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  • ch1ggs
    9 posts

    5950X, Nvidia 3090 and blurry textures everywhere. I love the game, but I've resorted to playing this on my Xbox Series X.

    Come on, UbiSoft...there needs to be a fix released.

  • syklonis01
    5 posts

    This whole Texture issue--not enough GPU ram PR spin-- has to absolutely be tied to their deal with AMD and or their crappy engine using DX12 now. Otherwise the way inferior console versions should be having the same issues running the HD texture pack! But the next gen consoles aren't having this issue and that to me this is a huge red flag for my PC counterparts here!!!!

    We know the engine is old, maybe it's the implementation of DX12 who knows, but as a paying customer with a top of the line rig with a RTX 3080, I should not have to turn down a damn thing in any game. Maybe in 4-5 years when better games come out and I have a new rig and GPU for the times, but right now almost 4 weeks in- this is inexcusable!

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @uhohipooped In fact, it seems like a joke, games like Cyberpunk or Control are much heavy games in resources and they work perfectly. I think that was intentional, for sponsorship with AMD, putting this limitation was the only way to highlight AMD serie 6000 and console next gen.
    But in doing so they castrated 90% of graphics card.
    I can play well with 3080 HD textures disabled , but but other people , even with 3070 they have blurry textures with HD pack off.
    There are serious problems here, and I don't understand why the famous YouTube channels don't talk about it. Cyberpunk it was shouted to the scandal.

  • Nebiross_PL
    1 posts

    Ubi say u need more than 12GB for HD texture pack but even better if 16GB... But without HD texture pack, on 1440p and all ultra with RTX 3070, and Ryzen 5600x (80+FPS) it shows me just 5GB VRAM usage and it looks bad for me far away. Everything near me is "fine" (should be better) but when I look from some view points its disaster. Links for some SS below. One with in game camera zoom. I stopped to play this game. Its just a joke for ppl who spent a lot of money for theirs PCs.
    https://ibb.co/PNxg4Mn: (https://ibb.co/PNxg4Mn)
    https://ibb.co/LJp1DDY: (https://ibb.co/LJp1DDY)
    https://ibb.co/mSRQG3r: (https://ibb.co/mSRQG3r)
    https://ibb.co/vhVBfJK: (https://ibb.co/vhVBfJK)
    Will return when they fix this.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @nebiross_pl Can you show a screenshot which shows the VRAM usage? On my 3080 Ti, VRAM usage is well over 6GB at 1440p. Are you referring to the VRAM bar in the settings menu?

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @devilkazuya83 Its clearly a game of sponsorship. As someone who has seen these textures, they don't look nearly impressive enough to warrant 12GB. The problem is the engine is very inefficient

  • lmazzochi
    10 posts

    We know that already!
    I, as many other here, never installed the "HD textures pack" and the problem appears the same.
    Many of the textures appear extremely pixelated, Sometimes is like play with a PS1 graphics!!!
    Is not an HD Textures problem! Stop using it like an excuse!
    It is a shame because Far Cry 5 was beautiful, and this is an extreme downgrade for the franchise.
    But the worse part is the kind of response that the company are giving us.
    They are excusing themselves all the time with the "12 VRAMs of the HD PACK" needs, instead of accepting that the problem exists even without installing it.
    Again, The HD Pack is not the problem!
    Stop treating us as ignorant.
    Stop using The HD Pack as an excuse and fix the problem.

  • mobilehavoc
    18 posts

    I just started playing Guardians of Galaxy - I can run it at 4K 120hz, HDR, Ultra, RT Ultra, DLSS and it runs beautifully. No blurry textures or issues. Video RAM shows as using 7GB of my 8GB on my mobile 3080. It's clear this is a game engine problem in Far Cry 6 and I just don't feel like it'll be resolved.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @uhohipooped I'm not sure if this is necessarily a "lockout" as much as it is evidence of forum support staff who aren't particularly technically knowledgeable, and aren't really capable of doing much other than repeating whatever stock lines they've been told to say over and over again. I strongly believe this is a case of an actually poor technical implementation of the new D3D12 renderer, as opposed to anything intentional. The fact that the performance benchmark in particular is one aspect of the game where the "blurry textures" issue never occurs, even with the HD Texture Pack enabled, serves to help make the case for that IMO. Clearly it was carefully fine-tuned in terms of memory management in a way that the main game was not:

    Additionally, the level of VRAM usage that gets reported by the estimator contained within the game's graphics settings menu heavily indicates to me that indeed, FC6 was not actually supposed to have "system requirements" that were very different from FC5 and FC: New Dawn to begin with, but still ultimately wound up that way regardless.

