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  • Tengarnos
    8 posts

    @vahndaar My thoughts after reading the "Adjusted the respawn rate of enemies in the following areas: José’s Island and Martínez (Philly’s) Airstrip." Yeah not like this were the only areas. Ok Island was at least felt like the worst but wasnt in everyone. The constructionside where you go for the doc quest for montero was also pretty annoying in this point. At some point its nice they seem to want to have a living world but if you stand on a captured road blockade and after 2 mins you have 20 cars worth 25 to 30 enemies standing there it starts to get somewhat redicilous. In may gametime only one part freed I already pretty sure killed near 2k people which is what 2% of El Presidentes whole army? XD (Not sure if it was 100k or 300k they said)

  • Eark428
    10 posts

    After update, i find that they adjusted the respawn rate is a lot nicer then before, they not spawn right next to me or spawn 10+ enemy and enemy now spawn much further away, but more adjustment need i think?
    In freerome it acceptable to play(didn't test yet ) but it main mission i prefer not to spawn enemy or spawn out of the area that mission is going since it a bit strange to see enemy spawn same place that i just kill it before (yep sniper) I will post video so you can see clearly .
    In video i test only 1 mission kill all enemy in area and try roming around area to see how enemy respawn in new update , didn't test other island or other mission , want to see other opinion about respawning rate too, for me it acceptable to play but still more room to improve it, and what do you think?

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    I think missions or enemy locations were the worst culprits, I'll need to test again after the update but if that is better then I'll be happy.

    The test is enemies respawning whilst trying to clear locations, that just shouldn't be a thing.

  • Scion337
    1 posts

    The infinite respawns is the one thing ruining this game for me. I stopped playing the game for a week or two hoping it would get sorted out in the patch but it seems its only been fixed for two areas. This is no good, it requires a global fix. Post patch the problem persists, there is no difference.

    The respawn rate is absolutely crazy, they are popping in faster than i can kill them. I'm at the point where i'm thinking why bother shooting anything at all. I may as well just run past everything in the game and just complete the objective as quickly as possible. Stealth is just not viable. They also pop in at very close range. I took out a bunch of guys around 10m away, turned my back to head in the other direction and three special forces literally popped in where the guys i just killed. I subsequently got shot in the back by an rpg, i barely had time to move. This is not fun when it's relentless everywhere you go on the map.

    Can you just please tone it down a bit? No one is asking you to disable respawns entirely, just give people some breathing space while playing. No enemy should spawn within 100m radius of the player, thats just sloppy. I will wait to see if this gets sorted in the next patch. If it's decided that this is a feature of the game then i'm done with it and will just have to move on to something else. Which is a shame because aside from this issue i quite like the game.

  • Sparhawk122
    79 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zoopels
    18 posts

    @sparhawk122 "and maybe not hiring them on 'merit' alone."

    No need for this nonsense. If you want to insinuate they're hiring incompetent people for diversity, then go elsewhere. 4chan might be more your speed. There's no evidence for any of what you're saying.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @eark428 You know you can also aim at enemies with your gun to tag them, right? Possible since like the 3rd on or maybe even before that.

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    Could also be the only reason they've "patched" a few locations is to test the impact on the wider experience.

    Would make total sense to only alter a small percentage of the map - let the unpaid testing team (aka customers) see if it works / provide feedback - before screwing the whole thing up..... I'm probably being generous though..... Again, some communication wouldn't go amiss here Ubi.... 👀

  • Sleezure
    131 posts
    Could also be the only reason they've "patched" a few locations is to test the impact on the wider experience.

    Would make total sense to only alter a small percentage of the map - let the unpaid testing team (aka customers) see if it works / provide feedback - before screwing the whole thing up..... I'm probably being generous though..... Again, some communication wouldn't go amiss here Ubi.... 👀

    Isn't it awesome spending money to QA test a game?

  • stolash
    9 posts

    Respawn still not fixed !! Month after release !! I can't play this game with this bug ! Never any ubisoft game again !

  • delimontana
    4 posts

    Yep this is still messed up even after the big patch, doesn't matter if i free roam or doing missions(though not all missions, mainly the ones where you are inside "trespassing area") it's not like they respawn after a certain time, but if you move around in a camp or something and the edge of the minimap goes beyond where the enemies were when you killed them, and you turn around they're back, sometimes you don't even have to go that far. It varies between 10-70 meters maybe? I like to play stealthy and it's not possible when the mobs keep respawning.
    Playing on a PS5.

  • Tuttking92
    2 posts

    Hello I’m just trying to get ahold of someone to see why almost every time I play a match it crashes on me?

  • bccarr7
    11 posts

    I agree! Seeing trios of enemies repeatedly blink into thin air around the airport sort of undermines the immersion.

  • rabbottx
    2 posts

    @sausbert I just played the missions in those areas yesterday, and it was still ridiculous. The respawns have no cooldown, and seem to initiate as soon as the area is off the minimap. And that's with and without being actively in the mission. I just got the game, so I don't know if it was worse, but it's also the same as everywhere else as far as I could tell.

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    So basically Ubisoft doesn't care about the thousands of people who have complained since day one about the AWFUL enemy respawn timer/range.

    STEALTH IS UNPLAYABLE. Enemies are respawning as soon as you turn around and walk 10ft..

    The solution is simple Ubisoft:

    Prevent Enemy respawns UNTIL a player moves out of that map region. Allow us the illusion that we can clear areas of enemies and then respawn them, instantly or not, once we enter a new map region or at least 1km away or something. I shouldn't see any enemies respawning while I'm clearing out a base. I should be able to stealth a big base without enemies respawning behind me as soon as I walk 10ft.

    You can still keep everyone happy by having enemies always respawn once players move 1km away or something. People who like killing enemies over and over like an MMO are happy and everyone else gets to actually clear areas temporarily.

    It's so simple.

  • moznessk
    8 posts

    @Jakeo10 Am sure they know how to fix it. They are just buying time by saying they are "investigating" so they can work on the dlcs that will bring them more money. Most likely it has been marked as non priority. They fix bugs very slowly.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    There are 3 game breaking issues which have been reported within just a couple of hours of launch

    1. Infinite respawn of enemies
    2. Constant stuttering with NVIDIA cards with the HD Pack and FSR and when picking up items.
    3. Blurry Textures

    Its been a month and 2 patches and none of the above has been fixed nor have we been given an ETA when we can expect resolution. What's going on here? Are sales bad and are Ubisoft pulling the plug on support for this game?

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    @sleezure We few....we happy few.....we band of beta testers

  • Aberwa
    1 posts

    "Best" Enemy Respawn Issue caught in McKays Facility/Harbour. I´ve shot a Bazooka Soldier off the Bridge ~15 times.
    While i´m crouching right in front, he´s permanently respawning after beeing shot. ...Headshot, Respawn, H, R,...etc.

  • paulkneipp
    22 posts

    Trying to liberate Yaran Marine Maintenance and the enemies there are respawning, which makes no sense in a mission where you need to eliminate all the enemies. There's one sniper in the crane in the middle of the map who I've killed four times now despite the fact that there's no way an enemy could make it there without my seeing them.

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