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  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2262 posts

    I really appreciate these continued reports of enemies respawning in frustrating ways, everyone. It is something our teams are currently continuing to look into. My apologies for the delay in responding to this thread.

    While I understand this is an issue which seems to affect the whole game, I'd really appreciate it if players experiencing this behaviour could point out specific locations or areas where they've experienced this. Ideally, in your reports, please include if it was happening at a particular map location, such as a base or outpost, and which in-game region that was in. In this way, we can be specific in our reports to our internal development teams, which will in turn help them to investigate.

    Please let me know if I can clarify this request at all. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience while we continue our investigations into this issue.

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  • Je5ter007
    13 posts


    Step 1: Pick any part of the map with NPCs (bases are better)
    Step 2: Kill said NPC(s)
    Step 3 : Walk 60 or so paces away with NPC not in FOV
    Step 4: Turn around.

    That right there is your issue.

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @ubi-thrupney You do realise that it is literally any area within the game marked as restricted, right? Only the bases you can takeover permanently are unaffected by the issue.

    So tell your QA / Bug fixing team to change the respawn radius / frequency at every single restricted area on the map.

    If you want me to list almost every single restricted area in the game for you, I feel like that is a waste of time as this issue is consistent across the entire map.

    What is the point of reporting specific areas when it is every single restricted area (except bases you can take control of permanently).

    Perhaps of your internal development team could play the actual game they would see the issue within a few minutes of clearing a restricted area. The fact that they still need to "investigate" is a huge insult to all of us who have been reporting this issue since launch, giving locations and details yet still somehow you only changed TWO AREAS. It's ridiculous. It is surely not that difficult to just change the spawn radius and frequency. This issue wasn't present Far Cry 3/4/5 and New Dawn. (Okay, you did have a similar issue in Far Cry 5 but you patched it quickly).

    It is really frustrating for all the paying customers who have been waiting since launch for you to fix something that should be an easy fix & never should have made it into the launch build.

  • Sleezure
    133 posts

    @ubi-thrupney It's starting to look as if the dev team is seeking to overly narrow issue so they can perhaps offer some very limited, token adjustments and call the issue "fixed."

  • Zoopels
    18 posts

    @sleezure Probably not even that. They're probably just gathering reports to create the illusion that they're still taking the issue seriously.

    Mark my words. 6 months from now they're still going to be asking for user reports.

  • DaWu11
    8 posts

    @ubi-thrupney come on this is getting ridiculous. if anybody of you ubi people would play your own game you wouldnt ask here such embarrasing questions. its everywhere and its unplayable. I havent played the game for 4 weeks and I give up. Gonna try a refund now. My last UBI game

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @ubi-thrupney I don't understand the point of this request. Literally ALL the red marked areas in the game have this issue.

    Are you telling me, the devs may have to revisit each and every location manually to deactivate these respawns? Because that seems to be the case based on your request as Patch 2 only fixed this for 2 areas but there are hundreds of them across the map which need fixing

    I must say the patch progress on this game has been extremely slow. Its now going to be 2 months and you have not fixed the blurry textures, stuttering, new region overlay blocking the entire screen, heavy respawns etc. There are so many game breaking issues here yet you guys are fixing trivial stuff no one cares about in these patches

  • BattleMaster23
    28 posts

    @ubi-thrupney Yes this issue is quite serious. I agree with others that this problem is one of the most annoying issues in Far Cry 6. Stealth is badly affected and clearing areas is impossible and you get the feeling you are not making any progress within the game. Areas that you are supposed to capture for the rebels are NOT affected but every other red bordered trespassing location has this problem. If this is by game design, it needs changing. Enemies should not be respawning / returning to the same location until we have at least gone five miles away and it is so bad sometimes, you can see them reappear literally from thin air, which obviously breaks immersion. Aircraft are a similar issue where you can hear them first and then they just appear into existence in the sky.

    Please fix these issues. I am gonna stop playing for a while until some more patches have arrived to fix these problems.

  • ArthusDrake
    4 posts

    @ubi-thrupney Hello, just so you understand what you ask of us, for my part I got a full time job, when I go and play a game its to cool of from work, and you ask me to provide you more and more precisions to where this happen and all, as everyone said is hardly missed if you go in the game and play, you don't even need a lot of play time. Not my job to pin point for you the exact locations, that's yours the testers you pay, and the devs. I did my part when I opened a ticket on your assistance. If you can't do that job of finding the obvious "locations" at your place I would question if I'm really the suitable person for this job. We are not your beta tester, we are your clients and we demand the game to be fixed.

  • Squienigma
    9 posts

    Thank you Ubisoft for demonstrating once again your lack of care for the first adopters of your unfinished products. Having enemies spawn 50 feet away is something that never should have made it past testing. This is irresponsible, lazy, and money-hungry game development malpractice at its worst. EA, CD Projekt Red, and now even Rockstar Games are guilty of the same atrocities. Shame on you for fueling this diabolical trend. You have shown repeatedly that your games are never practically playable until a significant amount of time after launch, not to mention charging $120 (US) to get all content that was withheld from the "standard" product. It's sickening to see this when there are other games, such as Ghost of Tsushima, that have an entire multiplayer component added as a FREE surprise, and the paid DLC is far more expansive and game-changing than ANY Ubisoft DLC ever released, and it only costs $20... Well, this is the last time, Ubisoft. Honestly, if I can't get them for free, I will never spend more than $10 on another Ubisoft title again, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that every single customer in my video game retail business will do the same. 🙂

  • noctngu
    4 posts

    @ubi-thrupney there’s a port called Esperanza Port at the top right of Noventarmas region (where there’s a FND cache for loot)
    That’s one of the spot where I’ve experienced this frustrating bug just yesterday. Hope this info helps and the bug gets fixed ASAP!!

