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  • Ubi-Karl
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1534 posts

    Hey @T1gerAssAssin, thanks for the update and I'm delighted to hear that 🙂 .

    We may not inform players about the status of the issue via the thread itself, but we will try to include this information in 'News and Announcements' section.

    Either way, hope you have lovely holidays, enjoy your game-time and if you run into any other difficulties, drop us a message at any time!

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  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts


    My apologies, I am unfamiliar with news and uh the other thing you said.

    I guess I just expected updates to appear in the relevant locations so I would know where to look for answers on those specific issues.

    I will try to locate what you said. And thank you for the info.

    I'm sorry to say I know for a fact that I will not enjoy the holidays.
    For me, this is the season I battle with myself on if I will allow myself to remain for another year of painful suffering and anguish. Though its a constant battle, this time of year has personal issues tied to them manifying the effect.that we should not inquire about in a public setting as this please.

    I do appreciate the sentiment and hope you, all of you do enjoy and stay safe this holiday season.
    I'm sorry to be grinchlike but if possible I would like to avoid that particular subject please.

  • Ubi-Dino
    Ubisoft Support Staff 100 posts

    Understood @t1gerassassin! To help you out, you can check out the News & Announcements section here.

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  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts

    @ubi-dino awesome thanks.


    Uh hey, I appreciate it and all but those are just the patch notes.
    That's not reporting on specific issues that have been resolved and confirmed resolved by the affected customers.

    In my eyes that's a seriously lazy way to provide a follow up not to mention impersonal and I would still say it doesn't adequately cover finalizing a reported issue.
    At the very least a message to the thread with a link or just the relevant line covering the issue would be better.

    I have an issue, I don't immediately post a thread, I first look to see if one already has been made and has info that can help.
    As of now, when searching I don't find answers so what I do is either comment in that thread to show the issue is still current or post new if the other seems I dunno closed or something.

    It is just my opinion but maybe if brought up in a staff meeting or something there may be some who can utilize it to improve the forums process.
    After all if we aren't striving to improve we may as well be dead right

  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts


    You know what, t1gerassass1n is just tough to please.

    Cranky old fart always complaining about something.

    Here ubisoft,
    This is because I haven't had a chance to give y'all props for awhile.

    I love those green drones, fast and fun.

    I love all the different ops and the love variety of missions in them.

    I really really like the dedsec and blume football uniforms, and I have only seen myself in that racing outfit with helmet that I believe is from the dlc.

    I couldn't wait to get legion for the co-op focus of the game and even though I may not have got the end result hoped for from the players, you all made a game that ,,, well the idea or goal , ah the intention of the design was exactly what I had hoped. Sorry the bugs kind of killed that last one for me.

    There are many things I appreciate and would like completely but for the bugs interference.

    Hopefully this plus all the attention I give to pursuing the fight against glitches shows you all that it was worthy of creation and in this ones opinion worthy of completing.

    Thanks for the game

  • Ubi-Nacho
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1736 posts

    @t1gerassassin Hey!

    Thanks for posting this, it's much appreciated, and I'm glad to hear about the aspects of WD: Legion that you enjoy. 🙂

    In regards to responding to players queries through threads, for bugs and reports, apologies if we're not able to update each thread respectively. However, I'll be sure to forward your comments to the appropriate teams in the form of feedback.

    Hope you're having a great festive period!

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  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts


    Thanks for forwarding the feedback.
    If I am not alone in that opinion I hope it may be useful.

    I also appreciate the sentiment, however no I'm not enjoying anything festive.
    In fact I've been recovering from an injury that has prevented me from using the games I play to keep my mind off the reality of how indescribably horrible this world that envelopes me can be.
    But at least no more hospital, silver lining and all that.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2662 posts

    I'm sorry to hear that @t1gerassassin. I can only imagine how tough it must be to not be able to play something to take your mind off things. I hope you are able to get back to playing games soon and that you have been able to find some enjoyment in other forms of entertainment during this time.

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  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts


    I appreciate that,
    Just between you and I due to the lack of details reading our messages I couldn't help but laugh because it sounds pathetic.

    Obviously I know the details, but imagininghow it may seem to a passerby i can't help but laugh
    I really do appreciate your message and the meaning behind it.

    It can slip out occasionally since it is a nonstopnever endinng existencpart of e but I ld not want to spread neganegativity.ttyyy
    I will try and do better to not allow my greif to t toverflow into any messages

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2662 posts

    No worries @t1gerassassin, it's nice to be able to get to know our players and regular commenters on the forums more but I'm sure anyone reading the last few comments would understand where you're coming from, or would read back a little more to get more context to the last couple of messages.

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  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts


    That gives me relief to know there are people in support who think as you do.
    You and a couple other of the support team always impress me with your performance. Thank you

    Sometimes when we need to add a complaint about something in thread we click reply to ubi anyone and I know I use the term you, y'all, etc.. When writing.

    Those kinds of complaints are not directed to an individual, they are directed to support staff as a whole.

    Because its a team effort.

    Although I do send compliments also. Those are directed almost always to the individual support member for their performance.

  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2366 posts

    @t1gerassassin Thank you for taking time out of your day to reply and thank you for the kind words about support.

    We understand what you mean when you wish to make a complaint about the level of support that it is not targeted towards an individual. We are always working hard to improve the quality of our support so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    If you need anything else please let us know.

    Thank you.

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  • T1gerAssAssin
    175 posts


    Thanks viral,
    I know dealing with people is difficult, because people suck haha

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