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  • simpfaf
    1 posts

    Same Issue with RTX2080 Super, please fix this

  • Tanktop_Tarou
    11 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • mobilehavoc
    18 posts

    Installed new Nvidia drivers and FarCry6 patch and it's still blurry. I don't think this is going to be fixed honestly. I think this is a deep issue in the game engine or something. Ubisoft clearly don't feel this is a priority issue.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    Just a heads up that the newest Nvidia driver which was released today has disabled Resizable BAR for Far Cry 6 causing lower fps for those who had this enabled. If you had this feature enabled in the bios, it will no longer work so use nvidia inspector to manually enable it.

    ‘’Also blurry textures not fixed on latest nvidia driver and hotfix.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @mobilehavoc They have to fix it otherwise there should be a class action law suit for selling a broken product which is not of good quality. Anything below the 3080 cannot handle even the stock textures at 1440p. This game is not Cyberounk or Metro Exodus and these VRAM demands are absurd.

    ‘Let me reiterate to Ubisoft. Nvidia’s flagship gaming gpu the 3080 Ti cannot handle the HD Pack as per your system requirements while the AMD flagship 6900XT can. This is an anti consumer sentiment and should be remediated against the earliest. I am appalled that you released a hotfix for a non-issue related to Ubisoft connect when disabling the interface was always available as a workaround. Far more serious issues like blurry textures, stuttering and infinite enemy respawns are being ignored.

  • Sladdi_054
    13 posts

    @nemanja_99 uspjeo sam ovu notification maknuti. i u mene su texture jako mutne, izgleda kao playstation 1 vremena, katastrofalno, pogotovo puske i odjeca su grozni. mislim da ne znaju ni oni sto je tu tocno se desilo. nema rijesenje za to, mozemo se samo nadati fix-a sto prije. poslao sam ti zahtjev za prijateljstvo u ubisoft connect, ako hoces potvrdi.

  • Rogue_Duch
    9 posts

    Curious but after today's fix, my game runs a lot better, and HD/blurry textures are now perfeclty fine... Its really not the same game anymore. Weapons skin/arsenal/gator, its all good ! yeah
    ps: not using the lastest NVIDIA as of today

  • RegZieeeX
    29 posts

    Had hoped the hotfix would have maybe helped, and for the first 15 minutes I was convinced, first time I was able to play and see the textures working properly, but after walking around, not getting into any action before too long they bugged out again. I'm glad I went ahead and just got the game for my PS5, looks and plays beautifully on there. Just seems ridiculous my 3070 can't run it properly without the textures looking like mud. Baffles me that they released that PC trailer banging on about how well the game has been designed for PC, seems like a total lie.

  • AnunnakiTeam
    2 posts

    I can confirm, Low texture was not fixed on RTX 2060 1080p no HD pack installed... What a shame.

    21 posts

    Yeah, no fix here either. Tested without updating the video card driver and with. RTX 3080, 1440p resolution, no HD texture pack, 32GB RAM, Core i7-108070H @ 2.2ghz, plus some snappy NVME storage.

    Actually saw a little extra stuttering compared to normal, but could've been a fluke (then again, why in the heck am I getting stuttering on this rig, but it is an Ubisoft OW game..)

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    I tried the game for about an hour after the patch, and after the nvidia driver update ( rtx 3080 1440p Ryzen 5600x )

    HD texture all ultra ray tracing etc :
    . textures on vehicles, clothes, supremos, are okay; weapons, especially if you change a lot blurry texture, 
    i find pixel texture also in the scenario

    HD texture all ultra (exept water , shadow high ) and FSR ultra quality
    .This situation still improves, but sometimes when you change your weapon, there is this problem, it takes a few seconds, but it is there, same for element scenario

    I'd rather play whit HD texture off for the following reasons :
    FSR it's not DLSS , ultra quality is loss of quality vs native resolution, i'd recommend for 4k players, but not 1440p, i’prefer play everything with textures hd off, all ultra, and not have any problems upload texture / FSR off.

    So the problem was softened, UNRESOLVED.
    Let's hope they solve with a big patch, too bad when it happens, we will have finished the game.

  • Mr.Saciel
    1 posts

    Pc specs:
    RX 570
    I3 9100f

    I just tried everything

    Install the hd textures and desinstal them
    Put all the graphics on low
    Change the resolution
    Reinstall the game
    Verify the files

    And all still blurry and awfull

    60$ game

  • icewolf2k
    1 posts

    got the same problem on a rtx 3070, every setting. makes the game for me not enjoyable

  • DennisLocke71
    7 posts

    Ubisoft where is the fix? I bought your subscription Ubisoft+ and I cannot play. My money is wasted.

  • gonsnakexx
    6 posts

    The problem still persist! Goddamitt Ubisoft, fix this

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    Not sure yet from the posts but does a 24gb video card (3090 or Titan Rtx) display more HD textures in the game than a 3080 video card?

    The answer won't help my low fps just 20-25 in most places with HD texture pack and all settings on Ultra. I'm only on a i7-7700 but my Titan Rtx is 24 gb. My ram 32 gb ddr4. But I'm curious to know if the 3090 or my card has any advantage as far as loading more HD textures than cards with 16gb or less.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @umilton That seems like a weirdly low framerate for a Titan RTX even at 4K in this game, TBH, unless you have raytracing enabled too.

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    @akira1364 Ray tracing is on to get every little gain I can in graphics.

  • Lancezerkir
    11 posts

    daily login

  • SimoneSoldier04
    2 posts

    Far Cry 6
    Hello everyone. I have a problem with blurry textures in Far Cry 6... I tried with the package HD.same problem.do you have a solution? Thank you.

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