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  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @foxfort Yeah I'm curious if some outposts are even meant to be liberated. I mean Fort Quito has red outlines, but no icon on the map. Can you even liberate that one? Did anybody turn it blue?

  • ralvesboutros10
    1 posts

    @hralex1951 Places the player can actually capture, such as checkpoints and FND bases, don't have this respawning problem as far as I know, but this game also has a lot of guarded trespassing zones that are not clearable at all (you can tell by the absence of the FND flag), and those are where the instant respawns tend to happen.

  • viggenras
    9 posts


    just a gut feeling and also this thread is only 4 pages long after 5 day`s from release..so i guess most people are fine with this problem but it`s game breaking for me...it`s the only reason i never finished far cry 2...the only far cry game i did not finish.

  • bj00rn
    1 posts

    I think it's safe to say that the testers involved in testing this game has failed.. I spent two hours trying to take a base yesterday, it was like an infinite whack-a-mole game, so frustrating. The game is broken and it needs to be fixed. It has so much potential though so it would be a shame for me to abandon it forever.

  • MrBungle06
    2 posts

    Yeah same problem here and some of it is ridiculous to not have been noticed. Was in a trespass area and walked around a small building only for a hostage with two guards to just appear out of nowhere. No way this wasn't noticed while playtesting.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    Last night I had guards respawning in the middle of a camp whilst I was trying to clear it, about ten feet away, I actually watched them appear in front of me.

    Confirmed this doesn't seem to happen in bases you can actually clear. It also doesn't seem to happen during operations that take place in a location, such as burning the tobacco plantation. Whilst doing the mission enemies did not seem to respawn. Outside of the mission they did however.

    I also watched three sets of enemy patrols spawn in the same place last night, two walking prisoners and two walking with dogs. In the same place, all bumping into each other.

    It's not just enemies either, I've noticed animals, dogs and civilians streaming in right in front of my eyes, and usually in multiples, ie not one dog but two side by side.

    Also last night I camped by the side of the road and actually watched as I took out a roadside patrol, only to observe in the distance an immediate spawn with a guard on a horse, then another roadside patrol, all appearing in the exact same spot the moment one is downed another appears straight away. It's the same spawn the game just mixes up the type between guard with dog, single guard, prisoner escort, or horseback.

    It stopped after a while but I honestly think this is an actual bug. The respawn is going a bit mad and I honestly don't think this is intended because there are times when it works perfectly fine such as during missions.

    On reflection and thinking about it, the location or camp respawns happen as soon as the bodies despawn it's like the body is cleared and it immediately resets or replaces it with a live enemy instead of waiting. Not so sure about road or roadside patrols as I end up with piles of bodies with the same NPC's spawning repeatedly.

    Also, regarding the map being empty if locations are cleared I disagree. Allow players to reset bases which affects the general enemy presence in the world. If I clear territory then that allows me to explore and find stuff at my leisure which is often not possible with enemies spawning every five seconds or whenever you turn around. Sometimes I just want peace and quiet to explore!

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    Only posting to upvote this as an issue. Makes no sense whatsoever, feels like either un-tested/missed QA or mindless filler to stretch out the game.

    Has caused me to stop playing before I end up spoiling the majority of the experience - which is currently limited to go loud or go home.

  • igrvks
    61 posts


    This is why we need options so each player could have their preference. I would personally like to clear a region and be done with it, with occasionally resetting some of the cooler outposts like the oil rig. I think most beneficial would be the option to reset individual outposts from the map, and whole region or entire map from the options menu.

  • FireIce38
    33 posts

    This is why we need options so each player could have their preference. I would personally like to clear a region and be done with it, with occasionally resetting some of the cooler outposts like the oil rig. I think most beneficial would be the option to reset individual outposts from the map, and whole region or entire map from the options menu.

    Except I would like the enemies to continue respawning in the red dotted zones as well.

  • DEDloc
    51 posts

    This needs to be fixed. I don't have all the answers but I know it isn't fun like this.

  • hralex1951
    62 posts

    What is the point of no capture areas where the non stop respawning happens? Can you avoid them or are they part of mission design?

