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  • Rigged_Sosboy
    3 posts

    @ubi-milky the thing that bothers me the most is that you can't pick up enemy weapons they despawn in a lazy way

  • LaMOi
    159 posts

    This is my whole point about a game having challenge. Because it gives the multiple features, special gear, and other systems and the tactics that the devs have spent time designing……….. PURPOSE !

    If a game is too easy — you don’t have to bother using half of the mechanics the devs have worked hard to create.

    This was the situation with FC5. It’s why I got bored of it and never finished it.

    It simply Boggles the mind….?? I only assume delaying harder difficulties is a strategic decision to sustain interest in the game for longer?

    I really hope I get my refund. And I will happily wait to see if they make essential changes. Because I’ve be on this train before (Breakpoint!) and it’s nothing but paying £60 for a bunch of frustration!

    No thanks…

    My hope is they are able to address these issues — that the respawning is fixed. And we get a new HARDCORE mode.

    As I said,

    • No health regen
    • limited resources / ammo
    • Tougher enemies

    In fact would be good to have a suite of options you can turn off and on….

    Because — if fixed — I think FC6 looks good. Be a shame if it goes tits up…!

  • Flanker1Six
    216 posts

    The crafted improvised kit mechanic is actually a really good idea. Unfortunately; Ubi got their implementation of it from the drunk who runs the Merry Go Round at the Circus.

    Plastic bottle? Seriously. Suppressors are mufflers for guns. You need some steel pipe/tubing that's thick and heat resistant enough to contain the expanding HOT combustion gasses, and internal baffling to slow the gasses, and allow them to cool slightly prior to exiting the suppressor muzzle. You need a few basic tools like a metal lathe, welding gear, drill press, and drill bits, etc, etc, and people who are skilled enough to use them to make suppressors. That's a crafting system Ubi.

    Getting those things together via allying with a like minded machinist/black smith/skilled improvisational mechanic etc, raiding Yaran FDN sites/bases, or regime supporting business/industrial sites for tools/mahcines ACTUALLY gives you some cool "not cookie cutter" mission goals and/or side missions that flesh out the FC 6 plot and game world. But, nnnnnnnoooooo! We get to use gun powder, and various "parts" that couldn't possibly assembled into a functional suppressor of any kind. Oh yea.....................and we can make OPTICAL SIGHTS from that same crap too! 🤣 🖕 Not to put too fine of a point on the topic.

    A REAL WORLD crafting system is value added to your game. Both players who favor a more relaxed arcade style of game play and those who like it more hard core can appreciate real world crafting. It adds to the role playing immersion inherent in any game, satisfies the crafting desires of any type of gamer who likes that in a game.

    Oh yea; and kit with "magic" attributes. My "Sexy Boy" boy jeans; the ones I found in a random hole next to a big tree on a hill in the middle of nowhere; make me the burning desire of super models everywhere, flame/poison/shock proof, and AMAZINGLY agile whilst sprinting? C'mon! Keep "the magic" mechanics in fantasy game worlds, not in game worlds like FC 6.

    Badly out gunned and manned rebels for sure want to upgrade their guns, gear, vehicles, commo gear etc. That's a great mechanic for a game like FC 6. I'll tell you exactly how they do it. ASK THE TALIBAN. The most ready source of that stuff is THE OTHER SIDE. You loot the snot outta all the FDN AF sites, bases, armories, arsenals, corpses you can. You STEAL VEHICLES. Or, you corrupt Yaran FDN, civil servants, etc through bribery (and it ain't always cash), or you can extort them via information you've obtained about them; they'd rather not have you give to their superiors, family wives/husbands/lovers, etc. You LEAN ON their family/loved ones with implied or real threats/harm (there's an adult dynamic that makes the disclaimer at the beginning of the game mean something), and adds personality and character complexity (most people aren't totally good or bad but a mix of both) to any game character/relationship Depending on the desperateness of desire, the situation, life pressures, etc moral flexibility is pretty common amongst people under dire stress---like say a revolution. Or, you ally with an entity; (foreign government, business interest, local or foreign criminal groups who just want the money and access to Yaran markets, etc) and work out a deal for better weapons, kit, supplies, etc.

    Just think of the awesome story elements, missions, side missions, character dynamics, etc you could build into a game like FC 6 with the real world mechanics (and others) listed above. Keep the fantasy/magic mechanics in fantasy games--they fit well there.

    It's a shooting and blowing up game. Real world weapon and explosive balance and performance please! At least on the higher/most difficult settings. More relaxed arcade style elements are fine on lower difficulty settings and attract gamers who like those things. Permanently destructable terrain/buildings (unless repaired/rebuilt by in game by a faction).

    Gotta go mow the lawn! 😉

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    I would very much support a hardcore mode but it needs to work both ways, and only after the spawning is fixed.

    Lethality should work both ways however, less bullet sponges in general. It should not take half a dozen shots to down someone.

  • DV20Katana
    139 posts

    I haven't even got the game yet and I agree with you. I have watched a bunch of YouTubes and so far this game feels to me like a Just Cause 4 DLC.

    I hope they add a more realistic mode without all he superpowers, cartoon weapons, cartoon animal companions and cartoon The Division bullet sponge enemies.

  • DutchRudderFTW
    6 posts

    @sleezure My god yes! Hey Ubisoft, take notes from this person.

  • LaMOi
    159 posts

    Having recently played FC4, 5 and ND.

    Im really wanting the option of turning health regen off — as it makes such a difference in FC4.

    Would be great to had a HARDCORE MODE be added, but be a suite of OPTIONS for the player.

    But agree with other posters. The priority is to fix the re-spawning enemies.
    And having played FC5 And ND only yesterday, enemies respawning is NOT a problem at all in those games. Stealth is fine and you can clear an area easily.

  • Johnson9191
    18 posts


    I agree, I like that some types of enemies require more powerful weapons or will be immune to weaker weapons, that makes sense, what doesn't make sense is that unarmoured enemies are more immune to the powerful rounds that take down stronger enemies! That's just ridiculous. But my main bug bear with the game is the fact that all my throwables are tied to my my supremo choice made prior at a workbench. Why limit this? Why can't I have all my throwables available like in FC5? It's not like it make sit more realistic, you already have the superhuman ability to magic any unlocked weapon or supremo of choice on the fly, so why not allow me to have all my throwables too? It just serves to make the game less fun and restricts gameplay scenarios. And I don't like the perk system one bit. Would much prefer to always be able to run faster and have more stamina regardless of what I am wearing. Honestly the game is so slow in the early stages because Dani can't sprint very fast or very far until she gets better gear a few hours into the game and it feels so lacklustre until then. I nearly didn't play any further as I was under the impression that was how it was going to be for the rest of the game.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    Headshots with AP rounds should be lethal irrespective of the enemy armour, level or weapon.

    Player damage isn't too bad on action mode, although I wouldn't mind if out of combat healing was slower to force the player to be careful or use consumable healing items.

    That said changes like these with the way respawning is would just aggravate matters until the player can actually do some form of crowd management which currently isn't possible due to the constantly reappearing enemies.

  • LaMOi
    159 posts

    I get my refund! Whoop… I have saved myself months of frustration, waiting for this game to be fixed.

    Ubisoft — I’m keeping at eye… if you bring out a hardcore mode, an option to disable health regen and fix the enemy respawning! I will gladly buy the game again…

    I want a more hardcore experience, that will breath purpose into all of the games systems!

    Until them — I will wait and watch.

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