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  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    My copy has been returned. I will rebuy once fixed. I'm not really confident though.

  • viggenras
    10 posts

    desided to cancel my uplay+ today since nothing has happened to fix this but on the other hand i did not expect it to be fixed anytime soon either but you never know. now i wait and see before i resub.

  • FlashXAron
    23 posts

    ... yeah THAT ISSUE is terrible and no fun, the worst was, I climbed a watchtower and when I killed the sniper with a stealth attack, under the tower spawned 4 guys and while I was climbing down THAT DAMN SNIPER RES?AWNED AGAIN ...
    such situations happens all the time everywhere

    THAT IS NOT FUN UBISOFT, who told you that is fun that destroys all immersion in that game ,,
    STOP IT the game is worse because of that and not more a challenge or fun !

    It is okay when an alarm goes on , but than they have to come with vehicles or helicopters or out from an building, BUT ALSO a set amount of soldiers and not endless ...

    and when we clear an area that should be empty for some in game hours or even days until new troops has been deployed to that area

  • Sparhawk122
    76 posts

    This makes features like stealth and hiding bodies pointless.

    Why don't these developers just use the respawn system that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint uses?

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    Booted the game up for the first time in a couple of weeks. Spent 15 minutes running around the same 20 yards fighting enemies randomly respawning and appearing. Had a moments respite, turned around and they were all back again. Got bored and stopped playing.

    Atrocious, this needs resolved URGENTLY. It completely ruins the experience to the point where I can't concentrate on anything let alone mission objectives for all the stuff respawning and spawning in from everywhere. All the work put into this game - the beautiful map, the story, the gunplay etc. is all excellent but I cannot grasp how these fundamentals have managed to get so screwed up to the point where it is completely unplayable.

    This is 100 times worse than the FarCry 2 respawning checkpoints and I don't remember this from any FarCry game since, nor any other game for that matter.

    Does Ubi actually play the games they put out? Where is your testing and QA teams?? Someone please tell me this isn't intentional because it's complete dreck and ridiculously lazy development if so.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4658 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for continuing to share your reports and feedback regarding the high enemy respawn rate in-game. We don't yet have any updates to share with you all from the development team. I'd like to assure you that they are taking a closer look at this issue, and that the Player Support team is continuing to forward all reports that have been shared with us to assist in this investigation.

    As soon as we have any updates to share with you all regarding this issue, we will let you know within this thread or within the News & Announcements forum.

    We are aware that most players are reporting that this high respawn rate happens all through Yara, no matter the location. If you have only experienced a high enemy respawn rate in specific locations, please can you clarify which locations you experience this issue in? We can then pass this information to the development team for further investigation.

    @Sleezure - I'd like to assure you that the development team are looking into this high respawn rate further, and it is being treat as an issue in-game. If the development team inform us that this is working as intended, we will let you know this information within the forums.

    @c-j45434, @Merlinmagi & @Jakeo10 - I can confirm that there were no fixes for enemy respawn rate included in the hot fix that was deployed on 26th October 2021. I apologise for any disappointment that may have been caused by this. As soon as we have any updates to share with you regarding the investigation into this issue, we will let you know within this thread.

    Thank you 🙂

    Official Response
  • BoabH
    11 posts

    @ubi-borealis Why are there no fixes for this game breaking bug, but you very quickly managed to fix the cantina meal buff bug! You seem to put all your effort into making sure players don't get an advantage in the game (rightly so) but appear to make no effort to fix bugs that only bring anger and frustration to the majority of players!

    I have literally just spent 30 mins trying to pick up a FND cache, every enemy I killed an enemy, the second I turned to kill another, they were back again... I must have fought the largest army Yara has ever had consisting of only 3 people! This is ridiculous considering you claim this game to be a AAA title AND you got an extra 8 months to fix it! I'd hate to imagine what it was like before you pulled the original Feb release date!

  • FlashXAron
    23 posts

    @ubi-borealis please really, that should be high priority ... as others also said, THAT REALLY RUIN EVERYTHING and makes all pointless ... the map is that big, you really don't need to respawn endless hordes at the same point ...
    when we have cleared one area , it should be empty for some in game days ... and it should reflect , if the player has conquered that check points around or not ...
    also on one side, you let that enemies respawn like crazy ... BUT the destruction and dead bodies VANISH , when we turn around THAT IS ALSO POINTLESS and immersion killing ...

    so don't remove dead and destroyed things (only from the streets, because we don't need that traffic jams 🙂
    let it be there for longer ... 6-12h ingame hours

    than 6-12h ingame hours , where nothing is

    and after 12-24h ingame enemies are back OR even never, when the rebels have taken over the area , there should be now rebels !

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4658 posts

    Hello there @BoabH & @FlashXAron,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and feedback with us. I understand that this high respawn rate may be impacting on your gameplay experience, and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

    Please note that myself, and other agents you see posting within the Ubisoft Forums, aren't members of development team. We are either part of the Player Support team (such as myself), or members of the Community team. You can learn more about the teams you can find posting within the forums here.

    I understand that you would like more information from the ongoing investigation. Rest assured that the development team are taking a closer look at this issue, and that we are continuing to forward the reports that you are all sharing with us within this thread to assist with this.

