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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] [PC] Some textures are appearing blurry in-game

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    I confirm your findings. 3070 8GB VRAM here.... Regardless of what options I choose, as long as I keep the VRAM under 4,2 GB, the textures are HD.
    Then no matter what any other option I turn on that raises the VRAM over 4,2 GB, the textures go low.
    But I managed a setup that looks very good with high FPS...
    Still waiting for a UBI patch so I can put everything to Ultra....


  • mechcentric
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    i can confirm the hd textures are still blurry even with reduced cache size

  • Ravzir
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    @kalitheman I've done some testing on my end. Nothing works and the issue indeed only appears once I get to 6.5 GB usage (as shown by Afterburner) I ran around a bit with 6.3-6.4, even fast traveled and all was good. Once it reached 6.5 the textures got muddy. Weapons, animals, Supremo, almost all foliage. I didn't get in a vehicle to check out the dash, but I can safely assume that it would also be muddy.

    So in the end, it looks like for 8GB cards, the limit is 6.5GB.

    This kind of reminds me of the issue with the old GTX970 and the 0.5GB slower VRAM; only there, the issue was stuttering and low fps once you reached over 3.5 usage. Hopefully this is not due to some similar thing here (it can't be, since so many various cards are affected)

  • kevinsyslo2
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    @mechcentric I have done more testing with the HD pack and with the reduced cache I can now max everything out and turn on all raytracing @1440 with super resolution at ultra quality and it works.
    Before nothing I tried worked. But I have 11GB 2080ti and at these settings it uses 9.2GB. So if you have less than 11GB your not going to get it to work with the HD pack.

  • kevinsyslo2
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    I still have to have at least 2GB minimum VRAM free or I get blurry textures. But the reduced cache seems to be keeping more of it free for me and allowing me to run higher settings.

  • mobilehavoc
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    FWIW I have a Blade 14 with a RTX 3080 8GB of RAM. I have found the best settings so far for me are:

    • Nvidia Shader Cache to Unlimited
    • All Raytracing off
    • all settings to High
    • Resolution at 4K HDR with scaling at 0.8 (output to LG OLED via HDMI)

    I've been playing this way for several days now and I'm about 85% complete on the game. There are random times I will see blurry textures but they come and go and aren't noticeable. Before this the game was unplayable.

    By the time Ubisoft fixes this, if they do, I'll have completed and deleted the game already lol

    BTW if you can get past this issues, it's a really great game IMHO

  • mobilehavoc
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    @kevinsyslo2 I'm glad it's working for you but it seems counterintuitive that reducing cache size would help. I found increasing cache size helped me a lot - in fact Unlimited works best. The cache is on your persistent storage (SSD, etc.) so not sure how making it 128mb would help with VRAM.

  • mechcentric
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    the issue came back for me so i will try this

  • Kalitheman
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    Seems you can get 2GB more VRAM loading than me... If you look at the ingame VRAM indicator in the Video setup menu, what number do you see ?

    My settings are : everything at Ultra except DXR shadows and Reflexions are off.
    HD off.
    Fidelity FX on at Ultra.

    Intel i7 32 GB RAM
    MSI Trio 3070
    Drivers Nvidia 496.13
    Windows 10.
    I run the game at 2560 X 1440.

    Do you have something similar ?

    Thanks !

  • UhOhIPooped
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    It is despicable that people who are well over the requirements for this game, especially those with 3080s which are only about a year old now, can not run this game at max settings with HD textures. It disgusts me that UBI would lock out anyone who actually got their hands on new cards this last year. All for what? Sponsorship? Hell Resident Evil Village, which is a better game by the way, used upwards of 12 GB of vram. But it still ran great with everything maxed because it used shared system Vram like most other games, this is just ridiculous that you treat us this way. I refuse to play this game until this issue is addressed, many have asked for refunds, and several have boycotted buying your games because you refuse to release on certain launchers. Enough of the crap, stop screwing your customers, otherwise I hope you disappear like those before you who went the same routes till everyone had enough!

  • Kalitheman
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    Have you tried adding Fidelity FX at Ultra ?

    Much better for my setup...

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @mobilehavoc Do you have the HD Pack installed? It’s disastrous on 8GB GPUs. Do not use it. Also, turn on FSR Ultra Quality to reduce vram usage.

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @kalitheman In my opinion, just tinker with FSR and turn off Ray Tracing to reduce vram usage. The graphics settings themselves don’t seem to have any meaningful drop in vram usage by downgrading in comparison.

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @kevinsyslo2 Interesting let me see if setting to 128MB works on my 3080 Ti with the Hd Pack.

  • yamaci1771
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    @alex_murphy-_ you don't understand. rbar on nvidia gpus do not work "globally". even if you have it on, it wont be activated for games unless nvidia specifically enables it for it.

    471 driver does not enable rebar for far cry 6, whereas 496 driver does. you can simply check and confirm it yourself by observing nvidia inspector registries

    and rbar increases vram consumption in the majority of the cases

  • Agent_CobaltXD
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  • Bladerunner4077
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    I noticed there is not a single complaint about blurry textures or stuttering from a RDNA 2 user in this thread. Also the game is having low gpu usage on Intel CPUs as powerful as a 10900k while 5950x runs it fine. It seems as if Ubisoft took AMD coin to only optimise for their platform and left nvidia/intel out in the cold.

  • Daitan86
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    The situation with rtx3080 is embarrassing, ( I play 1440p) HD Texture pack works well only for a few minutes, then he goes crazy

  • Bladerunner4077
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    @devilkazuya83 Same issue on a 3080 Ti except takes longer to crop up

  • danielowyyyy
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    @kalitheman Mate you should try going back to 471.96 because I am running a very similar setup like yours (RTX 3070 i7 32GB) and I am able to play 2k all maxed out with RT except HD textures and bug isn't showing up anymore. Even if game is eating more than 6gb vram all the time for me.

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