  • guydodge
    49 posts

    @regzieeex you have a problem with a month.well dont buy cybertrash 2076 you'll really be dissapointed
    for a new release in this day and age of companies releasing unfinished unoptomized games.this is so
    minimal its insane.while i do see some slight blur here and there on my 3090 ftw ultra (maxed out settingsfull
    raytracing no dlss) i say kudos to the devs at least in its released condition.i see alot of effort here and
    i applaud them.

  • guydodge
    49 posts

    @mobilehavoc this sounds overblown to say the least.i know high end systems very well and
    your claiming this on a laptop/mobile ?

  • burnsarm2
    4 posts

    the last game i buy it
    bye bye ubis_ck

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @akira1364 The convenient side effect of the unoptimised render is that AMD cards are largely unimpacted.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @bladerunner4077 It's not that convenient, as it only applies to (some of) their RX 6000 series. AMD users with RX 5000-series or RX 500 / 400-series cards on the other hand are definitely encountering this problem just like everyone else.

  • Tanktop_Tarou
    11 posts

    Still no change.... PC Performace is good though

  • UhOhIPooped
    20 posts

    @devilkazuya83 Imagine if this company didn't spit all over its fans with every game lately. I would like them to explain how and xbsx and a ps5 are running these textures. Now some will say well hey they have more gb of vram, but if you look at the comparisons with a 3080 against those systems it doesn't need more because it is way faster ram. Plus do not forget the extra vram your computer puts in with the gpu, which to be fair not a lot of developers have found a way to utilize it well. The point is the 3080 is more powerful than those consoles yet they can run it. Yes the consoles aren't using raytracing. But thats still the problem. PC users can turn off raytracing and we still can't use the pack. Now I haven't played in about a week and I only checked out the hotfix, but I did play a little with the hd textures off, but who with a modern high end rig would want to play with them off? I totally get when games are made for new gen hardware, but anyone who has bought a 30 series or AMDs recent gpus have new gen hardware and now we are being told that its not good enough??? I agree with @Akira1364 when he said that it isn't the support staff fault. But then he tells us something that never crossed my mind....... Why was the benchmark so fine tuned and had none of the blurry textures? More than likely it was made shortly before AMD slipped some cash in, the benchmark should have been the game that we got! Think about that, think of how shady the games industry has been lately. We have become nothing but this industries bottomless wallet and its really depressing to think about it that way, but its becoming more true by the day....

  • yiupanlau2012
    1 posts

    I wanna to know that the schedule for fix this "textures are appearing blurry in-game", I haven't install HD textures pack, it still blurry.
    If don't, pls. arrange refund.
    It like a [censored]. I pay mony pay a [censored], [censored] GAME and [censored] COMPANY.

  • UhOhIPooped
    20 posts

    Oh hey everyone just wanted to mention, there is a new patch launching soon they posted about a half hour ago. Guess what? No fix for the bug here in the forum that has the most views and replies.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    These guys didn’t fix a single game breaking bug in this patch. HD Texture issue remains. Infinite resoawning of enemies is still there. Stuttering still there. FSR settings and aim toggle is still not being saved after exiting the game. I think I will write this game off as a wasted expense.

    It seems to me they have no idea how to fix the vram allocation and reworking the streaming system will take a huge chunk of time. Wouldn’t expect a fix until next year as Christmas is near now.

  • banusDumb
    5 posts

    @bladerunner4077 without the texture load fix and respawn rate fix the game is unplayable. Why bother releasing a patch that does anything else?! That's it I'm boycotting Ubisoft after this miserable experience.

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