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    @titanfang_2 Even AMD having this issue ,

  • titanfang_2
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    @hasoonyf4 Jesus..... How do UBI think this is ok for pc player? Are those quality control team XXXXXX or what?? Thanks for notice

  • Bladerunner4077
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    You guys don’t understand. The game is peaking at 12.2GB of vram usage with the hd texture pack. Do not use the pack unless you have at least 16GB of vram. Otherwise you will see missing textures and stuttering. Only the 6800XT,6900XT and 3090 can use this pack.

  • iChaosPaladin
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    Even in official support Twitter they show blurred Guapo textures, but not admit textures issue. Oh...

  • The_YongGrand
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    I have tried using the older Nvidia 471.96 driver and initially it had some texture improvements on Guapo and the Supremo backpacks. However, when game restarted or reloaded again it's all back to square one. From one of the other posts the view draw distance seemed to be messed up too (example: silos at the distance poorly rendered).

    Could the developers check on this issue? Seems that many of us are having this problem.

    Meanwhile, I'd be only picking up collectibles, boxes and grinding a bit on the industrial circuits around that place where I started (Madrugada) and not advance to any new missions until the Ubisoft developers fixed this issue.

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    @darkrtx2080 dude the issue happens without HD textures too
    and it peaks at 9.7 for me so no check ur software

  • RegZieeeX
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    @darkrtx2080 yeah it’s not the HD pack, I’ve not used it and still have the problem. I’ve got a 3070 and even on medium settings the textures are messed up. No idea what it is but it’s something Ubisoft need to sort out.

  • tylikson
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    amd also has the same problems, I'm sitting on an amd card, there was no driver with the release of the headlights and there is no edge, a week has passed and we are just ignored offensively

  • tylikson
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    and the support service also stopped commenting on everything to us, just a game of silence

  • Bladerunner4077
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    Refer this video. Clearly the vram usage is peaking at 12gb

    Let me explain how this pack works as it’s implementation in the game is broken. The game is keeping a buffer of 1-2GB form your total vram and isn’t using it at all. So if you have a 12GB card, it will only use 10GB out of it. Once the 10GB is breached, it resorts to loading in low resolution assets from your SSD which also causes stuttering. Since the pack needs at least 11GB of VRAM AFTER considering this headroom, even 12GB vram cards are not enough. You can run the hd pack on an 8GB 3070 and it will still run without stuttering because it keeps a buffer of 1-2GB but you will see low resolution assets all over the place as the buffer is repeatedly breached.

    If you want to see the real vram requirements of the HD pack check out the pack on cards with 16GB or more of vram and you will see it crosses 12GB easily.

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @regzieeex Are you playing at 4K?

  • FriteuseBelge
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    @darkrtx2080 I don't think you understand, seeing your messages. It happens WITH and WITHOUT the HD Texture Pack enabled. On any kind of GPU out there, and also on console (Xbox Series X it seems).

  • MadHunter06
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    @regzieeex because this is a bug ubi needs to fix asap

  • VGoth
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    This is a critical issue for Dunia Engine 2. Since Far Cry 5. You just didn't notice. When the video memory overflows, the engine starts replacing high-resolution materials with lower quality materials. This is noticeable, for example, on bots' weapons and terrain elements. Changes are written to parameters and used at the next start. In Far Cry 6, the load on the video memory increased and the problems fully manifested themselves. So the solution to this problem is unlikely to be expected in the near future (maybe never).

    MSI AMD Vega 64, 8GB, no HD texture pack. Textures fly off when changing weapons, vehicles, when teleporting, during a battle

    Everyone wants to make billions by selling a cheap product ...

  • Zummwalt
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    STOP write that problem is small VRAM! 
    RTX 3070 can't this in medium settings with usual (not HD) textures !?
    Read system requirements for this game.
    Likely that theoretical VRAM in game UI is true, but real using - it's just technical specificities, no more. The developers were constantly reviewing the theoretical VRAM while creating settings UI.
    it is likely that the bug may not reproduced on over-high systems

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    26 posts

    @darkrtx2080 RE village took more than 12Gb from my vram and my 2080 ti has only 11GB and i played without any glitch or texture missing like this

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    @friteusebelge Exactly its crossplatform bug and most people dont notice and keep playing or dont care to come to forums

  • Akira1364
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    @darkrtx2080 This video is useful, but only relevant specifically for people playing the game at a resolution of 3840x2160, with Ultra settings plus both the HD texture pack and raytracing enabled. You can't meaningfully talk about VRAM usage without taking all of those details into account at the same time. It will never ever make sense to just say "the texture pack requires XYZ amount of VRAM" with no further context provided.

    It's clear that this low-res assets issue occurs for people who both are and are not using the HD texture pack, but as far as VRAM goes I'll once again refer to this comment I made a few days ago that shows the actual VRAM usage of the game at 1080P / Ultra with the pack enabled:

  • GasBock.TAT
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    meinst du "FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0" will aber nicht das es in Niedriger Qualität bzw. Auflösung gerendert wird um es dann wieder auf WQHD zu zocken. Das nicht mein Ziel. Aber danke für die Antwort.

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