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  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @l-renouncer-l You are a very literal person.

    I suggested that they set the respawn timers for EACH specific enemy area to 1hr in game time or RL, which would mean that you have to wait an hour before it repopulates. Not sure how this means you can only fight enemies once per hour? It would only mean you can fight the enemies in one location once per hour. It's a massive map.

    Do you somehow wipe out every location of enemies in the game in less than 1hr? Lol. I don't think you read what I wrote correctly or you misunderstood.

    I've been, as others, suggesting that they either tie Respawns per area to a timer OR distance variable where either you have to wait X minutes for enemies in each area to respawn after killing them all OR have to travel X km away before they respawn. Another option is to make it so enemies only respawn if you die or reload the game. This is what most other open world games do.

    Not many people play Far Cry these days to have enemies respawn when you walk 60 paces away. It's stupid, looks awful and ruins gameplay. This isn't an MMO.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @jakeo10 On the contrary, I think enemies should never respawn in bases which we have alreacy cleared. It gives a sense of achievement clearing the map this way. If the bad guys respawn just 10 mins after I clear a base, it removes any sense of accomplishment

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    Hey @Ubi-Thrupney (or any mod for that matter).... we're still here.... you know..... waiting......

    Any news on if the dev teams have enough UAT to scope this one up as a bug feature to be patched yet?

    Yours sincerely,

    The Beta Test Team

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    @l-renouncer-l Ubi's own website touts it as a "playground" inferring an open approach to the game world....couple that with the stealth mechanics I previously mentioned and I don't think its an absurd conclusion I'm drawing.

    I don't think people are complaining about the difficulty (requiring said "Easy Mode"), just the shattering of suspension of disbelief caused by the chap who's head you just shoved a machete through resurrecting himself through the power of slipping outside your FOV.....

    Its dumb game design that, if by intent, must be there to pad out the experience.....problem is, it just becomes obnoxious.

    Not piling on you here - but if everything is working as you like it then great.... go have a blast! -

    For the (sizable) rest of us - there is a blatant flaw in the product we paid for and to compound the issue the person who sold us the product is now asking looping questions to provide a fix. Either due to genuine incompetence of internal communication, or in hope to drive the consumer mad to the point of giving up....

    Ever spoken to one of those call centres that aren't allowed to end the call?

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    Just had 2 snipers respawn in a red marked area literally after I killed them and turned my back. How has this gone unpatched for 2 months? Have they given up support on this game as sales have been very low based on news reports?

  • haloraiderr
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    i think i know the point to renouncer's post? let me break it further down for you as i see it

    1. player skill level is not a "bug"
    2. reducing the difficulty of the game reduces enemy presence and also enemy re-spawn rate.

    those are the two issues talked about the most in this thread. so the solution they gave is a good one and is already in the game and solves both "problems". just because you don't like it doesn't make it a "bug" or any other technical issue.
    hard fact is that none of you have even tried the solution to see if it works better for you.

    at the end of the day, you have to live with the fact that asking the devs to nerf a game is no different than putting the game on an easier difficulty. just takes longer and costs way more money.

    which no one wants.
    here's a list of many of the threads saying that the game is already TOO easy. which Ubi has responded to saying that the info has been passed on to the devs in hopes of raising the difficulty.


    keep in mind they're all playing on "normal". so are they experiencing a different "bug" too?

    someone here said they don't feel any sense of achievement. how about finishing the game? or earning the in-game rewards like weapons and outfits, charms, vehicle upgrades, or vehicle decorations? or the trophies/achievements if you're on consoles?
    none of these work for you? just an empty map? smh

    i know most of you are firing up your upset fingers to respond, (cuz you're waiting for a "fix" instead of playing the game) but you don't have to. i wont bother reading them anyway. because this thread is dead and should be moved to the "suggestion" section.

    solution = STORY MODE

  • Sleezure
    141 posts

    @haloraiderr In other words, adding these respawning enemies to Far Cry 6 made the game too easy, but removing them from the game now would make the game even easier than the ease at which adding them originally made the game.

    Am I reading that right?

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @haloraiderr I don’t get it. How is constantly repsawning enemies increasing the difficulty? It’s not like these enemies require any skill to kill. Just one shot to the head and they drop. What is fun about doing this every minute with a respawn? It just makes it irritating. This is not call of duty with waves upon waves of enemies being unleashed.

    Not to mention, this absolutely cannot be a feature as it wasn’t there in Far Cry 5, 4 and 3.

    Regarding the sense of achievement being removed, I play this game to clear the map and play the story as that’s what makes it fun. Earning upgrades is merely a side product of that. The world is immersive and beautiful but the illusion is completely shattered by this issue.