    We are unable to share unconfirmed details from the investigations, such as information regarding fixes or providing ETAs, when these aren't available. Once we have any new details to share from the investigation, we try our best to update you all as soon as we're able to. Any updates will be shared within this thread or within the News & Announcements forum, so I would recommend checking out these places regularly.

    Thank you 🙂

    Official Response
  • Sleezure
    111 posts

    @ubi-borealis Thank you for the update, but I simply cannot believe this glaring issue's presence in the launch version of the game is unintentional.

  • N0_Sorrow
    3 posts

    oh glad im not the only one getting this. it's super annoying.

  • Syphadeus
    14 posts

    This merged thread dates back from release day - which is when this bug was spotted. To be clear, it was picked up as an issue by players within hours of the title releasing. That alone should tell you all you need to know about this issue, in that it is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS.

    Ubisoft should be utterly ashamed of it's quality control on this. It absolutely stinks of no effort. There is no way this would have gotten past even the laxest of play-testing. Which brings us back to consider whether this was a known issue on launch and you pushed it out anyway hoping no one would notice. Or it was just terribly bad game design that someone thought was a good idea.

    This week we'll reach a month clear from the launch and this day one critical, game-breaking, experience-wrecking issue still has:

    • No update
    • No ETA
    • Not one iota of information to be shared

    Far from simply not inspiring any confidence, this is actively damaging to your player base. Recently Ubisoft has come under fire from the mailshots sent to FC6 players that goad them for only spending a few hours in the game and not overthrowing Castillo. If only the development team would but even a fraction of the time and resource into resolving this as your marketing, analysis and player engagement teams do on terrible ideas like that. Maybe we'd have this fixed now.

    But no. I mean sure, it's nice to have community support staff be in contact with forum users, but it's a month guys... and you've not shared anything with us. I understand that's because you don't have anything TO share, but doesn't that say it all? Is that acceptable? I don't think it is. And whilst I don't direct any of my ire at these community reps, because it isn't your fault, it does feel that all you're doing is giving empty reassurance and that you have nothing of any substance to say about that you can actually back up. That's the long and short of it and it's a really bad look.

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    @syphadeus I don't think (even after 1 week let alone 1 month) its a big ask for the dev team to either say:

    "Yes, we recognise its an issue - it will be patched but you need to give us time to make sure we don't counter balance things too much in the other direction within the scope of the entire game (including the scripted events); once we've got to the bottom of what's causing it"


    "No, its working exactly as designed - we're sorry there is a number of our customers who aren't happy with this but to change this dynamic would fundamentally break the overall balance of the game's design and would require almost a complete overhaul"

    Either of the above I could respect.

    I simply cannot believe not a single person; tester, programmer, designer etc (get out your RACI charts and pick someone); didn't experience this "feature". As someone who works in IT managing projects where User Acceptance Testing is front and centre of any half competent solution delivery - this would must have been flagged.

    So I can only assume this "feature" was by design....which I'm fine with..... if they just say so.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    They released a patch and game breaking bugs from release day like this one, blurry textures (60 page thread on this) and stuttering, game settings not saved on game exit remain. What were they doing for a month? Cyberpunk 2077 had patch notes which could be a mini booklet a month from launch.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @ubi-borealis Tell us you are not taking your customers serious without telling us you are taking your customers serious.

    I still can't believe the bollox I'm reading. "They are looking into it". Yeah right. They designed this. You can literally encounter this issue within a few minutes into the game, yet here you are acting like you are having a nosebleed and are asking for specific locations, when it just seems as an intended feature.

    How hard is it for one of the devs to come into this thread (or reply on Twitter, for that matter, I've given them countless examples there) and say: "hey, sorry dudes, this works as intended". Or: "hey, sorry dudes, we acknowledge there are some balancing issues regarding the spawns and working on a fix that should arrive in the next couple of weeks".

  • Zoopels
    17 posts

    @ubi-borealis In other words, the bug will never be fixed. Just like the audio bug in AC Valhalla.

    It has been a month since release and you still refuse to tell us whether it is even considered a bug or an intentional feature. You just keep stringing us along. Absolutely unacceptable. I'm done with Ubisoft games.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    Seems this update addresses (some) spawn issues. Can anyone test this out?


  • moznessk
    8 posts

    A month after launch and we are still here discussing enemy spawns?! This is just embarrassing. Not even a simple official acknowledgment that this is a bug or it's indeed working as intended so people can move on. Shame.

  • Zoopels
    17 posts


    "Adjusted the respawn rate of enemies in the following areas: José's Island and Martínez (Philly's) Airstrip. "

    So tweaked only in two spots and not globally, which I take to mean that the respawning enemies is considered a feature then. If they thought it was a bug, they would have tried to fix it universally.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    I'm a bit confused. Why were 2 single areas adjusted. Surely this is a global issue and needs adjusted across the board.

    The fact that individual areas can be adjusted suggests two things:

    - There's possibly no simple global fix
    - The behaviour is intentional and designed and they don't want to change it globally

    If it's the latter then that's extremely disappointing and extremely poor design.

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