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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] [PC] Some textures are appearing blurry in-game

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    Yes... I think it could be because many of us uninstalled the game until they fix that.
    And in the meantime, they move on. 😞
    The only thing i learn about this, is i will never buy an Ubisoft Game at Day 1.
    I will buy everything of them on sale a year later.
    I have never seen a company that runs worse than them in similar scenarios.

  • Vilemos
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    Not sure what was the update about, but I highly doubt it fixed the problem.

    Happening on RTX2060, after cca 5 minutes of gameplay.

  • Tanktop_Tarou
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    I think the people in this thread got tired of waiting because Ubisoft support staff has gotten silent on us

  • FriteuseBelge
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    @tanktop_tarou Yes, and there are better games out there, that run well (even if it becomes rare), better than waisting our time with a bad coded game.

  • JaggedGargoyle
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    @friteusebelge Been checking the thread daily too haha. Probably the last time I'll but a Ubisoft game on day one, better off waiting an extra year before playing.

  • UhOhIPooped
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    @tanktop_tarou We are tired. Been here since day one and when we get a response the company makes the support staff say the same stuff on repeat. Well over a month and nothing but the same message or silence will do that to people.

  • lovegrudb
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    Duty reminder that your game is broken

  • CrailJast
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    Funny how i can run a game like Forza Horizon 5, on a crappy vid card, that looks better then this game without frame-rate issues and with sharp textures. Yet even now, still Jack S on actually fixing this piece of VRAM hogging none sense that gives google chrome a run for its money, we need a new meme format for that one now.

    Also, you know how bad it is if i just have to type the word "some" into my google search bar and this thread comes up, that's how often i have visited it.

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @tanktop_tarou They are not fixing this, at least not any time soon. The last response they gave was that the dev team has identified the issue and will be fixing it BUT THERE IS NO ETA. For all we know they could take a year to patch it.

    I look at Forza Horizon 5 which had 4.5 million concurrent players yesterday with miniscule bugs and then theres this game. I wish every PC game released like Forza Horizon 5. This "Ship the beta game first for early adopters, patch later" mentality has ruined the PC gaming experience lately.

  • Mofalon
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    As a long time PC gamer I just wanted to say that this will probably not be fixed, as it's not actually a technical issue, but rather a conscious decision on part of the developers.

    It is entirely possible that due to having 16 GB of available VRAM on AMD GPUs (and probably future Nvidia GPUs) they simply decided not to "waste time" optimizing the pack for 10 GB GPUs as other dev teams do.

    Also, and as noob programmer, I'm pretty sure this could have been avoided, but I guess in time this will be more common as multi core CPUs and high VRAM GPUs will stream higher quality textures on the fly in a similar way to what the PS5 currently does.

    The same thing happened during the previous console gen (PS4 and Xbox One). Nvidia released 6 and 4 GB GPUs (GTX 980 Ti, GTX 980) around that time, while AMD released 8 GB GPUs (R9 390, R9 390X), which in the end, allowed AMD users to max out texture quality in some games while Nvidia users couldn't.

    As an RTX 3080 user, I'm honestly not that worried about this whole texture thing, because in the end, all of us will end up upgrading our rigs at some point, so I'm just trying to enjoy the game as it is. However, Ubi should definitely have optimized the texture pack for 10 GB GPUs at least.


  • As1r0nimo
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    @mofalon It's not a decision, it's an incopetence. This should not be happening at all, since we have RAM and Virtual memory. So textures SHOULD LOAD IN ANY SITUATION. Vram is fast, plus lower speed memory will decrease overall perfomance, but textures MUST LOAD.

  • lmazzochi
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    @mofalon if you have an RTX 3080, one of the most up-to-date cards. And pay a 60 dollar game.
    The game must work. period.
    This is not a situation where Ubisoft decides not to "optimize" its game for 90% of players on PC.
    It is plain and simple a complete incompetence by a company that does not care in the least to make a quality product.
    From now on I will buy all their games a year later and when they are in a super sale.
    With so many good games from better companies going around, I don't understand who sent me to rush to Far Cry 6.

  • Kalitheman
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    Fixed my rig...No more blurry textures ...

  • MarcelDuchampo
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  • LanDragon78
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    @kalitheman that's awesome, can you share what you fixed?

  • Daitan86
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    @mofalon as I wrote earlier, rtx 3000 video cards especially 3080 and high ,have less VRAM because they are much faster by taking advantage of a new memory usage system, but games have to support it, games like Cyberpunk, Control, Tomb Raider and many next gen games are optimized for this reason. Far Cry 6 uses an old 2012 engine and uses the old ram usage system.
    The game has AMD sponsor, and he was born for these cards. I think that this problem will not be solved. And so do I, as many other PC users, if they buy a Ubisoft game, it'll be when it's a big sale.

  • yamaci1771
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    @devilkazuya83 there's no such thing as new memory system for nvidia gpus. i don't know where did you get info or what you're talking about. can you please cite some credible, valid sources for your claims?

    3080 has low vram because Nvidia skimped, gimped and scammed its userbase again, no other explanation. it will run into more issues as we venture into nextgen, and they will expect you buy their 16 gb 4070-4080 gpus. sorry to startle your stuff, but it is what it is.

  • m3cky
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    I've noticed those textures being super blurry as well. I don't have a high specification gpu by any means but I've been pretty pleased with the aesthetics anyway on medium. But I would appreciate fixing El Guapo's textures and maybe the horse saddle. They just make you feel like you're playing a game from 2010. Like subconsciously...

  • xLeeN4x
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    Guys, for 1.5 months we have been discussing the same thing, but the impression is that in different languages)))
    I already wrote earlier that I tested the game on different cards, nvidia and amd (30xx 6хxx series) such a problem, it just manifests itself in different ways and in different conditions, starting with game situations, whether it's a change of Supremo or just a long world of research. spent a week of personal time on this nonsense (idiot, I know). The cards and their manufacturer have nothing to do with it, it's just a game bug that can be hidden in the render and memory cache, on the crooked port of the PC version ...
    I remember this problem with The Division 2, the game also had problems with DirectX 12 and memory cache, a year later the error was fixed))) So I think this game will be no exception.

  • Daitan86
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    @yamaci1771 you can find dozens of articles talking about this, I picked one at random on youtube. Until recently I was playing with grx 1060 with 6 gb vram and with some compromises I was able to play in an acceptable 1440p but I never had blurry textures.,Ubisoft have no excuse today. This is a shame.

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