a kind of a fix and i say that because for me it worked on the tables, photos and Guapo but the weapons are still blurry maybe for others will fix everything so what i did is to optimize the game on quality from geforce experience and then run the game as administrator. I hope for other will fix everything

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @iulian2507 The Geforce Experience likely turned off the HD Pack which is why some the blurry textures were fixed.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    Just as another example of how silly any attempts to justify silently reducing texture quality as a valid way of handling (supposed) VRAM limitations are in general, here's a screenshot I just took in Crysis 2 Remastered, at 4K / max settings with Crytek's GPU-agnostic raytracing feature also enabled at the highest setting on top of that... on a GTX 1660 Ti!

    Was the game literally running at 5 FPS? Yep! Were there any noticeable reductions in visual quality despite me almost certainly significantly exceeding my card's VRAM limit by quite a lot, though? Nope!

  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    @akira1364 The trilogy is gorgeous, amazing to discover those games again. Missing those linear solo shooters. By the way, I maxed out Crysis 2 with my 3070 playing 1440p, I got horrible stutters (like a lot of people), but putting textures from very high to high just fixed it. No idea of it's about the VRAM or not. If only a simple option to change could solve the blurry textures of Far Cry 6...

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @friteusebelge I had those huge frame-drops in C2 Remastered at first also (with my "actually playable" 60 - 80 FPS real-life settings of 1080P / max settings and no raytracing) but found they seemed to be entirely caused by me having the game installed on an HDD. Transferring the installation to a Samsung 860 Pro I had lying around with some spare space on it solved the problem completely, at least in my case.

    As far as Far Cry 6 goes also, I personally have zero actual performance issues with it... the only problem is just that the HD textures are completely unusable even at 1080P on my GTX 1660 Ti because they never ever load properly, and even with them turned off I still occasionally get the exact same issue with the incorrectly loaded low-res ones, particularly on stuff like weapons, clothing, and Dani's Supremo.

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