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @Ubi-Thrupney Can you please inform the Devs/Testers that EVERY single location with enemy spawns needs to be revisited and tweaked.

    It's not a matter of us listing locations - we are telling you that it's every Restricted Area/Outpost/Base in the game. The only areas not affected are the ones you can takeover because those you can kill all enemies permanently. So apart from "base takeovers", every other location has respawning enemies.

    These enemies shouldn't respawn until the player has driven FAR away. At the very least don't let them Respawn until at least an hour or so has elapsed or 1/2 kilometres travelled away...or maybe on player death & respawn.

    Based on Ubisoft's lack of progress on addressing this significantly hated issue about the game, we have to conclude that your Devs have to adjust the spawn rates per area so this becomes a time consuming task.

    So I would implore Ubisoft to stop asking "where do you encounter the respawn issue?" and instead focus on adjusting the spawn rates at EVERY enemy restricted area / base / outpost / anti air installation etc.

    If you could also get us an ETA as to when we can expect the issue to be addressed by that would be great. The fix is literally just changing the spawn timers - that is enough to satisfy players. Even if it's just a 1hr timer for respawns this is 10000x better than the game as it is now.

    Please don't ignore or let down your loyal customers...

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    So.... it'll be 1 week tomorrow since a mod last commented on this post.....

    As this topic has become something of a running joke lets at least try and extract a bit of fun out of it.....

    Place your bets:

    Question1: Expected next response from Ubi-[INSERT MOD HERE]:

    1. Tomorrow
    2. End of the week
    3. Next Month
    4. Never

    Question 2: Expected content of response:

    1. "We appreciate the continued reports - to help our devs look into this matter please point out specific locations or areas....."
    2. "Thank you for the near 21 pages of comments, we hear you and will have this issue fixed by dd-mm-yy"
    3. "Thank you for the near 21 pages of comments, we hear you but don't plan on doing anything"
    4. "Thank you for the near 21 pages of comments, hey, check out our new DLC available Xmas 2021"

    I'd love to offer a prize for the winner.....but I feel that wouldn't be in keeping with the despondent mood.

  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    (Opens Door) Hey peeps! Haven't played this game since launch because of the horrendous respawn bugs. This still a thing? Yes? Righty-ho (Closes Door)

  • l-renouncer-l
    66 posts

    I have to say that I'm on the other side of this topic. I actually enjoy the re-spawning as it is. I'm open to it being tweaked, but not removed.
    It's funny how players (including me) in the past with FarCry 3,4, & 5 all complained and moaned about the same issue: that there was not enough enemies in the open world. Especially after the game is completed. Now, there is... and behold, they complain again. Who cares if they re-spawn? It's not like they see you immediately. Oh, I don't know.... just kill them again?
    And yes, I've had snipers re-appear on my after killing one a minute before. Just stay out of sight of the 2nd one. That's the point of "stealth", I thought. I've stealth'd thru so much of this game; it's a little unfair to the AI. Lol

    I know exactly the spot @igrvks is talking about. I didn't have the difficulties he/she expressed. I stealth'd in, got the info, but was not able to stealth out. So, I killed everyone and ran. Later in the game, I actually went BACK to this exact spot and used it to level-up myself and all of my amigos.
    And despite this, I still feel that the number of enemies are not always enough in many areas.
    My issue is more with ammo spawning. Now THAT needs to be tweaked and increased, I think. And would welcome more guerrilla-fighters spawning-in to help in larger fire-fights. Just to give it that more open warfare feel.

    I have some issues with this game, but I have to say, this is not one of them.

  • Sleezure
    133 posts

    @l-renouncer-l It's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Enemies should appear in the world sensibly. And yes, FC5 has the issue where enemies would completely disappear from large swaths of the map after you cleared some outposts. That was not good, and the developers failed to address that issue in that game. However, the solution is not what the developers did here with FC6 and pull enemy respawning behavior straight out of Destiny. It's completely absurd, and here we are still waiting on the devs to decide whether these enemy respawns in FC6 are a bug or whether they are an intended feature.

  • Squienigma
    9 posts

    @jakeo10 I couldn't agree more!!

  • l-renouncer-l
    66 posts

    @sleezure I didn't make any propositions. Matter of fact, other posts seem to be doing that, not me. With this "change the re-sparwn rate or I'll stop playing" way of thinking.

    But either way, what one person defines as "sensible" may be defined as "easier" by another. And I can't say I'm looking to make the game any easier. To each; their own, ya know?

    All I can say is that my experience with the re-spawn rate has not been nowhere near as catastrophic for me as others have expressed.

  • Ghoust7
    1 posts

    I have the same problem. FR5 was the best game ever, no matter they didn't support it at all, and eventually released half baked cr*p "New Crap" sorry, Down. For money again... The big difference with Cyberpunk 2077 is that they WILL fix it for free, not like the FR5 and tones of other games that actually was never fixed. Money hungry, lazy coders.

  • Squienigma
    9 posts

    I made another post about the issue of ammo types, particularly with bows, and how the inability to change ammo types on the fly forces us to jump through infuriating hoops to access "the right tool for the job.." In that post, I briefly mentioned the spawning issue, and the Ubisoft associate who responded seemed to really cling onto that aspect.

    If you will, please check out the post, and if you agree with my stance on the issue of ammo types, give it a like and a comment! I'm tired of pausing the game and switching out bows in my inventory to access different types of arrows!


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