  • mrsleep0000
    29 posts

    After playing through most of the game, I'm pretty sure this is intentional.
    Sometimes guerilla warfare means hit and run against an overwhelming force.
    You can't always fight toe to toe with the enemy.
    Sometimes you just gotta run in, take a few shots, get the objective done and run back into the jungle.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    So I support the idea that every trespassing zone or location should be capturable or clearable however I'm trying to think how it would be implemented with locations such as the capital city, or the entire west side of Isla Santuario. The latter contains three separate facilities - the tank depot, the munitions storage and the unmarked helipads to the north.

    Should each location we'd to be captured to disable the entire zone?

    I was thinking about substations as well. These are tiny areas with no obvious means of 'capture' as they're often undefended.

    Perhaps capturing these should be linked to story missions or progress?

    Something simple like clearing enemies and raising a flag or something like Just cause would work?

  • FireIce38
    33 posts

    Honestly, I really think you guys are blaming constantly respawning enemies on a bug when in reality, it's just the heat system at work.

  • Logan_24-7
    5 posts

    After watching these 2 short videos, I'm convinced this mechanic is broken. This is unplayable / unacceptable. Can't imagine this is intentional game design. Completely breaks immersion / fun / motivation. Needs fixing ASAP.

    This one is even worse - enemies spawning in front of you over and over.

  • igrvks
    61 posts


    I think this is a question Ubisoft should definitely look into when they start the pre-production for the next installment of Far Cry as it's a way too big undertaking to implement in FC6. Making their open worlds more dynamic and "alive" would benefit many of their open world franchises.

    In my eyes the revolution and guerrilla warfare should be a constant, active struggle that goes on with or without player ever being there. Currently in multiple Ubisoft titles the game world remains pretty much frozen unless the player arrives to the scene and "triggers the scene" of taking a outpost or doing some other activity. I think the game world itself should be in a constant state of evolution with factions taking and losing territories and outposts as the combat progresses. Player could help this struggle through their actions, and taking strategic facilities and points of interest would benefit the ongoing revolution effort. You would have your classic story missions etc. which would progress the story itself and be always available, but taking key areas or facilities into rebel hands could reveal some dynamic side missions which are only available if player faction controls this area.

    This would eliminate the big complaint of FC5 how the game world became empty after taking all the outposts, create dynamic and constantly rotating offering of things to do and outposts to liberate, and most importantly create the impression that the revolution is much bigger than Dani and it goes on even when he is not around to fix everything while all his comrades hang back at the base. Now we just have red zones we are allowed to capture, and red zones that we are not allowed to capture, them only existing for certain missions and otherwise remaining static enemy respawn purgatories, and you can be damn sure Dani is the only guerrilla who will ever be inside these areas doing anything meaningful.

  • Sleezure
    111 posts
    I just want you guys to know, when you fix this, I don't want you to turn the game into a wasteland like in Far Cry 5.

    In Far Cry 5, there was basically no one to fight anymore after you liberated a region which takes the fun out of the game.

    PLEASE PLEASE don't nerf enemy spawns to that point!

    Far Cry 5 went way too far. It shouldn't be difficult to weaken enemy presence in certain areas in ways that make sense--short of eliminating them entirely.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    Yes I completely agree, I've been pushing for similar mechanics in titles such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We saw it at work in AC Odyssey in a very light fashion so they have built systems such as this already.

    But a dynamic game world offers endless replayability IMO.

    Anyway, back on topic the respawning definitely needs sorted. As mentioned just change it so that enemies respawn after a couple of in game days, or on death or fast travel. That should be an easy enough fix to give the feeling of clearing stuff without too much work needed.

  • Agent_Stormy
    17 posts

    And the Enemies are so dumb they just fire at the player nomatter what is in the way.. They shoot there own cars trucks etc etc.. Them rocket launcher dudes fire even if it's going to kill them 😄

  • chilliersplash
    3 posts

    Having same problem , cant clear anything without enemies respawning 5 seconds later, unplayable until fixed.

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