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  • Aex_Khves
    51 posts

    @ubi-borealis of course my refund request wasn't granted due to not meet the eligible requirements because I should play the game before I saw that horrible issue with blurry textures

  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    @ubi-borealis Thanks for the update. That said, I can't hide - and I'm not the only one - the fact I'm hugely disappointed in Ubisoft, in the support (even if you are just sharing words coming from the developpement team or whoever is trying to fix this), and again, in the video game industry.
    You really should do something for us, players. You know, back then I remember EA gave a free game to the players who had issues at launch with SimCity I think, I can't be certain about which title. But it was a nice gesture. I'm not asking you to do the same, but, with what we have been through as fans, armed with patience and hoping for a fix to play your game, you definitely should think about this. We all are disappointed and sad about this situation. At this point, I'm sure I am not the only one who lost interest in the game... It's like it didn't happen, like a bad dream, Far Cry 6 was just not there. A fix is good, a late fix is sad and revolting when it comes to such issues (and the blurry textures are just one issue among other big issues), but no support and no excuse, not a single gesture from a developper, is even more sad. Sorry to be negative about this, but I'm just talking with my hearth, and trust me, I'm a huge fan of the series. I had huge eyes when I was not even a teenager, discovering Far Cry on my old computer, and still having fun and discovering the joy of PC gaming. Back then, games were solid. Look at us now. You promised us a kind of a love letter to PC gamers with this PC version of Far Cry 6. What did we receive at launch ? An amount of bugs.

  • HighSenpai92
    5 posts

    @ubi-borealis Why even recommend a refund knowing full and well we wont get it according to Ubisoft return policy, you literally wave your right to a refund as soon as you download and launch the game, How are we supposed to know the game is playable and not plagued by issues before we launch it? its honestly so disgusting to me that you aren't offering refunds regardless of refund policy if we can prove that we are affected by these issues. I'm in disbelief that this is the best that you can come up with for quality control. refunds shouldn't have even been brought up by you when you know all of us have played the game to try and fix the issue ourselves, Ubisoft the company that has a net worth of $6.5 Billion USD wont offer a handful of refunds to people that aren't getting the experience we paid for... I really hope anyone else reading this takes this series of events into consideration when making a purchasing decision on a Ubisoft product in the future, too bad the Ubisoft executives are too busy sexually harassing their employees instead of making a decent company.

  • JaggedGargoyle
    7 posts

    I gave up waiting and uninstalled the game. Hopefully with some patches I can give the game a try sometime next year. Probably the best thing to do with most big games these days is to wait at least 6 extra months for patches to roll out, and also get the games at discounted prices. No more 80 dollar broken/unfinished games for me.

  • Umilton
    21 posts

    Sorry if my logic is twisted up in the following. We know the problem is probably with Ubi and not a problem with our video cards. So why are some people saying a 24gb video card should not have the texture bug? So what I'm saying is there should be some 3090 and Titan Rtx owners reporting the texture bug. It could be there aren't that many who have those cards in the thread, not sure.

    On my Titan Rtx, with a i7 7700, the HD textures in 4K sometimes take 20 seconds or half a minute to load if I sprint or drive fast. When walking they all seem to load in a normal amount of time. So it's probably my having a i7 7700. And it's not nearly as serious as the bug imo because the bug is the failure of many textures to even load at all. edit - and everything is ultra with ray tracing on.

  • lmazzochi
    10 posts

    Is not an "HD Texture Pack" Problem.
    I, as many here, do not have the HD Texture Pack installed and the problem persist.
    10 minutes of gameplay and Boom... The textures are like a PS2 graphics.
    Stop using the "HD Texture pack" as an excuse, accept that the base game is broken and fix it.

  • RenegadeXVIII
    1 posts

    So a month and a half and this problem still hasn't been rectified? Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as just about ALL Ubisoft titles are broken at launch, and some are even still broken 2 years later (like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint). I guess I'll do what I do with all Ubisoft tiles and check back 6 months after the release date and hopefully this issue will be patched by then. but I know better than to get my hopes up.

    That being said I really need to stop paying $120.00 USD + tax for the Legendary Edition of broken titles that I can't even enjoy at launch. Trust Ubisoft and you'll get burned every time.

  • UhOhIPooped
    20 posts

    Been on this forum since day one, this last weekend I finally uninstalled the game. A month and a half, nothing. This isn't the end everyone, just wait till they tell us that they are no longer making single player because people don't like them. You Ubisoft, I now hate more than EA and Activision. You treat your employee's like garbage, not surprised that you treat your customers that way as well. This is the exact reason why you will continue to lose sales and your customer base. Shame on you, shame on how you treat us all.....

  • BorisTheBlad3
    6 posts

    Aside from the fact that we are still stuck waiting for a fix for this texture issue regardless of HD Pack or not, I find it rather sad that they are basically screwing more than 95% of their customers by limiting the HD Texture pack to 16GB VRAM or higher cards. How am I coming up with that figure, well if you look at the Steam Hardware Survey which shows that less than 3.5% of their users have 16GB VRAM or higher....so yea, I really hope that AMD money was worth screwing over the vast majority of your PAYING CUSTOMERS.

  • GiaLinh_5599
    7 posts

    Not related to FC6, but just downloaded Halo Infinite multiplayer to try it out, and even at low texture settings the textures in that game still look very crispy and detailed, and only eats up a bit more than 3GB of vram. So yeah, sort your [censored] out Ubisoft, please.

