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  • Umbrella-UC
    6 posts

    I would like to know once and for all if ubisoft will really correct this or just make us hope and wait for nothing.

    let them be clear once and for all as to whether I am waiting or throwing away the games and my money.

    i loved ubisoft but it really became a money pump.

    If they don't fix that it's the last ubisoft game I buy.

  • stolash
    9 posts

    First of all ubisoft i want to just say that your devs are big JOKE ! 2 months and still i cant play the game !!!! HELLLO I CANT PLAY THE GAME !
    Look at this is this "respawn in good spot" ?????

    The loaction it happens to me:
    1) Every location in the game
    2) Every location in the game
    3) Every location in the game
    4) Every location in the game
    5) Every location in the game
    6) Every location in the game
    7) Every location in the game
    😎 Every location in the game
    9) Every location in the game
    10) Every location in the game

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there,

    Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your reports of high enemy respawn rate encountered whilst playing Far Cry 6, as well as your feedback for the ongoing investigation. The development team are still investigating these reports further. So far, we have received reports for the following locations:

    • Enemies respawn too quickly in Tobacco Valley
    • Enemies respawn too quickly in Costa Del Mar
    • Enemies respawn too quickly in Acunana Farmland
    • Enemies respawn too quickly in Savannah Fields
    • Enemies respawn too quickly at FND Radio Bunker
    • Enemies respawn too quickly in restricted area between Palma Springs and Oasis Plains

    The development team are also looking into the respawn rate of animal enemies in-game as well. Following Title Update 2, the development team have also implemented specific fixes to José's Island and Martínez (Philly's) Airstrip, to help reduce the enemy respawn rate in these locations. Specific fixes for Aguas Lindas GDP Depot and Cayo Villa Real were also implemented with the release of Title Update 3.

    If you are experiencing a high enemy respawn rate in another location, please can you provide us with the following information:

    • Where does this happen? Please provide the specific location, and if this happens during a specific Operation.
    • Can you provide us with a video that shows your exact location on the map, as well as the respawn rate being too high in this location.

    I'd recommend uploading any videos to a sharing platform, such as YouTube or Google Drive, as this will allow you to post a shareable link within this thread. Additionally, please can you ensure that you have an up-to-date copy of your save file uploaded to the Cloud? This support article can show you how to do this. We can then forward these new reports to the development team for further investigation.

    Thank you 🙂

    Official Response
  • Syphadeus
    15 posts

    @ubi-borealis Gosh. The ignorance on display here is astounding. These reports you're asking for - they constitute play testing this product. Traditionally, testing a game to uncover issues and obtain reports and information about said issues is something that the game developer pays a team of people to do. They're called game testers or play testers.

    Typically, individuals in these jobs:

    • Do not pay for a copy of the game, it is provided to them by the developer as it is a prerequisite for completing their task
    • The individual is paid a wage or salary because it is a JOB

    What you appear to be doing is asking customers, who have already paid you for a product (for which it is universally accepted and expected you have already tested) to fulfil this job in order to get the product in working order.

    Does Ubisoft believe that this is a morally acceptable position? Does Ubisoft employ or contract people to do this beforehand? Does Ubisoft intend to refund those individuals who help find and fix bugs in their products in the same way that other software developers do? And, if not, where does Ubisoft get off thinking that it can co-opt what is paid work from customers by thinly veiling it in the guise of players being helpful and it being in our best interests if we want to see these issues get rectified?

    What a cheek!

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @syphadeus I am just happy this isn't as bad as Battlefield 2042. That game literally breaks the longer you play it. Forget play testing, I doubt the devs themselves played their own game. Sadly these seem to be becoming industry norms and the only way to get around this is wait 5-6 months after a game launches and buy it on a sale with almost all issues fixed

  • fringeROBOT
    3 posts


    Yeah, right who cares about the players of your games. Just don’t fix it like so many other ubisoft games that never get fixed or patched.

    Immediately enemy respawn in a stealth shooter is just ridiculous and the reaction of the development team about this topic is ridiculous as well. It has to be fixed straightaway. And it has to be fixed global and not just area specific. If the devs don't understand the necessity then they haven’t understand the game and the Far Cry gameplay.

    I personally don't care about future ubisoft releases anymore. I'm done with ubisoft games and the non-existing support and ignorant behaviour over the community.

  • Virtual-Chris
    805 posts

    I was going to buy this game, but came here to see if this issue from the early days has been fixed... I guess not. No money for you Ubisoft. Fix your [censored]!

  • Umbrella-UC
    6 posts

    they always ask us for videos of where this is happening, already it's not for us to do either they don't give a damn about what we tell them or they are stupid and can't read.


    you want a video of the whole map flown over by helicopter ????

