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  • PlebNC
    11 posts

    Remember the days in Far Cry 2 when enemies would callout to each other as they try to figure out where/who the player is and if you wounded them they'd limp to cover facing away from you or their teammates would attempt to fireman's carry their wounded teammates away and administer first aid by wrapping bandages around the wound? Remember when the enemies would flee from fires instead of continuing to shoot? Remember when starting wildfires ignited more than a tiny patch and could be used as a valid tactic to smoke out enemies? Remember when enemies didn't have health bars and levels?
    Pepperridge Farm remembers.

    On a more serious note, I find it overall it's a mixed bag. There's some stuff that's really good, like the enemies are actually a tough fight, the map design is really good, the AA sites are a great counter to how helicopters were OP in FC5, transporting a light sensitive objective in Special Operations genuinely changes how you look at maps and tackle objectives, gear replacing skill points allows power trade-offs and character builds to form. But the positives are offset by the negatives (OP covered most of my criticisms). It creates this weird mediocrity where it's not bland middle-of-the-road mediocrity, it's a not-good-enough-to-be-great-but-not-bad-enough-to-be-trash mediocrity. It's good enough I can enjoy playing it but I'm constantly finding things to moan about as I do that don't quite make me want to stop playing altogether.

  • GameGuru2018
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    I don't understand why they would have done that.

    As history teaches us - if you see something and don't understand why it was done....it was done because of this....

    It can be its shortage or pursuit.
    But this is the answer.

  • PatriotFireman
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    Graphics are better ("water/waves"), but game play is "disjointed" where previous installments were highly immersive.
    They also sunk this version with all the nonsensical Leftist cr@p.
    Easily, the biggest disappointment of the entire franchise.
    Replay value of previous versions remain extremely high.
    Replay value of this version is poor to nonexistent.
    Ubisoft needs to get their act together.

  • phxrider
    68 posts

    Huh... I personally love the game.

    Some of the OP's points are valid, like dropped weapons not being available to grab is ridiculous. The 3rd person in camps where you can't jump and get hung up on tiny blockages feels like they just wanted to be able to reuse Ghost Recon code for the camps, which were obviously pulled from GR Breakpoint. Some of the things you can and can't climb over in 1st person seem arbitrary, like you should totally be able to hop some things you can't. I don't know how the vehicle controls where you can't accelerate from a stop while turning made it into the final game, and then how a patch fixed that but made it so the steering doesn't return to center after releasing the key unless you lift off the throttle...

    However, graphics especially on a thoroughly modern system like mine with a Ryzen 5800X and Radeon 6800xt are AMAZING and super smooth, to the point that even if I hated the game I would love exploring the world. I happen to like the Amigos, especially Chorizo who distracts enemies for me to headshot or knife. I do wish he would jump in the sidecar though.... The game is engrossing and highly immersive and really hard to put down. The skills / perks are done in an innovative, if slightly hokey way. It has a reasonable mix of serious and silly missions. The left-wing crap is there but doesn't distract from the game in a meaningful way, it may reflect the views of the developers but at least they don't think we can just talk to Castillo and everything will be alright, they still understand that some people need killing....

    And I get tired of reading people all over the internet from forum posters to professional writes complain that the next Far Cry is similar to previous ones. No $#!+ Sherlocks, it's Far Cry. If you want a really different game, buy a different title, not another Far Cry game. It SHOULD be pretty much more of the same, just enhanced.

  • PatriotFireman
    21 posts

    What... I'm profoundly disappointed in the game.

    Too many of the OP's points are valid. This is the 6th iteration of the game, come on.

    As I said, graphics are the only redeeming part of the game.

    And I get wary of everyone ignoring the giant elephant n the room, being all the political Leftist garbage. None of the previous installments went down that slippery road of insanity, and they blew it here. Big time.

  • DV20Katana
    184 posts

    Accurate on all counts I totally agree. I can hardly add any more points as the OP and others have listed the many flaws of FC6.

    As I've concluded to myself before - this is a Just Cause 4 DLC expansion. Not a FC game.

    If theres one thing thats bitterly disappointing to me its that what I THOUGHT would be a FC with a serious tone turned out to be an even bigger circus that New Dawn. Look, I know FC is a fun title and I'm not asking for super duper serious BBC history documentary but look at the first trailer:

    It had a serious tone, a sense of dread and foreboding. A country burning up with unrest and riots being led by a psycho whose brainwashing his son.
    So I was really pumped thinking that it will be a nice change if the series would take a slightly darker tone with a bit more seriousness. The last "serious feeling" FC was FC2.

    But then came the cartoon crocodile, cart-dog, combat rooster & guerillas who act like its all one big party. Total immersion killer. +1 on the enforced 3rd person views. FC has built itself on FPV , it is known for it - why switch to TPV??

    Ubisoft I feel has made the same mistake Avalanche Studios did with the mess that is Just Cause 4 - they looked at everything that made the old games fun and removed them from the new one.

  • PatriotFireman
    21 posts

    I already deleted FC6, am playing FC New Dawn for what has to be the 100th time.
    It's more fun in the first 5 minutes than FC6 was for the first 5 hours. Sad.

  • virtualmatrix
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    I hate the story. Obviously Ubisoft doesn't know the difference between communism and fascism...but they know this. They still somehow manage to blame White people through their woke antifa obsession. If I had known this I would've NEVER purchased the game. I'd risk losing my Ubisoft account and make my bank do a chargeback because all their games are going to be communist propaganda for the foreseeable future.

  • rickidoo2010
    148 posts

    I do get that people either like FC6 or not. But here's a tip - wait at least a week after a major game releases before buying. By then there will be a 100 vids on line and a zillion posts on forums where one can get a pretty good idea whether a game fits with your likes or dislikes. You'll also have a much better idea about the state of the game (bugs, etc). There seems to be quite a lot of posts all over the forum where people indicate they did not know something until after purchase - when with just a little bit of research one can save themselves a lot of frustration. Certainly with a game that can clock in at 50 hours of game play... plus all the overhead time making posts etc... a little bit of research can have big paybacks.

    Full disclaimer - I'm loving the game.

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