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  • chilliersplash
    3 posts

    @fireice38 Not when the enemy sniper you just took out in the tower literally spawns back there after 5 seconds

  • C-Pick
    122 posts

    I'm having this problem too.

    It seems like enemies are respawning around me every time I turn around. That isn't cool.

  • Weam-Dreaver
    4 posts

    Without having read the whole thread, have you guys checked if the respawn is connected to free roam only?

    Because I think the respawn only happens when you're trying to clear a base or location without actually doing it as a mission. It happened to me more than once, and everytime I go back to such a location while it is an active mission, the respawn does not happen.

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    It's not the heat system, all the examples I've listed are from the initial part of the campaign before the heat system has kicked in.

    Placed enemies, ie those in bases at specific locations, should not respawn for some time, ideally a few days. Patrols and random encounters I can deal, although they're a bit wonky. The most egregious issue by far being enemies respawning whilst trying to clear a location.

  • CO.Colios
    5 posts

    @igrvks Got the same situation. But the mission where you got to destroy poison vehicles for Montero was even more wonky. Because the sniper in the smallest area respawned continously within less than 60 meter ingame distance^^. And all snipers on the airport respawned endless too.

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    Ok I've done some extensive testing on how the spawning is working:

    • It's completely distance based, time isn't a factor. Tested by waiting in the middle of a cleared location for several in game days and no enemy respawned, whereas when testing distance they respawn as fast as the player meets the criteria below.
    • The despawn/respawn distance is the same and it's about 100 metres, in fact it's basically right at the edge of the player's radar. Tested by dropping a body and then measuring the distance for spawn and respawn.
    • Enemies will not respawn as long as their bodies exist. Tested by taking out a sniper and carrying the body about half a mile away, then returning whilst carrying them and the enemy did not respawn.
    • Bodies will not despawn whilst the player is looking at them. They only despawn if the player is further than 100 metres AND looks away.
    • Once a body despawns, the original enemy will respawn once or if the player is > 100 metres away from their spawn location. This can happen the instant the body despawns.
    • Enemies will respawn out of thin air in front of the player, no need to look away.

    On this basis it is quite possible they haven't implemented time based respawning at all. Therefore the solution here is to extend the despawn/respawn horizon by a considerable factor. At least a factor of 5 IMO to cover the size of some of the larger bases.

    It is highly likely, although I haven't tested, that this 100m distance is global and so affects spawning of random events as well. So if a roadside patrol spawns, the player kills them, runs 100 yards their bodies will be cleared and they'll spawn in exactly the same location again if the player runs back.

    Also tested with animals, unintentionally when I was doing my testing I kept running into the exact same pack of coyotes as I ran back and forth. They spawn in the same locations all the time. Alpha animals also randomly spawn, they're not set, they appear very occasionally in any animal pack.

    On reflection, I can only think the spawn/despawn distance may be so short for performance reasons, that's the only thing I can think of.

  • fringeROBOT
    3 posts

    This respawn problem also appears in main quest missions, e.g. the mission "Napoleon El Pequeno " on Josés private island.

    Just ridiculous, enemies respawn within 30 secs after takedown. You don’t have enough time to look around or loot something or search the objective. For me and my game it’s not distance depending, they spawn even in front of me. Happened in the mission „Clean the Air“, I was pretty close to give up and sell the game.

    Respawning is ok, because otherwise the world would be pretty lonely after some time. But Respawning within 30 secs? Really? And 30s is overexaggerated, often happens in 5s or less.

    This has to be fixed. It ruins imerssion and makes the game, especially the whole stealth mechanics and sneak arround totally pointless. And stealth and sneaking is something I love about the Far Cry series.

  • hralex1951
    166 posts

    Are there bases that can be captured without non stop respawn? Do all missions take place in areas where constant respawn occurs? I think this is not a bug, but a game design to increase difficulty, like the enemy sponge.

  • CorreAktor
    14 posts

    1000% agree, it makes the stealth aspect almost useless for those of us who like stealth. In Far Cry 5, you could take time and complete an area in stealth and enjoy it, but in Far Cry 6, it appears that guns-a-blazing is what they want.

    "the player needs to kill 30 soldiers but we can only spawn 5 at a time, so we will just spawn them as they die"

    Nobody's going to know...nobody's going to know
    -They're going to know.....
    How would they know?.....How would they know?
    -I can't, I can't....I just....I can't....
    Oh My God!!!

  • Syphadeus
    15 posts
    Are there bases that can be captured without non stop respawn? Do all missions take place in areas where constant respawn occurs? I think this is not a bug, but a game design to increase difficulty, like the enemy sponge.

