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    @ubi-milky I have done all of those and the game still crashes every time. Is there anything else I could do?

  • AustinGamers176
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    The game is just keep crashing on specific moment, like when there's too many things happened with the particles or when I keep opening and closing the map. Pls fix this because it's really annoying

    and yes i have check my driver, reinstalling the game and verify the files

  • Mr.Classic507
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    @ubi-karl i have the same problem till now

  • s0g0ne13
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    Same issue here as well.

  • Dbuenos
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    Hi there,

    Purchased game through epic Games and tried running directly from Ubisoft connect but as soon as the game is ready to load, PC restarts. Event manager says kernel power critical error. I was due for a format so I did a clean install of windows however having the same issue.
    I've run all the trouble shooting steps and every time I try something new I run a repair on the game. It always seems to find major errors as I need download 30+ gigs of replacement files. Game has never loaded and keeps restarting with the same error in event viewer.

    CPU and GPU are AMD 5600x and EVGA 3080 ftw3 ultra

  • cim.oka
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    This post is deleted!
  • shoosh
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    Mine loads the initial splash screen and the circle spins forever in the bottom right corner of it.
    Tried the suggestions that are here prior to my post.
    Tried with HD pack and without.
    My Rig:
    win 10 ver 10.0.19042
    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
    MSI Unify x570
    64GB Ram
    1TB Force MP600 M.2 PCIE 4.0
    EVGA 3080 Ultra
    4k Benq monitor

  • noko59
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    Two Systems, one virtually plays flawless which has a Ryzen 3900x and a 6900XT, Windows 11. It only crashed to desktop once without warning, other than that flawless. Very smooth, FreeSync on 4k monitor is working well. Oh as a note, the FramLock setting worked for awhile and then stopped working allowing the fps to go above my FreeSync range (40hz-60hz), using Radeon Chill to keep fps within the FreeSync range is working perfectly. Very good overall experience.

    The other system, RTX 3080Ti with a Ryzen 5800x, also with Windows 11 crashes when ever RT Shadows is turned on, from a few seconds to a minute. With RT shadows off it does not crash but also it is not smooth either, jerky. RT Reflections turned on is fine. This system is hooked up to a Samsung 4K, HDR, HDMI 2.1 120hz VRR TV. HDR and VRR causes strobing and is useable. 4096 x 2160 resolution without HDR also causes strobing. 3840 x 2160 works with VRR without HDR.

    I will be putting the Radeon 6900XT system on the Samsung TV tomorrow to see how HDR and VRR works.

  • justtryingit123
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    @dogfoodface Thanks for the reply glad im not the only one. sorry it`s happening to you.

  • justtryingit123
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    Thought id post my thread in here. been looking at farcry 6 reddit lots of people have the kernel power issue.

    • Hello, first off the game runs really smooth on my system through out the 2hrs ive managed to get in. But over the course of the 2hrs played the game has crashed my PC 3 times and reboots it. After checking the event viewer in windows 10 it is giving a kernel power error x3 as it must the game causing this issue.

    • My system
    • 10900k
    • 32gb ddr4
    • gigabyte rx 6900 xt 16vram
    • 850w corsair gold PSU
    • windows 10

    • Ive been playing assassins creed valhalla for hours yesterday and not a single crash. my system is not overclocked.

  • CherryGirl_UwU
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    @justtryingit123 hey~
    im Facing the Exact same problems too so you're really not the only one here

    my Hardware:
    i9 10850K (not overclocked)
    32GB DDR4
    Quadro RTX 4000
    1KW PSU
    Win 10

    Originally thought this was because im Running it on a Quadro Card but since others with diffrent hardware have the same problem it has to be something on ubisofts side

  • ToggleEU
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    I've started it after installing it worked fine but it was on the wrong screen so I changed it to the right one. There was I message that I have to restart the game and after I did it just didnt launch again. It always stops without any error messages or anything

  • KLar.
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    3 days in and still no fix, this is quite shameless.60bucks for a game which doesnt work on up to date hardware

  • But00040004
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    This post is deleted!
  • Diablobo
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    When I first installed FarCry 6, I was unable to get past the normal check cache splash screen and it would crash to desktop without loading the game, and I saw that many others are getting crashes and some having trouble loading the game at all.
    So then I realized I had recently changed a lot of 3D global settings in my Nvidia control panel. I restored all of the global settings to default, and the game immediately loaded without issue and I played for hours with no issues. Perhaps people experiencing crashes could check their control panel 3D settings and make sure they are set to default with at least FarCry 6, if not all the games. This resolved the issue for me, so I hope it might help others as well.

  • Diablobo
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    I was unable to launch the game at first, but then I realized I had recently changed a lot of the global 3D settings in my Nvidia control panel. I reverted them all to default, and that immediately fixed the problem. I'm not familiar with AMD drivers, but maybe there's some sort of way to default those settings as well.

  • Zurtx01
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    @hanscakestealer Actually a good number of us bought it outright and still have the crashing issues. It isn't a connection problem, it is DEFINITELY a game problem.

  • Zurtx01
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    This crashing issue is happening to what seems to be everyone with a high end PC trying to play at maxed settings. (although a few have tried to drop to low, it still happens)

    Still waiting for this issue to be added to known issues, as it is DIFFERENT to those who cannot launch it.

    Starting isn't the issue, crashing is.

  • justtryingit123
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    @cherrygirl_uwu hey sorry its happening to you! I really want to get stuck in the game but im not playing it like this. as restarting my PC like that in such away it might damage it so im just waiting for the patch.

  • mihai_20
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    Exact same thing happens to me Nvidia 3080 TUF with the latest drivers. No other game behaves this way. The only way i found to go around cutscenes was to skip the ones that can be skipped or to set the graphics to Low to go through the ones that cannot be skipped. This obviously ruins the whole experience. If I don't find a fix for this i'm going to stop playing until the next patch.

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