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  • Community-Wurth
    12 posts

    @guydodge On the one hand, there are too few enemies in the game. On the other hand, the way the enemies appear is very annoying. Two people appear in a corner far away from the player’s perspective. There is no threat. They only prevent the player from occupying the stronghold. It can only be said to be annoying not a challenge.
    In fact, what really should be fixed is the way the enemy reinforced way and the number of enemies in the base.
    first of all, the number of enemies in the stronghold should be at least 20 or even 30, instead of just under 10 forever as it is now.
    then the reinforcements should come in a motorcade from the entrance of the base and get out of the car to disperse, and should come to more than 10 enemies at once, instead of just two men sudden appearance in a distant corner as they are now.
    Then there should be barricades when player be wanted to prevent the player from continuing on the main road, rather than without any effective blocking like now.
    tanks and helicopters will hardly pose a threat to players in the game, and the timing of their appearance and the role they play should also be more concentrated.
    In any case, even if they don't fundamentally change the game (which is a lot of work for developers), they should at least increase the number of enemies to a reasonable level on the one hand, and change the way they appear on the other hand.

  • a22ghooligan
    Original poster 43 posts

    @guydodge I dunno bout 'very good' thats pretty high praise for what i witnessed

    This ticked all the wrong boxes.Bullet proof glass, dumb a.i and easy to kill enemies. That was it for me, uninstalled soon after this joke

  • LGX-index
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    In fact, the AI response of many enemies is effective. For example, the commander will call for artillery, and the soldiers will maximize the use of vehicle weapons.
    The biggest problem is that the lack of the number of enemies ruins everything, and the player never has the opportunity to fight more than 4 enemies. Although the enemy will constantly refresh in the wanted state, they will not come at the same time, but very scattered. There is no real danger here, but just absurdity.
    Moreover, the enemy loses the player too quickly. In most cases, the AI immediately enters the search state.which further weakening the difficulty of the battle.

  • LGX-index
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    It was already for single players which not have enough enemies,in the multiplayer that difficulty is even worse
    In multiplayer games, the situation often becomes more ridiculous, destroying all enemies too quickly causes the my friend and I to have nothing to do and can only wait for the appearance of the plot

  • ophtho77
    26 posts

    completely agree, would be an easy improvement to increase number enemies, make them deadlier, and once spotted radio each other and converge, not some dudes still standing around (unless they have ! mark and they are hoping you win). And spawn points need improvement in some areas.

    And bullet sponges only occur when using wrong guns, ie not leveling up gun appropriately. I think it would be boring to just be given a gun at beginning that 1 shots everyone. (though they could make body shots more effective especially on dogs).

    Very early in game, level 4 or 5, without doing any real missions you can get
    1) SSGP-58 + AP + damage with aiming and body shots mods and with 1 burst headshot = kill any enemy for entire game.
    2) m16L (not s) + same as above load = 1 shot death to head to any enemy whole game.
    3) desert eagle same mods, same effect.

    sniper rifles need to be improved, all with silencers as options for one and faster firing and could make 50 caliber at least 1 shot body kill.

  • Community-Wurth
    12 posts

    @ophtho77 I once thought about a complete suggestion about the operating mechanism of the army in the game(https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/114441/the-current-difficulty-of-this-game-is-too-low-especially-in-multiplayer-co-op). Although the difficulty problem is very obvious now, I suspect that Ubisoft Toronto’s current focus is not on this issue.

  • ophtho77
    26 posts

    I like your ideas on that post, hopefully once bugs better, they will make a harder version.

    In meantime for some challenge, I am playing permadeath (start over for any death) for 3rd time through. 20 hours with no deaths yet, but at least have a little caution/excitement, but sadly I fear heights/wingsuit more than enemies.

    Also, the armor needs fixing (I tested extensively at end of my second playthrough). Armor with minor blast is ~8% reduction and minor AP/soft ~12-15% reduction, whereas highest level MKII major blast only 10% reduction, and major AP/soft is 15% protection. There is almost no measurable difference between minor and major protection, so wondering if major was scaled back after testing resulting in little difference.

    So "Minor Guerrilla Defender helmet" and the "munitions chest" which each have all 3 AP/blast/soft protection is best armor as provides double for each. The single MKII supposedly major helmets are downgrades as do only 1 of AP, soft, or blast at roughly same protection level. Looks like minor guerilla helmet is copy/paste of tier 4 stupid looking alligator one.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    Infamous mode like in FC5 when, Ubi?

  • dg50484
    6 posts

    Too easy and too short. This game can be played in 20 hours. My hopes were so high <- maybe that is my fault.

  • DeathShot75
    8 posts

    I know Far Cry games have never been particularly difficult but the solution isn't making the game even easier than it was. At least in Far Cry 4 if you got melee'd or sniped it would take a tremendous amount of damage. There's a feature creep that has been going on, the supremo that increases your speed and damage is brokenly powerful. Heavy's can die in less than 1/3rd of a clip. Your radar gives you intel on enemy locations despite not using your phone. Every other enemy dies from one assault rifle headshot or a couple body shots.

    All you need is an AK-47, you could even do it with a generic pistol and melee everyone. It seems like a challenge but it isn't!

    The enemy AI is abysmal. Let's not beat around the bush here, there are so many instances where they just stare or are in the middle of a big open area dying instantly. This is what Far Cry 5 had an issue with, it was not improved here. The enemy bullets are made out of rubber. Dani is like a tank taking twenty shots and not going down.