    This has now been acknowledged by the dev team as an issue. It’s really not helpful for you to be suggesting that this is how the game is designed. It’s not a difficulty aspect, it’s a farce. You can pick off a sniper, look away and then look again and the sniper is back. That is not fun. It is not challenging. It is game breaking because it removes the “purpose” of eliminating that enemy unit.

    In this game you do not get so from a single kill like that. Killing an enemy then has to have a purpose and in this case it is to remove sniper cover from the engagement area. If the game design mean that there was no way to kill and remove that enemy, it might as well be an invincible robot turret placement hadn’t it?

    If you are having no issues with the game then that is great. But why don’t you enjoy the game then instead of spending time on a support forum suggesting that issues aren’t issues?

  • Yhunsito
    2 posts

    Climb up to a roof, take out everyone at the front gate, take out everyone at the field, and everyone at the front gate is back.

    Literally unplayable.

  • DaWu11
    8 posts

    I really liked the game but now on the mission early in the game where you go on the private island its becoming ridiculous. I recognized it before and was annoyed but now its not acceptable anymore. Hey Ubi hotfix that asap!

  • Sleezure
    138 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Sleezure
    138 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Sleezure
    138 posts

    @vahndaar If your testing accurately reflects the game's design...that's rather unforgivable, frankly.

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    It's one of three things.

    1 - It's either a tuning/balancing issue that slipped past QA or late stage testing, or possibly didn't but was deprioritised to get the game out on time. Who knows.

    2 - It may be that the spawn/despawn is hooked into something deeper in the engine and tweaking that affects other things and so isn't an easy fix. This is a possibility but I really hope it's more a case of changing a global variable somewhere.

    3 - This is intended behaviour. I wouldn't rule this out either, Ubi have been known to make odd design choices for various reasons that are often beyond the wit of normal reason.

    I'm guessing it was picked up by QA but wasn't high enough up the list for a fix to make it into the day one patch. If we don't get a fix in the next patch then I'm guessing it's not a straightforward tweak.

  • Syphadeus
    15 posts

    @vahndaar Do a Google search for Far Cry 5 enemy respawn. In so doing, you will quickly come to the realisation that Ubisoft has form for this.

    When it first launched, FC5 was nigh unplayable because if you stayed on any main road, you would simply get overwhelmed by enemies spawning in. Plus, the same issue as now. You shoot a dude and he dies, you turn around to shoot another and the first one respawns in and shoots you.

    Whether this slipped past QA is not really the question that anybody should be asking. Rather, it’s how an issue that was widely reported with the previous game from 3+ years ago is doing its rounds again in their new release. Whatever they did to fix it then, weeks or months after that game released, needs to be done again. The notion that they could release it like it is and hope no one would notice is crazy. I noticed it in my first hour of playing and chalked it up to a bit of jank until I realised that the game system they have for spawning enemies and hostile animals - a system that to be clear is fundamental in a game like this - is inherently broken in its current state.

    If they did not know about this issue (which I find very difficult to believe) they are incompetent.

    If they did know about this issue and released it anyway, they are amoral.

    Whoever deprioritised this as an issue is an idiot and if it was a singular person in QA or testing, they should be sacked. It’s egregious and game breaking. It cancels out stealth as option. It makes the game frustrating and tiresome. It removes any sense of progression or feeling of being able to impact or influence the game world. It cheapens the experience. It sucks the fun out of the game and leaves the player feeling disconnected.

    In a game where you shoot enemies, there is no higher priority than getting the enemy spawning system right. If it is something so deeply coded with myriad dependencies in the code, then they are poor coders and they have screwed up the entire game in so doing. It should be very easy to put right because they should be treating this as a P1 issue to fix.

  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2366 posts

    @yhunsito Hey! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue with enemies respawning. Is this happening on a particular quest? If so which one?

    Are you also possibly able to provide a video of this issue?

    Thank you.

    Official Response
  • Yhunsito
    2 posts

    @ubi-viral I'm not at home so I can't record it. It's not during a mission, it's taking over the field that you gotta burn during one of the first missions. If you get on the roof by the alarm you can see the 2 snipers on the watch towers, kill one, kill the other, and look back to the first one and he's alive.

  • jazwax
    1 posts

    AC Valhalla was released with a game breaking bug in it and it took Ubisoft a good six months to patch it. Now they release Far Cry 6 with the stupidest respawn rate I've ever witnessed throughout the entire game. I wonder how many months it will take them to fix this. It just puts me off buying games close to their release date. Better to wait six months to buy a game after it's released when all the bugs and imbalances are corrected.

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