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  • Slackbladder100
    24 posts

    Yeah, the enemy respawn rates are unreal at times. Yoy can take out two enemies, let's say, move forward for 30 seconds, turn around and head back and they've respawned. It makes no sense sometimes as there is often nowhere for them to come from.
    In fact I used an unlimited health cheat just to see what happened and at the highest wanted level enemies were spawning in so fast they were standing at the edge of the radar, not moving. Then after a few seconds they started attacking me. That's an OTT example but it is how it often works in the game.

  • mistergeek
    6 posts

    Ubi has been inserting more template programmed events versus handcrafted design element in newer games it seems. For example in Valhalla the endless "hidden keys" and "locked chests" are maddening, stalling fun action and stealing away compelling game play. making things feel downright boring. BUT the advantage for the developer is these things extend play without having to create actual enjoyable, compelling content...period! For me these tactics to save money has ruined Valhalla and now doing the same in Far Cry 6.

    I say this because aside from unacceptable respawning enemies that simply bog down meaningful strategic game play, they are also using gimmicky hard to access Caches that take time to get to. It's that same "Oh wait, I need to get these caches before moving on..." and then spend 30-minutes on how to get to it! All but removes the fun that fuels compelling game play, for me at least. Some of this type of mechanic can be fun, but when it is spammed at players with the obvious objective to extend game play without creative, compelling game play, then it's time to move on to something else.

    Another change in FC6 is no true manual save, only "auto-saves" that prevent you from saving before or during challenging events. That was always a great feature in past games, now again to artificially at time to game play you must replay entire sections if you die. It all just is so obvious and again sad and I expect this will diminish future sales as people realize and communicate about these things. There is a way to manually save but that reverts to the auto-save checkpoint most times...so definitely not the same freedom we had before.

    Lastly, my favorite games have come from Ubisoft but this new trend of filling games with time sucking, uninteresting "stuff" is really sad to see.

  • Jtrasis
    5 posts

    Game have been out for a week now, and all the "investigation team" are asking for is proof and video evidence. Even though a lot out guys already have provided this.. Do something about this instead.. This forum and reddit is flooded by this problem.

    This occur everywhere, it's no fun at all when you are in a base on an active mission to do something and run away a few feet for like open a box or something and all the soldiers have respawned again..

    Not only soldiers, when i was in a base all suddenly a soldier with a hostage spawned right next to me, the hostage weren't there when i entered.

    You need to fix this right away, it's bad that we have to wait this long. Give us an answer or anything, not just "Give us more info.. Under investigation" It's not ok!

  • guest-E6LDZATA
    1 posts

    Please fix the respawn rate for enemies for Far Cry 6 it is happening on the whole map and not just one area so just decrease it in general please because it is very annoying.

  • phen1987
    5 posts

    @guest-e6ldzata I remember this was also a "thing" with FC5. You just could not cross the roads without getting ambushed by another patrol.
    This time around with FC6, I think it is within limits. But I could imagine this could be frustrating for some players.

  • Johnson9191
    18 posts

    Agreed. I can't clear out an area and I often get cornered because I've used up all my ammo taking out a tank and a helicopter and suddenly 3 more tanks and 2 more helicopters have arrived! Just nonsense on Ubisoft's part, what were they thinking? In the early stages the game is so far just intolerable because my weapons are underpowered and the constantly respawning enemies, tanks and helicopters just prevent any further progress or fun. I mean how ludicrous that you spend valuable time and resources taking out an entire base, you then take a minute to do some looting then as you're about to leave, you realise a sniper has miraculously materialised back in the lookout and is not even perturbed by what has just gone down! Ubisoft still making these kinds of silly gameplay decisions after 5 iterations shows they are out of touch and unable to be truly revolutionary.

  • WelshGaming96
    29 posts

    I hate this it like kill one guy more to other side to kill other and he respawned it hard to even use stealth coz of it

  • DaWu11
    8 posts

    @ubisushivamp what??? Does anybody of you guys ever play this game? Enemy respawns are out of control and mind everywhere throughout the whole game. I stopped playing the game early in and refuse to continue until this is fixed. While clearing a camp the enemies at the the entrance respawned while you fought deeper in. This is ridiculous. I can shoot an enemy turn 180 and 10s later he is respawned.

  • Varjag31
    11 posts

    It happens all over the gameworld. Both in red areas that are not bases for takeover and outside in the regular world. It happens both in missions and in free roaming. The only place I did not notice the crazy spawn is in enemy bases that you can take over, so called "Military targets". This morning it happened to me in the oil refinery right across from the crocodile farm in the north of Madrugada, where both crocodiles kept spawning, and the soldiers on horses just kept coming down the road 3 by 3 as they were spawning somewhere out of sight. My wanted status was at zero.