    Once you know how easy it is it's virtually impossible to do a stealth approach because it's pointless. There is no incentive, stealth is dead. At least in New Dawn I could have fun taking out the outposts, you actually took damage in that game. The outposts here are hilariously easy, if you can even call them outposts.

    Two difficulty modes, very easy and easy. Disappointing.

  • b101_uk
    22 posts

    @dg50484 sure, if you use external recourses and knowledge or are benefiting from a second playthrough, only concentrate on the core missions, etc, etc, buy all the hideouts rather than organically finding them, and host of other things.

    but for most people it is 60hours plus, as they are not leveraging things like the above.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    @deathshot75 FC easy lol. Another one who doesn't know what means playing FC5 in infamous mode, where you go down in three normal pistol shots (two shots if it is a cult VIP), a simple assault rifle/ light machinegun burst, or one shotgun shot near point black distance.

    Another one who doesn't know what means playing FC5 in infamous mode, where the spot capabilities of enemies is boosted to a point it feels almost real, giving the stealth approach the importance it deserves, for that reason, and the reason explained in the paragraph above too.

    You folks understand?, all FC6 needs is the very same infamous mode from FC5, and I assure you the game will be both challenging and rewarding enough.

    Although..., yes, the rpg system sucks, and I wonder how will Ubi adjust that crap when developing an infamous mode again now.

  • DeathShot75
    8 posts

    @olalaquebien It's funny because the hardest part of Infamous mode was getting through the first part (the car chase, even then I made it first try barely) everything else was a breeze because the AI has no coordination or tactics.

    New game+ difficulties don't work unless you exemplify the AI. Give it to people the first time they play, don't force players to unlock a difficulty through completion of the game to extend the games lifespan. Otherwise you get a situation where you have 30+ medkits and you already know what you're up against because surprise, you already completed the game.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    @deathshot75 Falseeee, the enemy use flank tactics in FC5. And as as I've told you, one moment they got you in sight, you're probably done. Another story is that you use the green perk at all times that marks them all, but still, if you get exposed and don't have a bullet proof jacked, you go down quick.

    You obviously haven't played the entire game on infamous. I wonder if you have even ever tried it, because if so you wouldn't be saying that. It is most obvious.

    Give FC6 same mode, and the game experience will be saved.

  • DeathShot75
    8 posts

    @olalaquebien I really have tried it. It just reminds me of a weaker version of Far Cry 4's harder difficulty. No disrespect to you, but I found almost all situations to be easy. Maybe it's because I'm more used to FPS games but whatever I suppose. I'd welcome a harder difficulty.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    You might just tried it for a little bit but quickly quit, because in infamous mode many missions can get really nasty as you progress, so you can't really know most of the characteristics and changes this difficult mode offers, which are many.

    And btw in FC4 hard difficulty you didn't go down in either one, two or three shots, and enemies still didn't have the spot capabilities they have in FC5 infamous mode. That game had a hard mode max. In fc5 infamous is an extra difficuly above FC classic hard mode.

    I think you just didn't like FC5 and that would be all; legit opinion, but that also means you're not qualified to have a definite opinion on FC5 infamos mode, among other things because it is still very clear to me that you've played a couple of hours through it for then to quit quickly. It is obvious, specially when you say FC4 on hard was harder, which made me smile.

  • DeathShot75
    8 posts

    @olalaquebien Please don't lecture me, when I say I've done infamous mode, I'm not lying... and I have the achievement to prove it.

    Infamous is not as hard as people make it out to be, at least for me... but I'll take it in Far Cry 6? It's something I guess...?

    Also not liking a game doesn't make the opinion invalid.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    @deathshot75 Then you lien when saying it ain't that hard. Either that or trolling much, let alone when you say FC4 on hard is harder, which is laughable to say the least.

  • rickidoo2010
    145 posts

    (On the PC in "Action Mode") After playing the first part of the game (say 50%) several times, I've come to the conclusion that the AI difficulty seems to vary from "just ok" to "way too few and way too easy". I also notice the enemy snipers sometimes are aggressive and sometimes asleep.I am hoping this is all addressed in a future patch.

    I found the high water mark for combat was the tutorial battle where the two ships are taken over. Clearly UBI put a lot of effort into making that a masterpiece from combat to music.

    I have decided for the time being to put FC 6 aside and not do the 2nd half of the game until the game is reasonably patched. I love the FC series and I am confident FC6 will get the attention it deserves from UBI.

    I am rerunning FC 5 now with the "Resistence mod" and it is offering challenging game play. I'll check back from time to time to see what the next patch brings.

  • DV20Katana
    178 posts

    @deathshot75 you dont owe anyone an explanation on these forums. Ever. 🙂 Play the game as you see fit and voice your opinions as you see fit.

    All of us are different, to me FC5 is a clown game with dumb AI and I dont give a monkeys about "Infamous" , "Extreme" or whatever else they want to call their "difficulty" settings lmao. All they've done make the enemies become more bullet spongey & become more lethal. Yawn.

    From their own website


    Hopefully in the future the enemy AI changes with difficultly settings in games. They should also stop giving the enemies superhuman running speeds (a hallmark of Ubi games). Once spotted they come at you with superman speed scaling steep slopes and everything. I see this right now in GR Breakpoint and Wildlands also.

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