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  • longjohn119
    1278 posts

    @ubi-milky Sounds to me like a way for AMD to lock out most Nvidia cards from using the HD texture pack ..... Unless they are 8k textures then you shouldn't need more than 8 GB VRAM with Ray Tracing off which quite frankly isn't very impressive in this game anyway

  • kariminator_x
    6 posts


    Sorry but Edist Post doesn't unlocked after 10 mn.
    Here Bug Vram with RTX 3080 and old driver notifications.

  • bbqR0ADK1LL
    4 posts
  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3549 posts

    Thank you for your help and images everyone, I have now had time to test this and also encountered this on one of my PC's. Can you please select the Ubisoft Connect launchers 'hamburger' menu icon, back in the launcher and select the 'Go Offline' option. This should then disable the Vram pop up message, you may be seeing for the time being, whilst we report this to the team.

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  • AuddieD
    20 posts

    I know. I got it the first few dozen times it popped up on the screen. That box is distracting.

  • Hacker_Elite123
    2 posts

    @auddied Ubisoft needs to patch it ASAP. I'm getting 90 FPS with this stupid message coming displaying. My 3080 is doing just fine!

  • AuddieD
    20 posts

    @hacker_elite123 The funny thing is that in the settings I am below my VRAM limit so if I am exceeding my VRAM, it's something they don't account for when you are in the settings because it says I'm close but good.

  • cheat.cfg
    Original poster 3 posts


    Thanks for the quick response on this and workaround solutions !

  • AlexUsachev1970
    1 posts

    Добрый день. У меня стоит RTX 3080. Память занята на 6ку из 9ти.В игре
    пишет, что не хватает видеопамяти,
    причём выскакивает
    постоянно в самой

  • ShootN_BlankZ
    2 posts

    @cheat-cfg lol i have a 6800xt and 32gb ram and still having issues. low gpu usage(like 20-60% [censored] low) My cpu is fine being a 3900x... I'm only at like 11ish gb Vram and 15gb on Ram and I was just getting that low ram warning smh and stuck around 30ish fps. Sucks I mean I'm playing at 4k and even if i turn all the way up or all the way down(with or without HD pack) I stay between 40-55 fps with average gpu usage around 40-60%. At 4k that usage should be 95% and above at all times...

  • cheat.cfg
    Original poster 3 posts

    @ubi-milky The devs exagerated here (probably for safety reasons?), since the measurements don't exceed 8 GB, even at 2K.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2757 posts

    Hello @cheat-cfg,

    THank you for the update! We're glad that the issue has been resolved for you, Happy gaming!

    @ShootN_BlankZ - Sorry to hear about your experience - can you please create a new thread for this issue to keep separate threads and issues organized? Many thanks!

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  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @ubi-milky Your 11GB claim doesn't make any sense, to be quite honest. When running the game at 1080P with maxed out settings and the HD texture pack enabled, the VRAM meter in the game's own menu reports a total of just 4.83GB being used. External monitoring tools also indicate that the game is not using anywhere even remotely close to 11GB VRAM, at any time.

  • FlexyMalibu
    1 posts

    I also have this annoying VRAM popup issue. I'm running a 3070Ti, at 1440p Ultra with the HD Pack (no Ray Tracing on) It's only using 5.2GB of VRAM out of 7.8GB available, I am locked in 60FPS and have had zero performance issues. The VRAM popup is continuous and even after disabling Connect's in game notifications which will hide the popup momentarily, after another 30 seconds the VRAM popup continues to appear.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there,

    Thank you for sharing your reports with us regarding the persistent "Low VRAM" pop-up that is occuring within Ubisoft Connect. The development team have been notified about this issue and are currently investigating further. We don't yet have any updates to share with you all regarding the persistent updates. As soon as we have any new details to share, these will be posted within this thread or within the News & Announcements forums.

    In the meantime, players have shared that switching to offline mode helps to prevent the pop-up from appearing. Additionally, disabling the Ubisoft Connect overlay can prevent this pop-up from occurring.

    Please note that the minimum requirement for running the HD Texture Pack for Far Cry 6 is 16GB of VRAM. If you download and run the HD Texture Pack with lower VRAM capabilities, you will encounter performance issues while playing. 

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • KeyserSoze87
    2 posts

    Hey @neroxpro have you also disabled notifications in the Ubisoft Connect overlay, or tried disabling the overlay altogether in Ubisoft Connect to temporarily hide these Vram pop-up notifications?

    I disable all overlay but the spam notify does not deactivate.
    is very annoying, will it be my decision to give up performance? and anyway, an average 79 fps at ultra settings, I don't think he's suffering from VRAM.

  • the_tonkinese
    13 posts

    @ubi-borealis the GAME DOES NOT EVEN USE THAT MUCH VRAM!!!! WITH IT ENABLED ON A 3090!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so no the min requirements ARE NOT 11gb or 16gb the game is rooted with ONE CPU CORE AND A COMPLETE RELLIANCE ON AMD's DLSS CLONE!!!!!!
    it is VERY clear the issue is poor development from the dev team

    launching the game in offline mode FIXES A LOT OF ISSUES so their is some sort of drm borking the game that checks for online

    16gb for something that is 11gb now shows that you are reading from a script with no actual clue as to how the game or tech works

    i understand where you are coming from but from a consumer point the team DID NOT do what they claimed the game is now known to be a bad pc launch atypical of Ubisoft launches

    for once at ubisoft is it possible for actual product testing on hardware or even comprehension of how and WHY games NEED to use more than one core
    Education on these thing for the dev team would greatly help a finished product

  • the_tonkinese
    13 posts

    @keysersoze87 you need to go offline mode

  • KeyserSoze87
    2 posts

    @the_tonkinese I try this evening.
    thanks 😄

  • kernow-den
    2 posts

    I gotta say, this issue is so distracting from the game....going offline, or deactivating notifications, works for a min, then the low ram message continues to spam...
    Running a I9 9900k, 32gb @ 3600mz ram and a RTX3080 @1440p 144hz monitor, dipping to 40 fps in some areas and stutters.... it really sucks that a game that probably started development before the 3080 was even released...struggles with a £1000 graphics card as suddenly 10Gb is not enough VRAM....
    Do you think there will be a Nvidia driver update to help us mere mortals to max a game out that we spent thousands on hardware for? Or was it made/designed/tested with just AMD in mind.
    Either way, please update the game to stop the spam....i'm a big boy and I can decide myself if theres not enough ram...thanks guys, have a great day 🙂

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