    Later I took a water scooter and landed on one of the little islands close by. I killed a shark and there was immediately a new one in it's place. I kept hearing the sound as something splashes into the water, just outside of my view to the left or right. Which means game was spawning stuff right next to me, just outside my vision.

    When you ride a boat, enemy boats were spawning to my right, just outside of my vision in regular intervals.

    I can see this not bothering some people who just want to run around and blow things up without context, but for everyone else this has to be jarring. How it passed any quality test, because it is not isolated to a single location and enemy type, is beyond me. You just need to sit down and play a game beyond the tutorial island to notice multiple instances of it. It breaks my immersion hard when things I kill don't stay dead at least for the duration of me being in the location. You could respawn things on player leaving the location, or populate the world on reload or any of those things, but enemies popping out of thin air all over the place kills any sense of achievement.

    Any effort you guys have done with how the world looks like and functions is wasted if the spawn system is dumping things on top of our heads as we walk.

    I sincerely hope this whole thing is a bug and that it can be fixed in a reasonable timeframe. To consider that it would not be a bug and is intended that way would be mind blowing. Just look through the amount of grief Cyberpunk got because of those kind of spawns.

  • Johnson9191
    18 posts

    Yes FC5 also suffered from this issue but I think it is a lot worse here in FC6, it is ludicrous, extremely frustrating and just plain unrealistic. It makes the early hours of the game when you are underpowered very difficult and tedious.

  • Sleezure
    138 posts

    I think I'm pretty much done playing until this problem is fixed. It's just way too stupid, and I cannot believe this issue survived whatever QA process Ubisoft has (if any).

  • Niva123
    2 posts

    Im at Acunana Farmland and I have atm over 100 KIA hostiles during one take over. So before i lose my mind please patch the enemy respawn rate...

  • Virtual-Chris
    800 posts

    No word on a patch from Ubisoft? I won’t buy until this is fixed.

  • LaMOi
    162 posts


    I got my refund. Which is great.. I’ve been on this ride before with other games… and there’s no way I’m dropping £60 to be super frustrated and go through what the rest of these people posting are going through at the moment.
    I mean something like that, Respawning enemies just ruins the game. And I can tell you it will be a good few weeks even months before this is fixed. I’m not paying £60 to have weeks, months spent complaining about this issue! I’ve got better things to do.

    Also, think about this, people have spent £60, and a lot of posters on this forum already made up their mind to stop playing the game until this issue is fixed.

    And that’s IF it gets fixed….

    I’m sorry but that’s just a total waste of money. I’m gonna spend £60 on a game, then it should work without significant issues.

  • igrvks
    62 posts


    If you ever end up feeling like trying FC6 again, I highly recommend to just buy 1 month of Ubisoft + and turning off auto-renew. That way you only get shafted for like 10-15 pounds (sorry I dont know the current exchange rate but it's 15€) but also, Ubisoft only gains that much from you instead of full 60 pounds.

    This is exactly what I did, and I have been very happy with what I got for that amount.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    Also strongly contemplating if I'm going to return my copy and wait for a fix. I really enjoy the game for most parts, but this is just a bunch of [censored].

  • Sleezure
    138 posts

    @lamoi I am also requesting a refund. Considering all the issues in FC5 that went unfixed, and FC6's problems go so far beyond FC5's that I highly doubt the game will ever be saved to any appreciable degree, I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask for my money back at least. What a shame.

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    Ubi normally do one title update per month, so I wouldn't be surprised if we're in the start of November before they patch, if they patch.

    I might be proved wrong but patches tend to roll out extremely slowly.

    1 posts

    Yes there is definitely issues with the enemy respawn rate in this game. In every checkpoint/base I clear out, the same enemies continue to respawn back again. I killed the same sniper about 5 times in one particular place in Yara. Please fix this!

  • Kamikaze-TMX
    10 posts

    Yeah its insane i cant even ride away in a car or every1 sees me and come after me because they spawn at the entrances and exits and they just spawn just out of ya view or around the corner.. i have uninstalled the game because its no more fun to play and very frustrating... i even saw soldiers jump over a wall and going trough a big wall so i did go to that spot and tried the same but nope i cant use the glitched things they do.... and seeying me trough the ground when im like 20 meters down in a bunker or just seeying me trough defence walls and other sort of stuff... the higher ranking area's you go the more bugged the game appears to be.... or lets say the area's you need to go last like that city you escaped in the beginning of the game is super glitched and bugged.... this is a BBB game...

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