  • Mayjay
    4 posts

    I had a lot of fun playing the game, but I'm really annoyed by the blurry textures that keep coming back. It's such a shame that artists at Ubi put so much work into making these textures, only to have them being displayed as a blurry mess in the final product.
    Now the 1.2.1 patch doesn 't resolve this problem, I know. But I'll skip any season-pass content, when this issue isn 't resolved. This bug ruins the immersion for me.

    I've tried everything now (including giving step-by-step feedback to ubi-support), but I'm forced to wait until the matter is resolved by the developers. By the looks of the amount of posts about this problem in this forum and the feedback on the web, I'm not the only one having these issues.

    I hope this issue gets fixed, friends of mine are wondering wether they should purchase this game and I would love not to tell them to wait a while to buy it.

    A shame.

  • mechcentric
    51 posts

    @renegadexviii i'm right there with you on that last point

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    So this is still not fixed? I have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 in the interim and coming back to this game with those awful stock textures is really jarring. Its amazing how the game shipped in this state although with the way Rockstar launched GTA Remasters, Ubisoft must be grinning ear to ear about the quality of their releases./

    Until they patch this, I am afraid I am writing off this game as a wasted investment. Also their refund policy is terrible as you cant do anything once you launch the game. In comparison, Steam will refund games even after 10 hours of gameplay if you havent abused the refund system.

  • Ribellu__
    72 posts

    You are brave people who keep hoping for anything from this problem.

    I don't hope for anything at all, I gave my money the first day, I learned the lesson, now I would wait, I would not buy a single Ubisoft game or other without having visited the forums before.

    When i see i can play games 100 times more graphically beautiful and this one has the textures look like flowing mud after a thunderstorm...

    13 years with you (Ubi), and I have 33 Ubisoft games in my library but this is the first and last time you take my money and give me a broken game in return, no worries, but in the future I would be more careful with you like other developers / editors elsewhere.

    Because I realize that for some time, a strong degradation is installed in this industry of the video game.

    I would not name other developers or publishers, But I still want to emphasize that you are not the worst.

  • Vilemos
    64 posts

    @umilton Well, they are loaded. They "just" disappear.
    Never in history of gaming have I seen anything like this, and I played Crysis on 256mb graphics card, and it looked almost better than this.

  • jotarodazpa
    46 posts
    @mofalon I would agree with you had it not been for the fact that the game refused to fully utilise your VRAM. On a 10GB card, the textures fall off a cliff when the VRAM usage crosses 8.5GB and on my 3080 Ti when it crosses 10.8GB. Look at Forza Horizon 5 for instance. Uses 9.2GB of VRAM at 4k on a 3080 without any blurry textures.

    Its a very similar case to Crysis Remastered. Not a single CPU on the market will allow you to max out the shadows, vegetation and object detail settings not because the game is demanding but rather the engine is so single threaded, that it refuses to utilise the other cores of your CPU. FC6 also has this issue but its not as bad but I digress

    You will not see something like this with Doom Eternal, Metro Exodus, CP2077 as these are very modern game engines which use VRAM and CPU efficiently. Heck see RE Village which uses around 10GB on a 3080 entirely and doesn't stutter or cause any visual issues.

    The fact of the matter is the game's texture system is broken. Now you may be correct in that with future GPUs we may eventually brute force our way through this inefficiency (see GTA 4 is now finally playable on PC at max shadows), but it really isnt justifiable for the visuals we are seeing. The game isn't doing anything special and the RT effects are of a very low resolution.

    What they have done right with this game is the HDR. On my OLED TV, it looks spectacular and is doing most of the heavy lifting improving the bland graphics of the game.


    Regarding RE Village yes the game runs fine with max settings, but dont forget, there was stuttering problems when firing a gun and low fps on some scenes with Lady D daughters because of DENUVO.

    I do think that maybe denuvo is causing performance problems with FC6 as well, but we will know for sure in a few months/weeks when the "NO DRM" version comes out...


    This is a disaster, big, big disaster.

    Ubisoft is lucky because no major gaming website is talking about these 2 big problems that affects this game : blurry textures and many forms of stuttering

    I have never seen this big problems on any game and not getting fixed within 1 month at least.

    Check Deathloop, biggest issues fixed within weeks, Marvels Guardians of The Galaxy, biggest issues fixed within a week.

    I have been playing these games since launch day with ZERO problems:

    COD Vanguard, Deathloop, Guardians of The Galaxy, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite MP, Kena Bridge of Spirits, Life is Strange True Colours

    All max settings, running smooth as butter, as every other game i have played in the last years, FC6 is the only game giving me issues...


    Theres a DIGITAL Foundry journalist on RESET ERA forum, if anyone wants to contact him , to report this problem

    I have tried to create an account on reset era but "your account is awaiting for approval" , i cant post or message

    If anyone uses reset era contact this guy

  • lovegrudb
    6 posts

    Dear support, we are not interested in the information that the development team knows about the problem. We need to know that solving the problem has the highest priority and that they are working on it.

  • lmazzochi
    10 posts

    Daily Reminder that this game is still broken.

  • Daitan86
    60 posts

    Hi guys , has anyone tried the game after last patch? I play half an hour with hd texture on, all ultra, raytracing, etc., 1440p, 5600x, 3080. The management of the vram seems better to me, the blurry textures arrived after a few minutes but I tried again to lower the following parameters:
    shadow , volumetric cloud , and water set to high ( instead of ultra) , the game worked fine, but I only played for another 20 minutes. and who will do a longer session. Has anyone else tried with 3080 or higher at 1440p?

  • Aex_Khves
    51 posts

    @ubi-borealis why Ubisoft refuses me to refund money for the game if it's broken. You sold me a poor quality product, you cheated and refused to return the money. You break the law

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