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  • Virtual-Chris
    800 posts


    Now that’s the saddest statement ever!

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    I know!!! That was the point 😂😂

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @vahndaar I haven't played since launch day due to this bug.

    I literally have a progression blocker on a main mission due to enemies respawning nonstop.

    I just want to play and Ubisoft doesn't seem to be any rush to fix the game.

  • Borkaman87
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    @ubi-mark beautiful!

  • delimontana
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    I've played like 3 hours or something and now got this bug, so nothing more to do than to wait for the fix, totally unplayable.

  • AltTabsAlot
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    This is ridiculous.... 👎

  • Borkaman87
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    @joph13l yeah, and there can't be enough of these threads about spawn/despawn distance- no matter which far cry it is, sadly enough. I remember especially that little town in FC4 about capturing that torturer DePleur. NASTY respawns even back then- FC3 road respawns were ridiculous too, hasn't changed in FC6 with vehicles pixeling in some 100 meters infront of you as you drive

  • fringeROBOT
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    No updates on this bug since release?!

    Unpatched for over 2 weeks, just ridiculous for such a company!

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6041 posts

    Hello there!

    I apologise for the delayed update. Thank you for continuing to share your experiences and reports with us regarding enemy respawn rate. I have merged several similar threads about this issue into this ongoing Megathread. I apologise if any ongoing discussion was disrupted by this merge.

    I have gone through this thread and forwarded reports that have been shared with us so far for use in the ongoing investigation. Thank you to everyone who took the time to include videos, as these are very useful for the development team to better understand the behaviour in-game.

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update from the ongoing investigation. The development team have been able to reproduce this issue during testing, and are currently looking into this issue further.

    The development team have requested if players can provide them with the following information, as this will be helpful with the ongoing investigation:

    • Does this happen in specific locations, or map-wide? If this does only happen in specific locations, please can you let us know what these locations are?
    • Can you please provide images/a video showing the issue and map location?

    I'd recommend uploading any media to a sharing platform, such as Google Drive or One Drive, as this will allow you to post a shareable link within this thread.

    Please note that the Player Support team are unable to speculate on unconfirmed details from an investigation, including any fixes or updates, if these have not been shared. Once we have any more updates to share, this information will be shared on our official platforms and within the News & Announcements forums.

    Thank you! 😊

    Official Response
  • a22ghooligan
    43 posts


    you gonna start taking some money of the game seeing as you want us beta testing??

    This shouldnt have been in the game at release, and now you want us to track the bugs and report em......

    How was the game released in this state? where was the testing before release??

  • Syphadeus
    15 posts

    @ubi-borealis Thanks for the post and it is good to know that the dev team are working on this.

    However, it is also quite disparaging that one of the questions they've asked is "where does this occur" because all that question does is suggest that the mountain of evidence that has been provided so far is not being reviewed. If it was / had been, then this wouldn't be a question. It is happening all over the game world in areas that include an enemy NPC population. This is obvious from watching but a few of the videos that have been submitted.

    I really hope I'm wrong but the question gives the impression that either the gravity of the issue is not understood or that it is and it is not being taken seriously regardless.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6041 posts

    Hello there!

    @a22ghooligan - Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't enjoyed your gameplay experience so far, and I would like to assure you that the development team is taking a closer look at the issue with enemy respawn rates. We request for additional reports from our players as this helps to provide more information about the behaviour in-game, and can assist with the ongoing investigation. Of course, providing these reports is entirely optional, and the development team will be carrying out testing of their own as well.

    @Syphadeus - I believe the development team are trying to work out if this issue occurs more in specific locations or regions in particular. Having taken a look through this thread, it seems to happen anywhere and everywhere on the map, and I'd like to reassure you that I've passed this information to the team as part of the ongoing investigation. As they have requested for specific locations and videos as part of the investigation, we will continue to gather this information until told otherwise. I apologise for any concern that may have been caused by my initial phrasing, and I've now re-worded the information request.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Official Response
  • Varjag31
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    The only place that it doesn't happen at least in my case, are the things you can take over ... like checkpoints and military installations that become permanently "yours" afterwards. Everywhere else in the world outside of those places it has been a constant issue not just with enemies, but also with objects like vehicles, animals, destructibles etc.

  • Sleezure
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    @ubi-borealis It does seem odd that the development team would need to "reproduce" this issue when it seems to be a core feature of the game's new Destiny-like design.

  • Abhishek2812
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    @ubi-borealis This issue should have been fixed by now but you are just starting the investigation right now. This is bad. Tell your testers to play the game and they will see this issue right away.

  • Merlinmagi
    4 posts

    And here I was hoping that the update was going to be a fix eta, not a 'We still have no clue please send more information'.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @ubi-borealis Wow, I can't believe what I'm reading. These are questions your Twitter team already asked several times in the past weeks. I'm beginning to question if you guys even played the game? The issue is so insanely obvious and ruins the game. You can literally shoot any random enemy, walk away and return for him to be back. It happens in the entire game.

