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  • sync_303
    5 posts

    same here.


    drivers updated

    general blurriness, texture streaming with RTX on is abysmal.

  • mdx737
    1 posts

    Having the same issue, i tested every solutions but still textures looks are very bad. And I was a little confused, even though my laptop is not strong, but at the highest settings I get a frame rate of 30 from the game.
    Spec :
    Core i7 - 7700 HQ 2.8GHz
    GTX 1050 - 4GB
    Ram 12 GB
    installed on HDD
    Laptop Mod : GL553VD

  • Gryphon105
    1 posts

    Same problem here, hopefully they fix it


    i7 11800h

    rtx 3060

    16gb of ram

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @djkeens We were moreso trying to point out that the general implication that this overall issue is related to VRAM at all (with or without the HD Texture Pack) is definitely not correct. Out of curiosity, I went back and tested Far Cry 4 today, and it actually uses more VRAM than you can see Far Cry 6 does in other screenshots I posted in this thread (running at 1080P with maxed-out settings in both games).

    I imagine it's probably the Nvidia Gameworks effects that make FC4 slightly more VRAM-hungry.

  • eppic123
    3 posts

    Same issue here. 5800X, 3070 Ti, 32GB, 1TB Gen4 NVME, getting blurry textures with and without the HD texture pack.

  • ASSTEK55
    1 posts

    video card 3080 graphics quality horror!!!!!Soap, when will the patch be released?

  • B08y_94
    10 posts

    I have the same issue, blurry textures with and without HD texture pack (in 3440*1440P).


    RTX 3080
    32GB DDR4 Ram
    Ryzen 5 5600X
    Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0

    Vram is not even allocated (7.5-8.5 GB from 10GB).

    Is Ubisoft working on this problem?

  • s4ccio
    1 posts

    I have the same issue and maybe I understood the reason, at the least I was able to replicate it under always the same circumstances.

    I noticed the low res textures on the weapons, this is my specs :

    I9 9900K @5ghz
    32GB Ram @3600
    RTX 3080

    Settings : everything on ULTRA , except for DXR Shadows which are off
    Everytime I see the VRAM value from MSI Afterburne hitting 9 gb of usage the textures start to render at really blurry low resolution, for example on my weapon if I switch to another weapon it will load with low res textures, the same if I will switch back to the previous weapon which had normal textures.
    As soon as I start to low down every setting that will keep my VRAM usage under 9gb , for example 8,8 , the blurry textures are gone and everything is fine.

    I can tell you 100% that I was able to replicate this bug everysingle time.

    Now I'm gonna try without HD Pack to see , it the problem will be solved.

    Hope that this will help the technical team to find a solution...

    EDIT : as I expected , deactivating HD texture pack, my vram usage is always around 6,5 and 7 gb , causing no issues of blurry low resolution textures

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @s4ccio Even still, your VRAM usage was a full gigabyte under your card's maximum capacity with the HD pack enabled... If the renderer has some kind of "limiter" in place that straight up ignores the last entire 1GB - 1.5GB of a given GPU on purpose, as perhaps some manner of ill-conceived "safety net", it needs to get scrapped ASAP. Beyond that, the game just completely silently going "ok, I'll just switch to potato textures and call it a day, surely no one will notice" would be an absolutely ridiculous way for the renderer to react even if you really were right up against your card's maximum VRAM capacity. It's the laziest, least graceful programmatic "solution" I can possibly think of.

  • Ubi-Mercury
    619 posts

    Hello @sattium85! Sorry to see you've experienced these texture issues. In order to investigate this further, could you please provide screenshots with and without the HD textures pack? Please keep me updated!

  • Graven.BROKEN
    4 posts

    When i load the game:

    10 minutes later:

  • DJKeens
    3 posts

    @akira1364 I don't believe I made any statement related to VRAM. Did you mean to reply to someone else?

  • mobilehavoc
    18 posts

    @graven-broken I just played a few missions and the same happened. At the beginning it was absolutely gorgeous but then by the time I got near the end of my session it was degrading fast. For me the issue is on guns, armor, clothes, leaves, etc. For whatever reason a lot of the landscape/building/car textures still seem to be fine. What's dumb is the issue is so noticeable because the things that are closest to the player are the ones blurry. If mountains in the distance were a bit blurry it wouldn't be as jarring. I really hope they fix it because it's really detracting from the experience

  • mobilehavoc
    18 posts

    @akira1364 This issue is eerily similar to Control. Starts of great then over time the textures get blurry and a mess. Memory mgmt issues is exactly what this feels like - explains why it looks great at start but over time degrades because they're clearly doing a terrible job swapping in and out the right textures.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @djkeens You didn't. I was replying directly to your statement (maybe made yesterday) about the perceived "focus" on the HD Texture Pack specifically, which support staff have continuously insisted (in a way that nonsensically disregards rendering resolution entirely) requires vastly more VRAM than it actually does in reality (per monitoring the game's resource usage with industry standard software, mostly MSI Afterburner). Basically the TLDR of what I was getting at is that it's extremely, provably clear that this issue occurs for people who are nowhere close to hitting their GPU's VRAM limit, both with and without the HD Texture Pack enabled.

    26 posts

    They Still havent added this issue to reported issues thread which makes me feel worried

  • SinNombre675
    10 posts
    They Still havent added this issue to reported issues thread which makes me feel worried

    Hopefully they will now that the weekend is over.

  • Bakvalan
    8 posts

    Is there any official statement from Ubisoft regarding this bugged textures? It makes me nervous that it takes so long...
    I don't want to play with PS2 graphics 😞

  • B08y_94
    10 posts

    This should be top on their list, the game experience is just bad with PS2 like textures.
    And it affects nearly everybody.

  • RixhendFr
    2 posts

    Hello all

    I would like to know if some players have the sames problems.

    When i enable the hd pack texture on farcry 6 i have visual problem with horrible graphic on weapons ...

    I play in ultra or hight setting. rtx on or off ... sames problems, resolution : 21.9 1080 or 16.9 1440 p . Rtx 3070 . win 11 /

    Ty all for yours futur answers..;


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