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  • igrvks
    61 posts


    Not just this mission.

    This happens in every area that is marked with red outlines on the map. It makes stealth pointless.

  • Bytedotexe
    64 posts

    @igrvks okay thanks thats good to know 😄

  • igrvks
    61 posts


    By the way, I am not Fanton and that is not my footage. Just posted it to showcase the issue.

  • LaMOi
    159 posts


    this is terrible. Kills immersion for me.

    Hopefully I will get my refund.
    I’m gonna wait and see if they fix this stuff.

    plus I want a more hardcore difficulty…

  • LaMOi
    159 posts


    What annoys me is they managed this crap in FC3,4, Primal… Ghost Recon Wildlands. Watchdogs Legion… I mean other Ubisoft titles..

  • Sleezure
    111 posts

    @igrvks I would say at least one in-game day to restock enemies at hardened locations.

  • Flanker1Six
    218 posts
    @igrvks As long as it adds more grind to the game, then it's not a bug--it's a feature.

    @Sleezure -LOL! No extra charge Gamer! 😉

  • LaMOi
    159 posts
    @igrvks I would say at least one in-game day to restock enemies at hardened locations.


  • Virtual-Chris
    760 posts


    Every other Ubisoft game we've played doesn't respawn enemies until that portion of the world reloads either through fast-travel, the player respawning, or moving far enough away that the game engine needs to reload it. Why can't they use that same engine mechanic here? It's utterly bizarre and a show-stopper for me.

  • Tascer
    23 posts

    @bytedotexe I got my boat stuck in the middle of the ocean between two islands (because small boats have more draft than oil tankers). Those islands were deserted and 20squaremeters at max. I was trying to unstuck my boat.
    Suddenly the game spawned one enemy behind me. I shot him only to have 2 boats instantly coming my way. I shot the crew and took their boat. Meanwhile a helicopter appered out of nowhere aimbotting me to death in seconds.
    The whole spawn-mechanic is rigged.

  • CatherineCat93
    29 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • redjoekido
    22 posts

    It bothers me too, they keep respawing, preventing me from doing certain tasks and can't clear out restricted areas. So frustrating.

  • XxKreavenxX
    15 posts

    Title says it. On all missions enemies will continually spawn as I am killing them. Many times they will spawn in right next to me and will continue for a random amount of time as I continue to kill. They do normally stop spawning after a while, however its not unusual for me to begin running out of ammo trying to deal with the few dozen respawns. As an example. Fairly small camp with 5 enemies. After I killed the initial 5 they kept spawning in sets of 2. The 5 turned into 23 before Iost count and just ran away.

    I am on standard difficulty.

    Happens in all hostile area's
    I will be in the center of camp and they will spawn within 15 to 20 meters.
    If I run 50 to 60 meters forward to kill someone who is just out of eyeshot. I can turn around and find everyone respawned behind me
    At least once led to an alt f4 from me as a chopper was called in, I was low on ammo from all the respawn (I was full sniper ammo, full SMG, full rifle and full shot gun ammo when I started the mission) and was unable to kill the chopper so I ran. It followed me for 1800 meters before I gave up and just hit Alt F4
    Please get this fixed... In this current state it is unplayable for me. I can see promise and an amazing story. But not if I have to deal with unlimited enemies.

  • igrvks
    61 posts

    If Ubisoft ends up patching the respawn rate, the next item on their list should definitely be the headshot damage multiplier. Because this is just ridiculous. Headshot should always be a headshot:



  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1823 posts

    Hello @XxKreavenxX,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    This sounds like you're being hunted by the military - however, can you please provide us with a short video of this occurring, so we can have a look?

    Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know!

    Official Response
  • SofaJockey
    372 posts

    Yep. Cleared an area looking for an objective. Sniper towers re-spawned 5 times...

  • Captain_Cutlery
    3 posts


    There seems to be an issue with the respawn rate in far cry 6 that is spoiling an otherwise fantastic game. Enemies seem to respawn at an alarming rate making stealth essentially useless. And your wanted meter sky rocket because you are having to kill enemies over and over again.

    Just thought I'd let you guys know.


    an example of this

    Think I killed the sniper in the post three times within a few mins

  • LaMOi
    159 posts


    its BS. But check — multiple threads about this…

  • LaMOi
    159 posts


    I hope I get my refund… should of followed my gut on this one.

    No way I’m gonna sit through game that I know will frustrate the hell out of me.

  • Sleezure
    111 posts

    @igrvks The devs expressly stated in their Reddit AMA that they weren't going to do this New Dawn nonsense in FC6.

    So either they were lying, or they weren't the real game devs.

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