  • stolash
    9 posts

    Ubisoft im tired with you, wont buy any game from you ever ! It should be fixed after 1 week past game release ! Its 2 month after release and the game is still broken !!! It was patethic after 1 month, and you know how its look like now ?? I wont say it because i will get banned. Stop making new DLC, stop making any other things with this game. MAKE THIS PROBLEM TOTAL PRIMARY TARGET FOR ALL DEVS !! Dont sleep dont eat just focus every single people to fix this. How can you allow this to make it happen ??? It just ruin your mark and reputation. You dont see it ??? Whos your production manager ? Get fire him, kick testers also, kick your devs they all worth nothing. You lose reputation every day !! How blind you are ubisoft ?

  • DaWu11
    8 posts

    [censored] joke this is. I am really mad. Post Videos where this happens. Seriously are you trolling us? First is it is not the job of the customers to show you detailed reports of you stupid bugs and mismanaged gameplay elements. Secondly it is happening everywhere. It is a core gameplay issue and not in ANYWAY related to a specific location. [censored] this [censored]. I am out. DLCs are coming out regularley and two months after release we are still in an unplayable state. Ubisoft and FC6 are a [censored] joke. I will never buy anything again.

  • PSYCHOxxx69
    5 posts

    Came here to check if it's fixed but it's still not fixed people still complain so no stealth for me it's impossible to do it,I would call this game braking bug (fast enemy respawn ) , that's sad...

  • Sleezure
    140 posts

    @umbrella-uc The dev and support teams have plainly stated that enemy respawns are "in a good spot" and they will not be making large-scale changes to the system. Now that would be disappointing enough. But there's more! While the dev and support teams are super happy and proud of this system they've created, they're sill encouraging players to exhaustively QA the entire map (for free), submit video evidence of enemy respawns continuing to function as the devs intended them to....but you know, maybe the devs will make some tiny changes to specific areas if players have somehow proved--in narrow instances--that this enemy respawn system perhaps isn't as great as the dev team thinks it is in every single location on the map.

    Are we beginning to calculate the complete absurdity of this messaging from Ubisoft yet?

  • moznessk
    8 posts

    @sleezure Their priority right now is dlcs. My question to them is why would I buy the season pass if I cannot even play the base game? FC6 sales are already down 50% compared to FC5 thus the recent 40% sale discount on the game recently, so if they want to sink even lower let them continue disregarding our concerns.

  • LeaDenLilleHeks
    2 posts

    I have unfortunately paid for this game - as it looked fun and I liked FC5.
    However, I have stopped playing- it was a bit of fun for some time but now the re-spawn flaw is simply too much .. it is unbearable stupid, and spoils immersion and game-play too much.
    It all comes down to laziness; of course it is easier to just make the enemies come out of thin air, than to implement something where they actually need to arrive as real re-enforcement.. But given the scale, graphics budget - this really is a strange place to cut down the budget.

    Looking forward - I will really think twice before getting an Ubisoft-title; I will not get any DLC's - and well just wait until whatever game has been out for a few weeks to see if it is somehow fundamentally broken like Cyber punk or FC6.

  • Umbrella-UC
    6 posts


    at least for cyberpunk the developers listened to our requests and at least they made press releases to keep us informed. here i come to see all day if ubisoft is really going to do something and still nothing. I loved the FC5 and bought the FC6 with the season pass when I can't even play the base games 😞 I feel like I was cheated.

  • a22ghooligan
    43 posts

    Haven't visited the forums for over a month, was expecting this crap to be fixed so I could play over the Xmas break.

    But you're still in the same spot you was a month ago. Still expecting your customers to do your bug reports, what happened did ubi sack the 2 QA testers you had after the game released and now your 'customers' are expected to do their job with zero feedback from all the videos they have sent.

    It's disgusting, obviously your fans love your games and send you bug reports, videos etc etc yet you just basically spit on em.

    13 years I been a customer of yours, not anymore. Never paying full price for one of your games again. That's if I even pay for it.

    Ubi your a joke!

  • Deathcon_526
    3 posts

    @igrvks I totally agree, I was wondering if i was just whining but other people are having the same issue. It drives me crazy, I turn around walk a little and the NPC I just killed it alive again and notices me. I like the stealth play and this issue is making the game unplayable for me too.

  • Deathcon_526
    3 posts

    @stolash same issue.

  • nikdbeli
    4 posts

    I was running through the streets of Esperanza, and 3 heavies just MATERIALIZED in front of me .

    Come the [censored] on , Ubisoft!!!

    Stop treating player immersion like the dollar store return policy. You're supposed to be AAA

    same thing happened a minute later, but with a tank.
    I'm pretty much done with Ubisoft I think Haha

  • The_Sherrif
    5 posts

    @nikdbeli Same here, I've had this happening so many times with helicopters too. Lost track of how many times a helicopter just materialized right above me during a stealth approach. It completely ruined the game for me.

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