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    @griffinous And some people on here are telling me its my hardware. Its 100% the game.

  • assassinadmril
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    @doom-slayer Yes capped to 60 fps, tried lowering settings,downscaling resolution, changing resolution, and even attempted to underclock my 3080 lol. I have 100 hours in assassin's Creed Valhalla from earlier this year but now even that game crashes on me and used same hardware. Attempted 3-4 things Ubisoft told me to try they all failed

  • assassinadmril
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    @azaraqps4 I am having problems with other Ubisoft connect games as well. I might give it a shot on my 1440p monitor to see if my 4k tv is the culprit lol. It's weird that Valhalla and farcry 6 have been crashing the same way tho. So makes me wonder if it's ubisofts fault or Nvidia fault

  • Apophis.GER
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    I have the Error Code - Trapper-1C07B734

    Can someone help?

  • kampi71
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    @itbites1976 But to be sure it's (just) a driver related issue and to be honest I'm a bit sceptical, the game must work for numerous hours and for a couple of days to be sure. Anyway, I will give this older one a chance, no doubt. Will report back. 😉

    Update: NVIDIA just released a new driver WHQL 496.13. Maybe this one will bring "healing"!?!

  • kampi71
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    This post is deleted!
  • zkrxpdlf3
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    I am also experiencing the same symptoms.
    Tried numerous methods, but to no avail.
    For one thing, the cutscene didn't crash when the game was in windowed mode.
    So, when I play a game, when a cutscene appears, I switch to windowed mode with alt+enter and play.

  • LarryHooovah
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    @jezagooner I know for me its same issue except randomly the game will let me launch and play but then randomly the next time I try to launch It crashes at load. Ubi support is [censored] useless anyway man they tell you to troubleshoot your pc when clearly its their rushed game and crap launcher. Every other title on my pc runs great.

  • willow71hmcc
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    New Nvidia driver makes no difference at all its a Ubisoft problem and it looks like they don't care. Pathetic.

  • kampi71
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    @willow71hmcc I tried the previous 471.96 driver for my RTX 3090 and imported the Far Cry 6 profile from the 472.12....result crash. Then I deleted the profile and was able to play the game for over 1 1/2 hours with no issues, which btw is the longest time I could play the game without crashing so far. Maybe the Far Cry 6 profile is faulty but it's too early to report this as a solution. Will test more. 😉

  • Mondracc
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    For me it seems the issue got fixed with new Nvidia driver.
    Nope... still got crash to desktop, but at least now I got 2 hours of gameplay 🙂

  • vovan.king
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    That suspense of a crash is almost engaging : ) Especially in operations where all the progress is lost after the game crahed. Was able to complete the Mesozoic operation on a 496.13 driver after 4 crashed attempts.

  • UbiSushiVamp
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    Hello @SrVile! I am sorry to hear that Far Cry 6 is crashing for you every few minutes. Please give this troubleshooting guide a try to ensure there are no background applications running that could be causing the crashing. If this does not help, please create a ticket with our support team with your Msinfo and Dxdiag for them to be able to take a further look into this for you. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • juhanieminen
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    @itbites1976 I have been playing now 5 hours without problems. Negative thing is,in right corner ingame there is notification that my drivers is outtated,but hats no problem

  • ITbites
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    @juhanieminen Same here Juha - I have played hours since I changed driver as you told, Thanks Dude!

  • Squidsneeze
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    Hey guys, just asking if someone has managed to at least launch the game with a GeForce GTX 760? I know it's below the minimum required GTX 960 but technically and judging from benchmarks it shouldn't make that much of a difference, I guess!?

    I get no BSOD, no freezes, no black screen; it's just the Far Cry 6 splash screen and after 5 seconds the Ubisoft Connect crash reporting. None of the tips and troubleshooting in here worked so far.

  • kharju
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    Got to play a couple of hours, but after that first run not been able to start the game.
    Stuck in this splash screen, no errors and the machine is basically idling with Ubisoft Connect processes humming at under 1% CPU load.
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX3070.
    Tried all the tricks in this thread: Running as admin, files verified, upgraded Nvidia drivers to latest abd downgraded to v461.40. Nothing helping so far.

  • flybyme
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    New Nvidia driver out 496.13. I'm just going to try it.

  • Scottopotomus1
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    So I was having the Graphics card not compatible issue with both my 2070 and my 3080ti.

    What I did to fix it was make sure I had windows updated to Windows 10 20H2. This solved all my problems I was having. Game has booted every time and I have put like 20 hours into it with no crashes. Having Windows 20H2 was the key. In widows update, make sure you select to get any updates that have 20H2 in the description or title.

    The game is basically Far Cry 5 except less humor (which is a bummer). Really enjoying the game, but that 20H2 was totally the thing that fixed it for me. I put in 8 hours in one sitting with the HD texture pack on my 3080ti with no problem at all.

    Hope it helps others.

  • fragnetic_
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    @itbites1976 I can play up to 6h but sumetimes it crashes after 5 Minutes 😄

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