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    @swaggyturtles Same here on my i9, RTX 3080, 32gb of RAM. PC is less than a year old. Even went through all the troubleshooting steps community support provided and it not only made the game go from randomly crashing during gameplay, but one of the steps of disabling services made the game client not even launch at all.

    Even their recommendation to run the game .exe as an administrator was the culprit that kept the game from even launching. Once I unchecked it, the game launched fine again. But were back to stability crashes during gameplay.

  • Arek_Arash
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    Yeah I got the same. I have try different resolusion settings and nothing help. My CPU R9 3900x and GPU RADEON RX5700 XT. I never had this issue with any other games.

  • Ubi-Mercury
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    Hi everyone, I'm sorry to hear you all have encountered these crashes. Could you all please clarify if you receive any specific error messages with these crashes? Also, please give this technical troubleshooting guide a try, and keep me updated if it helps.

  • B08y_94
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    There is no error message, the game freezes for a second and the next second you are on the desktop and the game closes entirely.

  • DelandThug
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    Same issue, 16gb ram/9900k/2080ti all the latest drivers. I can run the game for at most 15 minutes before it crashes with no error, just a 2 second freeze then poof its gone. I have already been through every troubleshooting guide Ubisoft has put out and nothing.

  • RyanHalevyX
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    @swaggyturtles Same issue with me. Disabled Ubi overlay and all troubleshooting tips. but game still randomly freezes. But mine might be worse since it completely freezes the PC and forces it to reset. Can't even see any error messages. Stopped playing until then since forced resets on a PC won't be good if I keep tolerating it.

  • Fisherkid_07
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    Same issue here.

    GPU: RTX 3090
    RAM: 128GB 3600Mhz CL16
    CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
    *All drivers and windows are up to date

    It happened yesterday as well but it eventually let me play after trying a million different things. It was happening whenever I was leaving a hub area where it's in third-person mode and it was trying to switch into first-person mode. It just froze during the transition for about 5 seconds then the game crashed. It stopped crashing after I tried fast traveling (I just fast traveled to the same place that I was at), I was then able to leave the area and transition from third to first person without a crash. Right now it's happening again, except it's not happening when leaving a third-person area, it's happening while I'm in first-person (like normal) when I click the left mouse button to pull out a weapon. The game freezes for about 5 seconds then closes. I sent out several crash reports so that this issue will hopefully be resolved as soon as possible.

    I hope I was detailed enough to be helpful! Hopefully, a patch or hotfix comes out soon!

  • z4k20
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    @ubi-mercury hey wanted to chime in and say im having the crashing issues too, ive gotten one error report to pop up ands i submitted it, however ive noticed its on autosaves. not all of them just some. Its super annoying.
    ryzen 2700x, 32GB ram, Raedon 5600XT (overclocked) using high settings.

    UPDATE: tonight alone ive had 6 crashes, all happening when i equip the recurve bow with EMP arrows. (outside of the propaganda studio)

  • xpzone
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    Game also crashing for no reason , my system can handle the game fine. It is either the DRM or bad coding.
    I don't have any other issues with other games just this one, Such a shame it could be a good game but the crashing is very annoying.
    How about stop blaming the customer and fix this or start giving refunds. This is the last game I ever Pre Order from UBI , 8 months waiting for the game and this is the broken mess I get.

    64 gig Ram

  • CainStar
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    I am having the same issue of random crashes. The weird thing is when I get back into the game I MUST fast travel to any rebel camp etc., or the game will crash again in just a few minutes.
    I have sent several crash reports to ubi now I hope something gets done soon.

  • CaR-RaMRoD
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    Ubisoft needs to come out with a patch to fix the crashing on Nvidia cards.. I mean on 30xx series.. it should not be crashing.

    I mean you guys need to work with NVIDIA to fix the crashing.. and Give Nvidia card users DLSS in this game! FFS. stop being exclusive to AMD.. and have it run like crap on NVIDIA hardware.


  • TakeNoDaysOff07
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    I have fixed this issue.. or by passed idk... i got the raider 76 from msi.. and i had in MSI Center my setting on extreme performance which i had before on balanced.. putting it back on balanced made my game start and i can play again! i believe it has something to do with overclocking settings 🤔 hopefully this helps for some..

  • Ubi-Viral
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    @takenodaysoff07 Brilliant to hear that you managed to fix this!

