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    @mortilla_ I wouldn't buy a game if it was online only, in fact i didn't buy the division games and breakpoint even tho they are something id be interested in.

    Sure i still preordered fc6 but, although i love the game (it might be one of my favorite games ever), i would have waited for a sale if I knew I couldn't access certain guns or play special operations without going online.

  • Rocdaric
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    Let's be serious, the only reason it's online is not to "encourage the co-op experience", it's just for profit.

    From the operations you earn "moneda", a currency that can be used to buy weapons and cosmetics from the black market.
    There are items from DLC packs on the black market, so if they left this component offline on our computer, we could easily use cheat to get items we would have to pay for.
    No other reason other than that.

  • Carshald
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    @rocdaric Pardon me but there currently aren't any "DLC" items in the black market. The only items currently available at Lola's is the 1887, the overclocked MP5, the Eastern Front, some dashboard items and materials. But I assume the DLC's you're referring to are the pre-order packs "Croc Hunter", "Jungle Expedition" and "Vice"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt that those pre-order DLC's or any DLC like that would be added to Lola's Black Market because that wouldn't earn Ubisoft any money lol

  • igrvks
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    The "eastern front" rifle is part of the soviet soldier themed bundle you can find in the store.

  • A Former User
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    Let's be serious, the only reason it's online is not to "encourage the co-op experience", it's just for profit.

    @Rocdaric Of course! It's all for profit.

    Coop offers replayability, which in turn means we'll spend more time in-game, right?

    That is what they want -- and what we want!

  • Carshald
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    @igrvks Ahhhh you mean the store items/mtx. You had me a bit confused when you said DLC XD my bad mate

  • mrsleep0000
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    @milit4nt Sounds like you need to move out of the sticks...

  • SofaJockey
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    @mortilla_ so its fine for them to be lazy, its my problem they couldn't bother to make it playable offline?

    They're not being lazy and yes it is your problem. 😊
    These concerns are trivial in my view, they are online game elements.

  • DialingSaturn38
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    This topic is old. I'm very late to the party. But even if I were on time my opinion would still be the same. All of you aren't wrong but no one is right to why the black market is online only....

    It is far easier for Ubisoft to update the black market items within their owns servers. As opposed to having to do rolling updates or general updates to change store items. I'm sure if you already have limited access to interest then you are better off to just play the game as you have been. The only other way they could have ever made it remotely close to not having the BM online. Is if they'd have updates containing the new items and removing the old. Which means that the OP would have to update the entire game every time they accessed internet. Which imo is far worse.

  • hucker12345
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    You're all wrong. Games are online as another anti piracy measure. It's got so absurd it's now easier to use a pirate version. You can still pay for the game if you want to be a good boy, but then use the pirate version because it doesn't screw up.

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