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  • Dave3d07
    76 posts
    Well, that Chorizo recruting mission expirience was very annoying. Mission is simple, but that character control is awful. Also I just wonder, is it a bug, or Dani can't jump in third-person mode? Dani was stuck in the landscape with Chorizo and croc and I couldn't jump to exit this stuck situation. So, third-person mode is simplified and more restrictive than first-person mode? I understand why wespon gots removed (but it doesn;t matter at all, actually, because you can't kill mission characters - they just regenerate), but no jumping?!

    Also, if devs wanted to promote buying skins from the shop - well, they completely missed the point.

    You cant jump or sprint or take out gun in a friendly zone/camp. At least I cant. I got stuck in a doorway with croc, and couldnt jump either, had to wait, and try to call him to a different spot. Took 5 minutes, but I finally got out.

  • hoonose2013
    65 posts

    @a-q-m Ugh! Now I get it. I guess we have to do the bases to progress through the game?
    Does anyone know what would happen if you just established the bases and left it at that?

  • Blakiukas
    1 posts

    The only thing that really annoys me. I hope Ubisoft will fix the situation in the next patch.

  • Law-II
    160 posts

    really poor decision to include this in the game; should have been an option toggle for sure... will not be jumping on the next big title from Ubi if this is what's to be expected.

  • SofaJockey
    372 posts

    Really pleased they introduced 3rd person. I hope they do it more.

  • Flanker1Six
    228 posts

    While I definitely prefer 1st person to 3rd; I can't say as the switch in view at bases has bothered me either. MEH!

  • hoonose2013
    65 posts

    @flanker1six It might be that something else changes at the same time. Either FOV or mouse sensitivity. But either one and I immediately have trouble viewing surroundings and steering myself.

  • DV20Katana
    162 posts

    Totally agree. I hate that TP has made an appearance in a FC game. This has always been a 1P title. Ruins immersion.

    Why dont they just give options in the menu to enable/disable cut scenes, TP view etc.

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