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  • VGoth
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    This post is deleted!
  • gRzeHoO87
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    @kevinsyslo2 As this game is sponsored by AMD, I have no doubts that it's made to run better on AMD therefore ridiculous 16GB of Vram required. How the hell PS5 and XboX with have 16Gb of shared memory and run fine around 4K with high settings and HD textures and we can't have a good time on system with minimum 16GB of RAM + 8+ VRAM on much lower resolutions. Everyone says it's a bug, but I belive it's on purpose. Money talks.

  • Akira1364
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    @grzehoo87 It's far more likely the requirements were just written by someone who wasn't quite "technically literate" enough to be doing so

  • kevinsyslo2
    51 posts

    @darkrtx2080 I know I read that before release but I think they just updated it. But even that one says greater than 11GB and I am pretty sure where it says that on the main pc specs that was for 1080p.
    The link I posted is for 2K and up.

  • kevinsyslo2
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    This is the link for lower resolutions where I saw that. But they updated it to.
    System requirements for Far Cry 6 | Ubisoft Help

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @kevinsyslo2 Any way you cut it, it's not a justifiable requirement. In the previous two Far Cry games, it was possible to temporarily use settings that literally exceeded the in-game VRAM estimator (like increasing the resolution scale to something around 2.0 while taking screenshots to make them look as good as possible or what have you) and it still never ever reduced texture quality under any circumstances. It would just start dipping into system memory (which obviously tanked performance, but that didn't matter when simply taking screenshots).

    Additionally, I was able to play both FC5 and FC: New Dawn with a GTX 1660 Ti, at 1080P / Ultra with their HD Texture Packs enabled and also their resolution scales at 1.3 to give me some additional anti-aliasing via super-sampling, while still getting framerates comfortably above 60.

    Far Cry 6 on the other hand runs at about the same framerate at 1080P / Ultra without the HD pack enabled and the resolution scale at the default 1.0, and doesn't look as good as the other two games did running at the settings I described. I imagine me at least being able to enable the pack without getting hit by the low-res texture bug would change this (even if I couldn't increase the resolution scale), but as it stands I'm forced to run the game in a state that amounts to a visual downgrade from the prior titles at basically the exact same framerate.

    Note also for example that FC6's HD pack isn't *that* much bigger than FC5's in terms of file size (which was still nearly 30GB), meaning the TLDR is simply that there's absolutely no actual way the ridiculously higher "requirements" add up in a technical sense. 100% of people with hardware that could handle the HD packs for FC5 and FC New Dawn have every right to expect to be able to use it in FC6 also at similar overall in-game settings.

  • Akira1364
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    This post is deleted!
  • sattium85
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    @catherinecat93 Yeah, it did suck. I'm lucky though because I finally got my new PC yesterday. Upgraded to RTX 3070 and now I've been able to play the game on ultra settings (no HD texture pack) with very few issues. Although most textures are much better, a few of them (for example the hat on the dashboard in the car) look very bad still, which is strange. I don't get it. I also don't get why it works quite well for me now but not for several others with the same or even better GPUs.

    the hat looks just as bad even with HD textures on consoles, though it's even worse without them

  • CrailJast
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    I tried the xml edit you posted on page 21, unfortunately id did not help. The same problem kept occurring no matter how low i put my graphics settings. If i can't even run the game at Med settings even though frame rates are fine (not 60 fps, but decent still with no stuttering) then it is really disappointing. Honestly have not gotten my 60 euros out of this game yet. Thx for the try though.

    While i know the VRAM usage shown might be incorrect, i can see it uses about 80% of it with just texture filtering alone on med, all other settings barely have any VRAM usage increase. But unless i set texture filtering on low (which will lower texture resolution as it says) i will not go below the 80% usage mark. So either they give way to low minimum specs, or I'm just screwed until i upgrade to a bloody 3000 series (which is way out of my budget.)

  • RegZieeeX
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    @ubi-viral are we looking at days? Weeks? How long till this is fixed. Game has been out over a week now and I still don’t plan to play it until the textures are fixed and the game can run properly.

  • prophetzero
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    @prophetzero So after I re-installed my driver and have disabled HD textures I am good now. However, now the game crashes at a minimum once per hour

  • SammyShortBus
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    @ubi-viral The trouble shooting steps did not work and neither did anything else. It is definitely something to do with the game. I have verified the files multiple times but the problem persists. Please fix this soon. Playing the game physically pains me when I have to look at those pac-man textures. It literally looks like someone had their child draw these textures with a crayon, outside, in the rain, and then the child took tore up the paper, and someone had to tape it back together, but they really didn't know where any of the pieces went.

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @sammyshortbus This a common problem with the game and Ubisoft needs to patch it. There is a 20 page long thread located below with many users on event higher end cards like the 3080 facing this issue.


    There is no solution so far.

  • Labanshee.
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    @prophetzero Yep, same problem after re-instal the driver. It's give me only crashes, like a bonus =/

  • Dave3d07
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    Are you both on Nvidia cards? If so, did you choose the option to remove the old drivers (New Install Completely) ?

    1. I had the old driver installed, and it worked so well in the game (except for the huge 'you need new driver to play ui) that I chose NOT to do a new install, I just installed over the old one, so it kept all my preferences, and I havent had an issue.

    So, you MAY need to go and put everything back to the way it was before updating the driver.
    2 . Some people have reported going to the new driver has made crashes also in FC6, and said that going back 1 driver made their rigs NOT crash anymore.
    Hope it helps.

  • Monster.2017
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    When will there be a repair? It's very disturbing to play like that.
    Ryzen 5 1600AF
    Radeon RX 480 4GB. 21.10.1 Driver
    8GB Ram
    Game installed on SSD

  • SinNombre675
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    @darkrtx2080 According to the in-game VRAM bar I have plenty left (almost half). Not sure how accurate it is.

  • danielowyyyy
    7 posts

    It looks like rolling back to 471.96 nvidia driver solved the issue for me. To be fair framerate has dropped about 15% but I was testing it for 40 mins and bug didn't appear so far. Before I was between 80 and 100 fps and now I am about 65/85 on ultra 2k without hd textures. I'll do some longer testing later on.

  • eirevin
    7 posts

    This is the response I got by email on my case. I guess Ubisoft will be posting updates here:
    Ubi-Extrosz @Ubisoft Support wrote:15/10/2021 @ 09:45


    Welcome back to Ubisoft Support.

    The dev team has been made aware of this and are currently investigating.

    Unfortunately, we cannot give a set time as to when the fix will be.

    The best thing you can do is keep an eye on the forums for recent news:


    Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions or in case you need further assistance.


    Ubisoft Support

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