    What amazes me is that people are actually giving excuses for Ubisoft here and when CDPR did the same thing with Cyberpunk’s NCPD they brought out the pitchforks. Seriously the cops in Cyberpunk work the same way as Far Cry 6 yet people [censored] and moan about them to this day.

  • hotfeetinmotion
    51 posts

    hard to believe this still hasn't been patched.

  • Je5ter007
    13 posts

    @haloraiderr that's a hell of a long response that could have been summed up as follows:

    "I disagree with you all, think you're all being childish and need to git gud..... don't bother responding because I'm not listening to you LA LA LA LA....CANT HEAR YOU.....LA LA LA LA"

    Oh the irony....

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2836 posts

    Hey everyone! My apologies for the delay in responding to the latest posts. I see that there has been lots of discussion about enemy respawns, and I can certainly understand that you are keen to have an update.

    The development team has been taking a closer look at the reports shared within this thread. So far, there are ongoing investigations into high enemy respawn rate for the following locations:

    • Enemies respawning too rapidly in Tobacco Valley
    • Enemies respawning too rapidly in Costa Del Mar
    • Enemies respawning too rapidly in Acunana Farmland
    • Enemies respawning too rapidly in Savannah Fields
    • Enemies respawning too rapidly in Cayo Villa Real
    • Enemies respawning too rapidly in Aguas Lindas GDP Depot

    If you have experienced a high enemy respawn rate in-game, please can you specify the areas in which you have experienced this? By knowing the specific locations, we can continue to open up further investigations. The development team have also provided the following statement to explain why we are asking for players to provide specific locations where enemy respawn rate is the highest, or feels off:

    "When talking to our community about respawn rates in Far Cry 6, we often times ask for specific locations where players encounter situations that feel off, where enemies respawn too frequently, or enemy spawn feels immersion breaking.

    With Title Update 2 we made specific fixes to José's Island and Martínez (Philly's) Airstrip, two areas that got reported quite frequently and internal tests verified that something was off. We want to continue to investigate specific locations and situations, instead of a blanket change to enemy respawn rates. Yara should feel alive and dangerous, and we think that overall, it’s currently in a good spot. We are however aware that there are certain instances where it may feel overwhelming and repetitive, and that's where we need your help! Therefore, when you report an issue with enemy respawn rates please include as precise information as possible about the location, the mission you were on and anything else that could help us find any bugs or areas that might not have the right tuning."

    I hope this helps to explain why we've been asking for feedback about specific areas, and that you'll be happy to structure your feedback to us accordingly. Let me know if there's any questions about this request at all.

    If you have experienced high enemy respawn rate in-game, please can you provide us with the specific location(s) where this has impacted your gameplay experience the most. We can then pass this information along to the development team as they continue to investigate this issue further.

    @Jakeo10 , you'd mentioned this happens at any restricted area, which is certainly valuable information I'd like to highlight to our teams. For testing purposes, it'd be useful to know if there is a specific restricted area you can point out?

    @Je5ter007 , similar to the above, you'd mentioned bases show this issue more clearly than other areas - it'd be very useful to us to have a note of specific bases you've observed this in.

    @Bladerunner4077 , you'd mentioned:

    Just had 2 snipers respawn in a red marked area literally after I killed them and turned my back.

    Can you tell me where this happened?

    Lastly, while I appreciate that we're keen to discuss issues of difficulty and how this relates to issues with enemy respawns, I'd like to request that we keep this thread solely for discussion about areas where enemies respawn too quickly. If you'd like to discuss the game's difficulty, please open a new thread over in General Discussion. Thanks for your understanding!

    Thanks once again, everyone, for these continued reports. Let me know if I can clarify anything in this post at all.

    Official Response
  • vahndaar
    129 posts

    Ok, let's be absolutely clear here - the respawning of enemies has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with difficulty, it's do to with assessing whether or not this is expected or intentional behaviour and whether it works.

    The question to Ubi was - is the short respawn horizon producing intended behaviour, particularly with regards to bases and the clearing thereof.

    We haven't had a direct response to this but we have had Ubi looking at specific locations which suggests they accept that the default behaviour isn't ideal in some scenarios.

    The reason this was raised was that for several years now in open world games, areas can be cleared either permanently or for a short period of time, for example until player death or they move far enough away. This is specifically important for fixed locations such as bases/camps/facilities. As a result, it is common to expect to be able to clear areas without enemies respawning half way through or when the player turns around. Clearing half a base only to watch it respawn is extremely demotivating and renders player efforts and planning largely pointless. If playing as a straight fps shooter then this might be acceptible, but even in FPS shooters enemies do not respawn. Being able to temporarily or even permanently clear locations is important as it gives the player a moment of respite and achievement as well as allows them to then loot and focus on mission objectives. It is also important for stealth and tactics both of which are redundant when enemies just pop right back up.

