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  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @devilkazuya83 The only difference is we expected CDPR to be different and Cyberpunk was touted to revolutionise open world games for 4 years now and when none of that happened it came back to bite them.

    ‘’We expect unoptimised games from Ubisoft and Far Cry 6 was never intended to be a revolutionary game like Cyberpunk. It’s like fast food. You eat it for a while and it’s tasty but not for long. Cyberpunk was supposed to be dessert and it didn’t turn out that way. That why flaws of FC6 are never highlighted as much.

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @bladerunner4077 I tried the game for a few hours after the patch, as far as the bad textures, nothing has changed. As another user wrote, the VRAM indicator used (now more realistic) but still not correct in relation to real use.
    This patch brought me another nice bug, in the mini-map left, many crates of supplies I've already opened are reported (fortunately it happens only there, on the complete map, it doesn't happen).
    The only improvement I noticed is that in the pause screens, bandidos, map, etc. Now the framerate is blocked by refreshrate of your screen.

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    Still not fixed, eh?

    Damn... Well, at least it's listed in the issues megathread.

  • Aex_Khves
    51 posts

    @liquidrichardvn [censored]? They just increased system requirements instead of fix the problem

  • lmazzochi
    10 posts

    @aex_khves LOL... Exactly! :S
    Ubisoft is a Joke.

  • Nemanja_99
    23 posts

    11GB patch is it possible that the texture problem is not solved?
    And is it possible that the game is even more demanding now?

    I'd rather play farcry1 he at least looks better.

  • Kalitheman
    12 posts


    RTX 3070 8GB VRAM
    32 GB RAM

    1440 2K 170 Hz

    Everything Ultra
    Everything "on'' Except HD Texture package
    Both DXR " on"

    Average 80 FPS no problem with texture anymore....

  • RegZieeeX
    29 posts

    @bladerunner4077 Yep can confirm after hours playing the texture issue for me is basically gone. Haven't noticed the textures go bad on guns, vehicle interiors or any amigos as of yet. I hope it doesn't return but for now I can finally play the game without textures looking like mud. 1440P, all Ultra, RT on. No texture pack. However I also tried raising the resolutions scaling to help eliminate jaggies and shimmering but that does cause the textures go blurry again, but as long as I keep it at 1 then it works fine.

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    For anyone with blurry textures: are they blurry when the game loads or only after moving fast like sprinting or driving fast?

    Just wanted to check if it's the case for players with textures not loading properly. Was curious to know whether or not textures look fine when the game save loads.

    For me the textures are fine when the Continue save loads, but after I sprint or drive fast for a long way sometimes the textures get blurry. I can fix it each time by backtracking at walking speed toward where I started which is a hassle to do. But after a little while all the textures in the area have loaded correctly and it looks nice and detailed. I'm assuming when traveling fast the game can't keep up and can't load textures fast enough for the character's fast pace of moving.

    If any of what I've said has nothing to do with the blurry textures problem then please post so. I can take it, I'm just trying to understand more about the textures not loading completely problem.

  • As1r0nimo
    354 posts

    @umilton The stupidly coded game engine keeps a large amount of buffered memory. Which means, that if you don't have very high pool of Vram, these buffered placeholders will pop up. Either you have 4 gigs or 10 gigs. The only difference is WHEN they pop up. The engine DOES NOT use RAM properly, that's why instead of load additional buffered textures there, it creates a useless buffer on Vcard. So, we have 60+ FPS at 4k, but with textures from DOOM 2.

    Funny thing, that when you are using integrated Vega cards, you have enough memory to load that crap, because it actually uses RAM. Idk, how bad those programmers could be, since it's the first game with such horrible implementation of Vram management i've seen in my entire gaming experience (since 90s). I mean, it could work for consoles for optimization purposes, but for [censored] sake, we are playing on PC. So make the game work properly on that platform before releasing it. I'd rather wait for a few month, then spending money of this sht.

  • xLeeN4x
    9 posts

    @kalitheman Okay then what are you doing here since you don't have any texture problems?)
    Although I have the assumption that you are either blind or one of the army of ubi fans who are trying to justify developers ignoring the problem with such statements ...

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    @xleen4x The management of the vram changes from card to card , affect other components like the CPU (in the digital foundery test it is clear that the use of CPU cores is buggy) . I'm also with 3080 with disabled HD textures, all ultra, ray tracing etc is ok BUT ... it's a shame that with cards like 3080 last generation I have to give up textures hd. It's so not okay ubisoft.

  • Rahul_Abraham
    2 posts

    Hi All here is the solution (This is worked for me)

    1. Open NVIDIA control panel
    2. Manage 3D setting
    3. Change "Shader Cache Size" to 5GB ( i am playing in 1080p so if you are playing 2k or 4k increase the cache size)
    4. Apply

  • GiaLinh_5599
    7 posts

    @rahul_abraham thanks but that still doesn't work for me.

  • jagpi
    1 posts

    Im not using HD texture pack, and have spare RAM to play the game, but it says that i dont have enough. For me it's even worse after this recent patch.
    Guns, clothes, maps and many other textures are very blury. I tried everything, but nothing works. I had similar issue with Control, but when i set textures to medium, everything seemed ok.

  • Tanktop_Tarou
    11 posts

    I can't play the game anymore unless my graphics card have 8GB or more VRAM

    and here is what the equipment looks like in ultra

    and just so you know it's practically impossible to get RTX 30 series or RX 6000 series graphics card in my area....

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @tanktop_tarou I suggest you refund this game as the game is unplayable on 4GB. The minimum requirements may state otherwise but the game keeps a buffer of 1.5-2GB from your card VRAM. So while your card is technically able to play the game if the VRAM allocation worked properly, it can't due to their stupid coding as 2.5GB of VRAM available for the texture streaming system is just not enough for the game.

    Buy the game if they ever patch it in the future. Its looking unlikely to me as the Ubi rep said they don't have an ETA so the devs are not prioritising this issue

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @devilkazuya83 The CPU issue will never be fixed. It’s a terribly single threaded engine. See the latest Alder Lake reviews. Intel is plastering Far Cry 6 performance everywhere because of their high single threaded performance but this game is unique in their benchmark as no other game realises such gains.

  • Nemanja_99
    23 posts

    @tanktop_tarou You have no idea how sorry I am for giving $ 60 to this. Same case with me.
    If we have to have one of the rtx cards then I don't know what, how many of us can realistically afford it.

  • jotarodazpa
    46 posts

    Video (Ultra settings):

    Sorry I forget to show the settings screen but everything is ultra Raytracing is on. Top left is the FPS counter
    At 1:44 you can see a little stutter. This was because there was autosaving going on at that moment.

    This user with a 3090 24GB VRAM GPU (equals to 10 XBSX and PS5s... ) suffers from blurry texture BUG:

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    To ALL the people, this game needs a PATCH, theres no way around, theres no windows update, nvidia drivers, turning off overlay, etc, etc, etc

    The game needs a PATCH, the problem is the game, not our PCs, OK?

    And before making claims, please test the things before saying incorrect things...stop spreading bad information... thank you...

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