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  • TheLastElite
    29 posts

    Video (Ultra settings):

    Sorry I forget to show the settings screen but everything is ultra Raytracing is on. Top left is the FPS counter
    At 1:44 you can see a little stutter. This was because there was autosaving going on at that moment.

    This user with a 3090 24GB VRAM GPU (equals to 10 XBSX and PS5s... ) suffers from blurry texture BUG:

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    To ALL the people, this game needs a PATCH, theres no way around, theres no windows update, nvidia drivers, turning off overlay, etc, etc, etc

    The game needs a PATCH, the problem is the game, not our PCs, OK?

    And before making claims, please test the things before saying incorrect things...stop spreading bad information... thank you...

    This is why I stopped playing until a proper patch comes out. BF2042 is just around the corner so that will keep me occupied.

  • JaggedGargoyle
    7 posts

    Not sure if this would be helpful for anyone, but I noticed in my task manager that I had quite a bit of dedicated video memory being used up while not even in the game. Realized a lot of my apps like Dropbox seem to take up vram. After closing them I got my dedicated ram usage a little lower. I can get it lower still if I disable my additional three screens, but that's kinda a pain. For some reason the Ubisoft connect app seems to take up a ton of vram outside of the game. Not even sure if this effects in game vram at all though. Anyways, If I play this game at 1440p resolution with my background apps closed, and set the resolution scaler lower to 0.8, I don't get any of the blurry texture issues anymore. Tested this by playing a good chunk of time, and fast traveling all over the map. First time I've been able to do this with the proper textures staying intact. This is all without the hd texture pack installed. I'm playing on a 3070, 32gb ddr4 ram, and a 10900k.

    So maybe the vram usage from the game on top of my background applications like Dropbox that I had open was making the textures worse? In game Vram of 5.67 + outside vram of 1.5 = 7.17, so slightly less than what my 3070 can handle? Does that make any sense, or am I just grasping at straws? Anything above resolution scale of 0.8 with 1440p still makes the textures go super blurry, regardless of closing apps and disconnecting screens. It's pretty frustrating, because I get consistent 60fps at higher resolutions. Don't really want to play the game at such a low resolution. It might work to lower vram usage if I turn all the graphic settings lower, but that sort of defeats the purpose of having an expensive gaming pc.

    But yeah if anyone else is using a 3070, I can now play with all the settings at max (including ray tracing), resolution at 1440p, and resolution scaling at 0.8. HD texture pack not installed. Might be worth a try for anyone else, hopefully this helps. I'm not sure if I'm just going to uninstall the game for a couple of months, and see if they can manage to patch this, or at least improve the issue, before playing anymore of it. Game itself is actually pretty fun.

  • Kalitheman
    12 posts


    That would explain why Ubisoft may have some trouble figuring out WHAT is the problem exactly since there are lots of
    people like me who do not have a problem. And that NVidia cards may not be the issue. Nor the Drivers. Nor the Intel CPU.
    If you find my posting offensive, get a life.

  • quentin2560
    1 posts

    Hello. After lastest update textures are still blurry. Seriously this game is ultra ugly. Still waiting for fix..

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @kalitheman I can't imagine they "don't know" what the problem is. I think likely a huge part of the issue is that they handed off the entire development of the PC version of the game to their rando Ukrainian offshoot ("Ubisoft Kyiv") who certainly don't appear to be in any way up to the task of properly (presumably mostly independently) porting Dunia's renderer from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12.

  • Bakvalan
    8 posts

    Guys, are you still waiting for the patch ? Understand that Ubisoft has [censored] on us. There will be NO PATCH. The main thing for them is that we paid a lot of money. This is a [censored] scam at least for me 🙂

  • MiiaTheLamia59
    6 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    Its such a shame as the game looks very good and the HDR implementation is one of the best I have seen in PC games but all the art and high quality volumetric lighting is completely undone by the texture issue.

  • Tanktop_Tarou
    11 posts

    @bladerunner4077 I don't think Ubisoft or Epic Store will grant me a refund. It's already been a month since its release. And I already sunk in more than 50 hours of gameplay, trying out various fixes...

  • xLeeN4x
    9 posts

    @kalitheman Sorry bro, maybe I was too harsh in my statements, it's all ubisoft))) they make us nervous))) but almost all people I know who have this game have similar problems with it, and more than half of them just didn't pay attention to textures, but played the game ... Or their sessions were not long enough to cause an error, but when I asked them to check this problem, they all had it, only the time was different from 10 minutes to 3 hours ...
    Good luck!)

  • sattium85
    107 posts

    This was my last pre-order from ubisoft. First there was Valhalla, where many bugs were not fixed afterwards. Now Far Cry 6 a month later in the first patch, the developers ignore the most massive problem ...

  • sattium85
    107 posts

    @akira1364 As far as I know from their twitter statement, 12 ubisoft studios were working on the game. But the main studio is Ubisoft Toronto. Perhaps this is the reason for the failure.

  • Nemanja_99
    23 posts

    @xleen4x I agree, and they ignore it because that's how it suits them, you have to buy a 1000 graphics card, so then you won't have any problems.

  • As1r0nimo
    392 posts

    @nemanja_99 1k$ Vcard is somewhat RTX 3070 right now. It's not even close to 100% of stable full textures.

  • xLeeN4x
    9 posts

    @nemanja_99 Unfortunately, this problem also exists on the 6900 and 3090 cards, so in this case it is not the card and its price that is important, but specifically the game rendering bug, which ubi so diligently ignores ...

  • txo2020
    2 posts

    After the last update the game can't even start here. It just crashes during loading. [censored]? Other games like Far Cry New Dawn, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, Hitman 3, latest Flight Simulator work perfectly fine. And dare to say - even without any texture problems. (3070 FE at 4k, hight to ultra + raytracing where applicable)

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    @xleen4x Sometimes the HD 4k textures take longer to load on my Titan Rtx but it's not permanent for each session of gameplay. If I wait a minute or two the textures load. Yes it's a problem but not as bad as having it be blurry the whole time.

    It can get blurry if I sprint or drive fast as if the system can't render fast enough to keep up with my character's movement across the terrain. But if I slow down to walking speed and wait the minute or two the HD textures load. When they load it's quite a sight to behold with the detail and lighting.

    I wonder if it's a permanent blurriness for the 3090 or it they eventually load after a couple minutes or so.

  • boissevain10
    3 posts

    It seems the momentum of this thread has slowed down, a shame that this issue still persists among so many others. If this issue gets resolved at all would at this point really suprise me.

  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    @boissevain10 Yeah, same... Daily checks, but nothing new...

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @boissevain10 I mean, I doubt they'd fix this in a standalone patch, so we'd have to wait for the next overall one regardless I'd imagine.

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