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    All I will say is this concerning the stupidly useless and complex ammo system.

    A headshot, regardless of ammo type, except perhaps the glass-cased poison rounds, if the target is helmetless / has had their helmet broken, should be an instakill..., unless you are saying that you can survive being shot in the head with an incendiary round / military grade FMJ...

    Normal mil-grade ammo should be able to actually PENETRATE HELMETS, or at least take only 2 rounds to do so, as you would realistically be using FMJ rounds, which should definitely be able to penetrate helmets on a straight shot, unless the only ammo available in the entirety of Yara are non-jacketed rounds, i.e. pure lead (which would be bloody unlikely as automatic rifles would jam REALLY fast or not even load properly), or if the AI are wearing multiple anvils around their heads, which if it were the case may actually explain the games' stupidity sometimes...

    Hi-Explosive / Blast ammo should be a 1-hit kill REGARDLESS of weapon type unless the enemy is perhaps like the FC3 / 4 heavy armor gunners / flamers, or are you telling me the FND has advanced light-weight blast / bulletproof armor for their basic infantry, which even countries with advanced armies are unlikely to have, which would be unrealistic seeing as they are supposedly stuck with bloody cold-war era / early 2000s gear. A human wearing basic body armor getting shot by a round containing an explosive charge would most definitely NOT be getting up again, not intact anyway.

    This is should especially be the case in headshots if they are not wearing blast visored helmets, which I could possibly accept as detonating the round before it hits their faces, reducing the damage. The cheese that such a change would bring can perhaps be mitigated by restricting the Hi-ex ammo type to either shotguns, which can realistically chamber explosive slugs (FRAG-12), or the MBP .50, which should be able to chamber the Raufoss Mk211 12.7mm round.

    And on that note for snipers... the [censored] MBP .50 (ANY .50 cal variant) should be 1-shot kill on ANY infantry, be it body or headshot, REGARDLESS OF AMMO TYPE unless they are perhaps like the above mentioned FC3 / 4 heavies, who even then should go down from at most 2 shots, or if using AP / Hi-ex, 1 round, seeing as it is FREAKING AP AMMO meant to penetrate ARMOR, on a round which even using basic FMJ can actually be used to SHOOT THROUGH ENGINE BLOCKS.

    Armor Piercing ammunition doing slightly less damage to infantry I can buy into somewhat, given that a high-velocity round designed for penetrating armor would likely have a narrower wound channel and possibly less tumble than say, a hollow point or basic FMJ. But it should be able to do MORE damage to vehicles seeing as it should realistically, oh I dunno, PIERCE (the P, in ARMOR PIERCING?) the chassis and engine? ESPECIALLY if using the .50 Cal snipers, the basic FMJ round of which, even today, is able to disable vehicles and, when using AP rounds, even LIGHT ARMORED VEHICLES...

    The RPG / RAT4 should ideally kill the basic helicopters and all cars in 1-shot, given that the helos themselves seem to be from the 1970s, the helicopters of which could potentially be brought down by RIFLE FIRE...I'll give a pass to the larger troop heli as it could plausibly, although unlikely be armored to withstand maybe 1-2 rocket hits, seemingly being a Mi-8.

  • olalaquebien
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    I DO hate rpg stuff in a game like this.

    Having to shoot a dude three times with a goddamn 50 caliber sniper rifle (or a lesser one, it still should be one shot kill) really sours my mind.

    And what the [censored] is with the absence of prone in a game like this. Do you really hate snipers that much Ubisoft, and just because of crybabies giving childish excuses not to add it?

    And the woke stuff defiling everything else in the game story/characters wise omg. When is this dogmatic laughable plague gonna end?

    Ubisoft always listening to those they shouldn't have to. [censored] that already!

  • AngriusMaximus
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    I can accept the smaller caliber sniper rifles not being a 1-shot kill if they are using 7.62mm NATO or equivalents, at most up to .338 magnum. Anything else after that however is going to either blow a fist sized hole in you, or at the very least cause huge / lethal amounts of soft tissue damage from the kinetic energy behind the round, fancy body armor or not.

    As to the lack of prone, unfortunately I don't think the engine can actually manage that...being basically a modified version of the CryEngine..

  • Justin94931
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    That's why I stopped playing messing with ubisoft.
    They've been killing all my favorite titles.
    Not only does Ubisoft have a massive RPG fetish but now there switching to free-to-play live service
    Lmao! This company is psychotic.

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