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  • LanDragon78
    8 posts

    Just checking to see if there has been any progress, or confirmation of a patch date...doesn't look like it. Wow, over 1,100 replies on this thread already!

  • BorisTheBlad3
    6 posts

    @ubi-borealis I really wish you people would get your facts in order since there are now apparently 3 different "required amounts of ram" for the HD pack, which the hell is it? Because when I run the game on my RTX 3080 I get told by the game that it requires 11GB of VRAM, you just stated 12GB and there is also 16GB shown elsewhere so what the hell is it?

    On another note, if you stick with this requirement and don't make it so the RTX 3080, the damn flagship for Nvidia can play this game WITH the HD pack, I can guarantee this will be the last Ubisoft game I ever purchase and I know I am not alone in stating that.

  • Apexsaurus
    3 posts

    @subhajit0072020 I have also noticed this! I have RTX 3080 10GB play @1440p Ultra preset + DXR ON for reflections, NO HD PACK INSTALLED! VRAM usage is between 6-8GB. I don't have the blurry textures on guns or car dashboard cause I'm between their 2GB vram limit, but the textures on leaves, grass and rocks looks like absolute vomit. Is this part of the bug as well or just how the textures are?

  • TheLastElite
    29 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • TheLastElite
    29 posts
    @ubi-nacho I would urge you to clarify with the development team where the idea that 16GB of VRAM is needed for the HD Texture Pack even at resolutions like 1080P came from to begin with, and consider providing more specific / realistic requirements for each resolution.

    Actually monitoring the game's resource usage while it is running shows that even at 4K / Ultra settings with both raytracing and the HD texture pack enabled, it does not use more than slightly over 12GB VRAM in total, as can be seen in this person's video:

    I have a 3080 (the best gaming GPU on the market imo) and Ubi says that's not good enough?

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    61 posts

    Not only on PC. Graphics looks bad on consoles as well.
    Very blurry and fuzzy.
    Even with motion blur off. What a mess

  • TheOutsider-NL-
    14 posts

    @redw0lfalpha That's TAA.. It was always bad in Far Cry games..

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @boristheblad3 There are just 2 different requirements. Nowhere does it states 11GB. It states >11GB in Ubisoft Connect which means 12GB. There is also the 16GB in system requirements.

    Based on replies from Ubi reps over 52 pages this is how it goes. 12GB cards can run the HD pack but only at high settings and not ultra. They haven’t yet clarified whether RTX is to be turned off or not but I assume RTX is to be turned off as well as that’s the only way those blurry textures are resolved.

    16GB cards can run the game maxed out with the pack.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @apexsaurus If your allocated vram has exceeded 8GB on 3080, blurry textures will show up. That’s how their abysmal vram management works. It’s absolutely essential that the game maintains a clean headroom of 2Gb from your card vram which isn’t to be utilised.

    I suggest turning on FSR to resolve this.

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @apexsaurus I have no problem with 3080 / amd 5600x, 1440p all ultra, raytracing etc " HDtextures off" . I think there's bugs on CPU management, too. I saw a video where they show that used one core in eight :

    There are other really annoying minor bugs , like lock fps it stops working after a story cinematics

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @redw0lfalpha I thought PS5 worked perfectly with HD Texture. Is there any video that shows what you're saying?

  • subhajit0072020
    2 posts

    @apexsaurus I have a gtx 1650 gpu which has 4 gb vram , so in my case most of the game objects are low res (including - guns ,car- Speedometer , supremo , some rocks and leaves) . As you are only seeing the low resolution textures on the rocks and leaves maybe ubisoft implemented these textures in this manner , and its a shame that it is a 2021 game. I had high hopes for this game but ubisoft ruined it.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @devilkazuya83 The issue is also there on consoles but it’s very limited and not as aggressive as the PC version so not many complaints about it. See below screenshot. Look at the hat. It’s lower resolution on XSX as compared to PS5.

  • sattium85
    107 posts

    @bladerunner4077 I've written about this hat more than once. Apparently, the developers here created a bad texture and model of the hat. It's bad even with HD textures on PC and consoles.

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @bladerunner4077  it's not because console use dynamic resolution ?
    I'd heard about Xbox-X-related issues, but no one's ever complained on PlayStation.
    it's clear, however, that the game has been planned thinking about consoles and that's fine... but since the consoles can handle quiet HD Textures with definitely less than 10 gb of vram ( i don't know the exact console vram if anyone can tell me ) @ubi-borealis could you allow us poor PC users to use them too?

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @devilkazuya83 Its not related to dynamic resolution as the texture itself is a low-res asset on XSX rather than PS5. I think a similar situation to PC is present here. Digital Foundry video reported that they saw higher stuttering and frame pacing issues on the 6800XT 16GB while the RTX 3080 was showing smoother frame times and higher FPS but we all know that's because the 3080 is loading blurry textures everywhere.

    On consoles, DF again reported that XSX provides a smoother experience than PS5 in FPS and frame times but this is due to blurry textures again.

    Consoles do not have "VRAM" as such. What they have is 16GB of GDDR6 shared system memory to be used by both the operating system and the game. However, this 16GB GDDR6 memory is a mix of 1GB memory modules and 2GB memory modules, 10GB of these can form a fast memory with 320-bit interface, and 6GB will operate with 192-bit interface, so for the sake of simplicity you can say that XSX does use 10GB of fast memory for VRAM, and 6GB of slow memory for OS purposes + game operations. An XSX game will avoid going over 10GB of VRAM because if that happened, all the memory will operate like the slow memory, because its the speed all of them can reach. so Far Cry 6 is using less than 10GB of memory on next gen consoles even with the texture pack, and there are no major issues whatsoever.

  • Lancezerkir
    11 posts

    daily check in

  • The_R9X
    8 posts

    Just got an update and guess what? They didn't fixed the texture issue. I'm done with this game.

  • xieyifei
    5 posts

    As expected, the hotfix just released did not solve the problem of textures . I hope the first official update to be released next will solve this problem as soon as possible.

    26 posts

    New driver and game update fixed the issue for me
    RTX 2080 ti
    hope it helps u guys

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