    Is there any timeframe for a fix? I still have time to return my copy. If it's gonna take another month, I'm refunding it.

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    From my experience - and apologies I don't have time to create videos etc. but there are plenty going around - it's map-wide and affects not just enemy NPCs but all NPCs and entities. I put up a post earlier which I'll include here again which covers the key points:

    Ok I've done some extensive testing on how the spawning is working:
    It's completely distance based, time isn't a factor. Tested by waiting in the middle of a cleared location for several in game days and no enemy respawned, whereas when testing distance they respawn as fast as the player meets the criteria below.
    The despawn/respawn distance is the same and it's about 100 metres, although in some scenarios it's much closer and mostly when line of sight to the body is obscured. Mostly it occurs right at the edge of the player's radar. Tested by dropping a body and then measuring the distance for spawn and respawn.
    Enemies will not respawn as long as their bodies exist. Tested by taking out a sniper and carrying the body about half a mile away, then returning whilst carrying them and the enemy did not respawn.
    Bodies will not despawn whilst the player is looking at them. They only despawn if the player is further than 100 metres AND looks away OR the body is obscured by geometry.
    Once a body despawns, the original enemy will respawn once or if the player has moved > 100 metres away from their spawn location and then approaches the spawn location again. This can happen the instant the body despawns but as mentioned will not happen whilst the body is still active.
    There is an exception to the above in scripted events where enemies seem to spawn in waves, where there are videos of enemies simply popping up out of thin air - the same rules apply as these are one off spawns rather than general spawns in the world. This could be due to the heat meter or another scripted event.
    Enemies will respawn out of thin air in front of the player, no need to look away.

    On this basis it is quite possible they haven't implemented time based respawning at all. Therefore the solution here is to extend the despawn/respawn horizon by a considerable factor. At least a factor of 5 IMO to cover the size of some of the larger bases.

    It is highly likely, although I haven't tested, that this 100m distance is global and so affects spawning of random events and other things as well. So if a roadside patrol spawns, the player kills them, runs 100 yards their bodies will be cleared and they'll spawn in exactly the same location again - albeit possibly a different variant of the event - if the player runs back.

    Also tested with animals, unintentionally when I was doing my testing I kept running into the exact same pack of coyotes as I ran back and forth. They spawn in the same locations all the time. Alpha animals also randomly spawn, they're not set, they appear very occasionally in any animal pack.

    On reflection, I can only think the spawn/despawn distance may be so short for performance reasons, that's the only thing I can think of.

    The solution in my view, as mentioned, is to either a) add a time based element to respawning, or b) extend the range over which NPC's and entities are despawned to avoid this issue.

    As another poster mentioned, the only place this issue doesn't occur is in bases that the player can capture.

    Hopefully that helps, although the team should be able to figure this out fairly quickly. The mission on the island with the lighthouse which is a restricted zone is a perfect place to test this as the mission is nearly impossible to complete due to being unable to actually clear the location of enemies in any meaningful way. The specific location is Roncali Lighthouse and Cayo Villareal in the south of Costa Del Mar province. The mission is Napoleon el Pequeno.

  • Logan_24-7
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    Well, at least we got an update on the process... thanks, that's something I guess. Still baffling that this game was released like this.
    Maybe those Ubisoft memes aren't that wrong 😉 (Sorry, couldn't resist)


  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @ubi-borealis The issue occurs in missions as well. For example, the Napoleon El Pequeño mission where you start off needing to search a body by the helipad. When trying to stealth this section, enemies will respawn rapidly especially if you snipe them because when not using the scope the enemies will respawn out of npc draw distance range. I killed all the enemies here and went to search the body by the helipad only for every enemy to respawn and start shooting at me.

    Later in this mission when you have to secure the villa, the respawn bug seems to be extending the time to secure the villa. I killed what were easily around 300 enemies and they just kept coming over and over. I can't finish the mission due to the enemies respawning over and over faster than I can kill them.

    Basically, any location except those you can take for lIbertad (like bases or outposts you can take control of) has the issue. If you can't permanently taken an area, the enemy respawn issue occurs. Anti aircraft zones are the best example here as if they are a large area, you can kill the enemies on one side and then go to the next side to kill the rest and the enemies you killed behind you will respawn a few seconds later and start attacking you. Stealth is completely broken due to this bug.

    Not sure how your testers and QA team haven't figured this out for themselves because it's present for everyone and is a fundamental (and awful) part of how the game is currently designed.

    Extend the enemy respawn timers by at least 10x or stop them respawning until you leave an area completely. The ideal respawn time would be after 30mind/1hr of real time so it's realistic. Enemies shouldn't magically reappear after you've wiped out a restricted area. They should repopulate after some time passes to simulate reinforcements driving out to take the area back.

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