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  • sarusa99
    1 posts

    Same for me, this just started living in my upper right hand screen. Very stupid and very annoying and very silly that you can't turn it off - I'm not even using the HD texture pack, and the bar shows I'm using only 5 GB of 8 GB VRAM.

    So I turned off uConnect in game, and that fixed it, and it's probably a good thing overall anyhow.

  • Sarakio
    1 posts

    I came here because not only am I now getting the low VRAM message for the first time but my framerate is literally half of what it was before today. Went from 80+ to 40+. Never has a game break so badly from a patch.

    Edit: fps drop seems to have been caused by reshade which makes little sense because the framerate was shot even with effects toggled off.

  • StarlancePanthr
    6 posts

    I was using 6gb out of 8gb of my 3070 with running high and 4k, no performance issues.... I disabled the popup by holding SHIFT and F2 for the overlay and then clicking on the little x on the popup. Doesnt appear again unless i restart game, then i just rinse and repeat 🙂

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5943 posts

    Hello there!

    I'm sorry to hear that this persistent "Low VRAM" pop-up has returned following the hot fix released on 26 October 2021. Thank you for taking the time to update this thread and to share your reports with us. I've now re-opened the investigation into this issue, and shared your reports with the development team so they can take a closer look at this.

    In the meantime, I can see that some of you have been able to prevent the pop-up by disabling the Ubisoft Connect overlay. We'd recommend trying this to see if this helps to alleviate the constant pop-up message.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • YalloPukken
    11 posts

    HOLA! 🙌 🙌

    After the patch, I and three of my friends constantly receive messages on PC that there is not enough video memory for the game, although at a resolution of 1080P and Ultra settings, the game consumes only 4700-4900 megabytes. See my screenshot

    My friends and I have 6/8 gigabytes of graphics card

    This was NOT BEFORE the patch

    MY PC is: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ all 16 logical cores = 3.00GHz + GTX1660 Ti OC Dual + 16GB RAM in 4 channels + SSD 512GB Toshiba TR200 
    See screenshot. I have played 10 days and I haven't message like this before patch of yesterday

    To be honest, I'm tired of seeing this message. It annoys me and my friends.
    Your patch is very bad. Many of my friends can't run the game after the patch, but since they don't know English, they cannot complain here and they asked me to do it
    P.S. ==> I don't have screenshot with that message about memory, 'cause information appears in upper right corner from UbiConnect Launcher...NOT from game

  • ophtho77
    26 posts


    Can I ask why ubisoft would purposely block a portion of the viewers screen and have NO way to turn it off. This is not a bug, if it was a bug, the disable key simply would not work, there is no off switch, which means this was purposely coded such that the warning could not be disabled.

    Imagine buying a new TV and 1/8 of the picture is blocked, and the manufacture says....you didnt use the cable service we made a deal with, so your screen will be permanently blocked.

    That is anti-competitive. You have ubisoft work on it at their leisure, when it could be fixed in 5 minutes with a disable command....meanwhile the community will work on complaining to reviewers, game sites, putting videos up on youtuve, and maybe we can get a class action lawsuit going against this blatant anti-competitive practice.

    Bugs are expected, but WOW blocking the screen on people because they are not using correct brand video card?

    Again, where is the disable key? not there is it? why would that be?

  • firestormx75
    14 posts

    I also suddenly have the VRAM bug again as well. I have almost 75 hours played and don't know if I will have another until this is fixed

    1 posts

    @yallopukken I have same issue on RTX 2070 SUPER with 8 GB video RAM!

  • Twill_E_Frost
    1 posts

    I actually wasn't having this issue UNTIL the 'hotfix' yesterday and my game was running fine.
    The update also corrupted my game files.
    Holy crap guys, get it together.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @theonlyskates lol you have to wonder how the notification even works, if it's showing at 1080P with an 8GB graphics card...

  • Kormac67
    1062 posts

    I'm using 4GB of my 6GB of VRAM and always get the message since the update.
    Popup can only be closed after opening Ubisoft Connect Overlay. Silly.

  • YalloPukken
    11 posts

    I have made screenshot for your clear understanding what me & my friends have

    Also, be informed, we do NOT use HD textures pack.
    Just 1080P and ULTRA settings
    It wasn't last 8-9 days before the patch 😏😎🙄

  • Beenoske
    1 posts

    Same issue, RTX 3080, the same thing happens in all the games on this platform, ubisoft [censored], few games I buy for this [censored], I prefer steam, I like farcry and some other ubi game, but it's over, I sacrifice those games for play without this issues.

  • Lex_Striker
    4 posts

    There was an update to Ubisoft Connect, but the message is still there for me. I am running fine with a i9-9900k CPU and a RTX 2080 at 2560x1440 on Ultra Settings, HD enabled. The Benchmark says my FPS is 42/63/69 with 3885 Frames... which I find totally acceptable, as the displayed FPS seems around 60+ and I have no stuttering. My VRAM is 5.78 / 7.82 GB.

    I have lost a lot of confidence in the Ubisoft Devs at this point. I am enjoying FC6, but I feel like FC6 has taken a step back in the way of overall design. There are much better products on the market, especially made by Ubisoft. I even consider FC5 to be better designed, but that has also be running for a while. I am also really disappointed in the FC6 Benchmark utility, as the Watch Dogs Legion Benchmark provides so much more information that allows me to tweak my system for an optimal display/performance. Even taking into consideration the Pandemic and the six month delay, I am just not impressed with the FC6 design. So I have decided to go do something else while the Devs sort this thing out. Sorry, just so much better things to do.

  • Alexey_AV84
    12 posts

    Seriously if you open the overlay and drag your mouse over that message you`ll be able to close it by clicking white cross top right on the message and it won`t pop again...unless you are restart the game to play again.

  • theonlyskates
    4 posts

    @akira1364 aye,exactly. I mean i did install the HD texture pack and turn it on, just to see what would happen, but I did that on day one. but, just basing it on the in game vram meter, I still have 1/3 available, which, last I checked didn't qualify as "Low"

  • FanM25
    4 posts

    @yallopukken Привет, земляк!
    У меня та же самая история. Только плюс ко всему этому все люди и животные в игре стали подсвечены в ночное время, как будто всех измазали фосфором.
    And now in the dark time all humans and animal are highlighted. Before patch all was fine.

  • kamiilo339
    2 posts

    I've been having the same issue since the update, except in my case the FPS has dropped significantly. During the 20 hours of playing Far Cry 6 on High settings, there weren't many FPS drops. Now the game becomes unplayable at times (drops to 5 FPS, freezes), even on Low settings, which is ridiculous.

  • YalloPukken
    11 posts

    У меня та же самая история. Только плюс ко всему этому все люди и животные в игре стали подсвечены в ночное время, как будто всех измазали фосфором. And now in the dark time all humans and animal are highlighted. Before patch all was fine.

    Слушай, ночью враги светятся потому что ты случайно одел костюм такой который подсвечивает окружающих только ночью. Патч тут не при чём. Враги тоже светились у меня ночью если я одевал этот костюм =)))

    Listen, the enemies glow at night because you put on a suit that only illuminates all people around you only at night.
    New patch s NOT reason of it. 😁🤗

  • everyonesrancor
    1 posts

    The Ubisoft update forced me to reinstall the game, and now I am receiving persistent spam about low VRAM. HD textures not installed and VRAM is far from cap. The update both broke my game and caused the message spam.

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