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  • The_YongGrand
    3 posts

    Hello Ubisoft,

    I just got a copy of Far Cry 6 (standard edition) and noticed that the textures on some parts of the player's clothing, weapons and amigo's models are extremely muddy and might not be loading completely. Guapo (alligator teammate in the game) looks like a toy plastic alligator in the game, and I'm hoping that it might be a serious bug and not an ordinary design issue.

    I set all to Ultra settings and the problem still persists.

    Here is my PC specs:

    AMD Ryzen 1200
    12GB RAM
    Geforce GTX1050Ti 4GB

    The option for "HD Textures" are greyed out so I couldn't even shut it off.

  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2336 posts

    @c4sk Hey! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue and as mentioned by @Ravnsmod this is something that is known to us and is being looked into.

    For now, we ask that you please try the steps here.

    Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Official Response
  • prophetzero
    2 posts

    I too am having an issue with textures. I am however running Windows 11, not sure if that is an issue or not.

    AMD Ryzen 5600X
    32GB Crucial Ballistix RAM 3600
    ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi)
    EVGA RTX 3080 Ultra FTW3

  • Bakvalan
    8 posts

    I have the same problem...
    Ultra settings without HD texture pack and still I have this potato textures on weapons, clothes, stones and trees.

    My spec:
    Rx570 4gb sapphire
    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    2x8gb ram 3200MHz
    B450 tomahawk MB

  • Rackham_Jack
    9 posts

    I'm having this same problem since launch

    my spec:
    nvidia geforce rtx 2060
    ryzen 5 3500x 6-core
    ram 16gb
    1920x1080 75hz

  • banusDumb
    5 posts

    This is unplayable! The crocodile, horse saddle, weapon textures are not loading at all. do I get a refund or wait for Ubisoft to maybe fix a brand new $60 game?!

  • uplaysucksau
    6 posts

    @banusdumb ubisoft are known for rejecting any refund after you launch their game.

  • andres360cool
    6 posts

    Guys i found a temporal solution, roll back to Nvidia driver 471.96, and don't use raytracing, been testing, with raytracing in 5 minutes the textures get low resolution, withouth it, the game maintains the normal textures, is a shame this is not tested before the game launch

  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    LITTLE FIX SEMI-WORKING HERE (for me at least)

    So, having those blurry textures with and without the texture pack enabled, playing with the last Nvidia driver, I tried something :
    I cleaned the DirectX cache, on the Windows drive (so right click on C, disk cleanup, then select DirectX cache, and clean), then I launched the game and it seems it fixed the textures being blurry.
    BUT if you die in-game, or if you change some visual options, I think it just makes the textures load again, and then some got blurry again... Note that I did that after disabling the HD texture pack in the options, and after closing the game, to be sure it worked.

    That said, it's a kinda working fix, cleaning those shaders, but... don't die and don't tweak your game... Cmon Ubisoft, do something...

    PS : my rig is : RTX 3070 MSI Gaming X Trio (OC with Afterburner), Ryzen 3600x (no OC), 16gb of ram at 3200mhz (2*8), Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD, Windows 10.

  • Nemanja_99
    23 posts

    bad and blurred textures on weapons and certain objects, like playing FarCry1
    Does anyone know of a solution so that these textures can be sorted out or do we still have to wait for the developers to fix it

    1 posts

    Точно такая же ситуация. Стоит все на ультра... с ФПС проблем нет, но временами размытые текстуры одежды, приборных досок авто, оружия и т.д.
    Причем это рандомно.
    Перезагружаешь игру и какое-то время все норм.
    Потом опять начинается. Менять сглаживание и т.д. не решилось

  • Derelici0us
    4 posts

    @friteusebelge This worked for me. Except that changing graphic settings doesn't make the textures go blurry, but dying does. So it's like I'm playing on a new Hardcore mode now.

  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2336 posts

    @the_yonggrand Hey! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing these blurry textures. Thank you for providing your system specs.

    To try and troubleshoot this, please restore all of the global settings to default in the NVIDIA control panel. You can access this by right-clicking your desktop and selecting NVIDIA control panel.

    If this does not work please try the troubleshooting steps here.

    Thank you.

    Official Response
  • uplaysucksau
    6 posts

    @friteusebelge Didn't help 😞

  • Pedroiko
    1 posts

    I have a AMD RX570, my card doesn't even have Ray Tracing, nor the option for HD Textures. I'm facing this issue since minute 1 of gameplay and a workaround is yet to work here.

  • Nemanja_99
    23 posts

    @ttyjiu_ot_deada Yes, all the same problems, one time it is as it should be and then the textures break down again. And now it's gotten worse lately, the game turns itself off after 30 minutes of playing. I will now wait for it all to be sorted out so I will continue to play...

  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    Yes, it's not a stable fix... 😖 Look, I have had a chat with the support, and they are aware of the issue, they are working on it, so a patch is on its way !

  • Kessydie
    1 posts

    Same here, fix this textures please

  • mobilehavoc
    18 posts

    Having the same issue, it definitely appears the issue seems very similar to what I had with Control: Ultimate Edition where over time textures get blurry. When I first launch FC6, it looks great. The best way to tell easily is the Supremos on my characters back the text is legible but after a few minutes the text is a blurry mess. The trees, landscape and most things actually remain decent but random textures will get blurry and low res. It's bit of a mess. Definitely feels a game bug more than a hardware limitation. I've tried with and without HD texture pack. I don't care about HD textures I just want things to not be blurry.

    26 posts

    So after running the game for an hour forcing my self with blurry weapons, everything became blurry, Trees, sand and wooden textures on houses, some cars dashboard, posters and gear became really bad, i really wanna play the game but this issue is a game killer for me

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