    It's not about difficulty - it's about the game working as intended or expected by gamers with respect to modern gaming trends.

    I expect the respawn distance was originally intentional because of a knee-jerk response to FC5 where the world would become empty after conquering areas. However, using a distance or visibility based respawn where the horizon is too short results in the behaviour we've been observing where it is impossible to actually clear any area ever. The workaround is to either expand the respawn horizon globally or configure the respawn for each and every location, possibly enemy in each location. The former is fairly simple but affects the whole game, the latter is onerous and labour intensive but gives better results.

    The best solution is a time-based respawn system where enemies respawn after a period of time, say one in game day. However, we won't see this as the system hasn't been designed this way. This is a design flaw.

    I will repeat here - this absolutely should have been picked up in QA. Anyone with experience in modern games could spot this as an issue within an hour or so of playing. I think they were likely aware, but did not expect the scale of push back, or it didn't warrant the effort required pre-launch.

  • Bigmj11
    2 posts

    @ubi-thrupney after completing the clear the air mission(in particular on the airstrip), enemy’s came towards me driving past as they tend to do. After I’d killed them however another batch came. Then another then another then another etc. They basically pinned me in to the airstrip.

    A similar incident happened near a lighthouse (sorry I can’t remember specifically on the map, there was a mission with a chicken or something nearby)

    These are the best specific examples I’ve had but in truth it happens everywhere. Specifically helicopters are the worst with respawns for me.

    I’ve since given up playing because the endless stream of enemies just makes it unenjoyable and takes out any stealth aspect.

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2836 posts

    Thanks for this report, @bigmj11 - I've gone ahead and added your thoughts to the specific investigations we've got set up. I really appreciate this!

    Official Response
  • moznessk
    8 posts

    @ubi-thrupney I understand making yara feel "alive and dangerous" but I shouldn't stealthily kill a sniper in a base and turn around only to see a red heat icon on my mini map indicating the same sniper has miraculously resurrected. Let's take for example a game like division 2 where the open world is indeed deadly if you are not careful, the game is alive because enemies are constantly transporting resources from one base to the next, patrolling, gathering resources etc but these enemies have specified respawn spots like buildings or manholes. They don't just respawn out of thin air like in FC6. Honestly if this was a feature for an all guns blazing playstyle I'd be ok with it because that doesn't affect stealth gameplay.

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2836 posts

    I completely understand that, @moznessk - a very reasonable comment, for sure! What we need at the moment is concrete examples of where this has happened, such as where you'd experienced stealthily killing a sniper and finding them to respawn. This allows us to make specific changes to areas where the issue has been observed.

    Official Response
  • Bigmj11
    2 posts

    @ubi-thrupney no problem. I do agree with the other people in this thread though. It does seem to be pretty much everywhere that this is an issue.

    will it definitely be amended? Because I speak for a lot of players when I say it’s made the game unplayable (which is a shame because aside from this I like the game a lot)

  • moznessk
    8 posts

    @ubi-thrupney In my experience this was everywhere in the open world but most prevalent in the restricted areas. Even wild animals respawn the same way by the way. I haven't played the game in weeks now because of this issue so hopefully other people still playing the game on this thread will pin point the exact areas where this issue is worst.

  • Sleezure
    141 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Syphadeus
    15 posts


    Indeed. The concept of difficulty was added in by unhelpful people. Nobody has said the game is generally too difficult. They’ve said some tasks and missions are rendered impossible by virtue of the broken mechanic. As already pointed out, these enemies are cannon fodder. Their presence doesn’t intrinsically pose a challenge. If they endlessly respawn in front of the player, that could be a different story, but either way it is side stepping the real issue.

    If the game’s respawn system is broken and lowering the difficulty reduces the respawn rate, doing so is merely a workaround and not a fix. I haven’t done any testing as I no longer have a subscription to access the game, but I am not convinced that playing on easy mode would produce the desired results anyway.

    As an analogy, a car is sold to a customer who realises when it starts raining that the windscreen wipers don’t work properly. The dealer must have known this before selling the vehicle to them suggests that the way to solve this is not drive when it’s raining. This is what the “solution” of changing the difficulty is akin to.

    It does not fix the problem. Furthermore it fails to address a fundamental flaw in the product. It is not unreasonable to expect the thing to work properly and neither is it reasonable to expect the problem to be fixed if it prevents proper use of the product. Almost 2 months in and the patch support for FC6, even with this issue aside, has been abysmal. This is one of many issues that players have been suffering and instead of fixing the problems it is very clear the majority of focus has been on DLC’s and balancing / functionality of paid additional content. Pretty disgusting really but not especially surprising.

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