    @MiniOverKill Are you overclocking at all? What is your system specs?

    @Purebeaux Sorry to hear that the issue continues. Are you also overclocking?

    @Timmmy84 Thank you for providing your system specs. What troubleshooting have you done and are you overclocking?

  • bushmandan2008
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    Same issue, enjoying the game and poof it crashes on a high end MSI system.

  • Duckers_Mcquack
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    same issue here, but self built pc.
    No softwares other than msi afterburner overlay and shadowplay, but 2 times in a row now, whenever i press M to access the map after getting something or completing a mission or even a treasure hunt, map loads half way, i can see it half dim as it's loading, game freezes, crashes, then when i load it up, the treasure hunt is now undone. (the cave one with the green skull)

    5900x, 64GB 3600mhz ram and RTX 3090.

  • flybyme
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    @evilozzy I'm running the game on the latest version of Windows 10 21H1 with no issues. Did you run the System File Checker SFC? what did the Windows 10 Event viewer say after a crash?

    I have had this computer since November last year and purchased an OEM version of Windows 10 on DVD with it. About 3 times since I have had it I start getting all sorts of different Windows 10 error codes I run SFC and it fixes corrupt language files and everything is fine for 3 or 4 months until it happens again so I go through the dame procedure. No one seems to know why this is happening.

  • EksiliPilav
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    @tawapah11 I also only use M.2's and the best thin I've found is (and do not laugh at me because it works for me) Start up any other game. I use Back 4 Blood and just sit in the main screen and then start up Far Cry 6. Now instead of sitting 2 hours looking at the splash screen opening and closing again it only uses 5-10 tries to get it to open. And the I have 0 issues playing hours on end. Please give it a try and let me know because I got through the support system and all I got was make sure none of the startup programs are interfering with your game. But for me the start the other game and then launch Far Cry 6 works so now I'm playing within 5 minutes instead of 2 hours.

    My PC is not high-end yet according to the requirements I have a mid-tierish set-up. I played the game only once & ran benchmark, it runs smoothly. I formatted my PC even to make sure that it is not because of my computer (I had some other problems too so, not just for this game)

    I've been dealing with instant crashes after the splash screen for the past week and tried EVEYTHING - I mean everything that Ubisoft support members suggested me to do. Today while I was on live support with one of them I tried this and reported instantaneously that it worked (albeit not %1000 because it still crashes and opens randomly) The member I spoke to told me that he has found an issue in my logs in line with this and said I have radar_pre_leak (I dunno what that means honestly) and "If you wonder how that's related, please note that your issue sounds like it's actually caused by drives miscommunicating with the VC++ libraries used by the DirectX API. While I cannot guarantee it 100%, I believe your whole issue should get fixed if you follow the steps from below and both run the System File Check tool and re-install the VC++ libraries linked above." While doing these didn't work, opening up another game and then booting up FC6 from the .exe file from the source folder as admin works for me more than F50 of the time. Seeing that I literally have ZERO issues with any game (Other than WD: Legion -which is a totally different issue) makes me believe that this isn't me or my PC related but there's something wrong with the FC6. I hope someone or Ubisoft can find a solution to this because even though I can open it somehow, this is really annoying.

  • RoumenSp
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    @duckers_mcquack Same thing on the same hardware (Ryzen 5900x, 64 GB, RTX 3090, Win 11). No overclocked hardware. Half of my crashes happened when opening the map, game freezes and 5-10 second later CTD without a message.

  • Alkesh92
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    @ubi-viral constant crash. I cant even go after the firsts 3 guards one the first island in game since 2 week now

    I7 8700K
    32 Go RAM
    RTX 3080
    Windows 10 21H1
    No oc
    all drivers and bios up to date
    all tips doesnt work

    Clean install of Windows 10 or 11 same problems
    I try with Nvidia drivers 471, 472 and 496

  • tawapah11
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    @eksilipilav Hm, I would think the "radar_pre_leak" has to do with memory leakage or if running out of memory?

    Here are some documentation that can help find out if there is any memory leak issue:
    https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/finding-a-memory-leak: (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/finding-a-memory-leak)

    If the log indicates lack of memory (without being able to get more RAM at the moment), another way around would be to make a larger "Page File", thereby adding more virtual memory to the system, though it is slower and will shorten the lifespan of the disk a little.

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