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  • igrvks
    62 posts


    Thank you for your response. Could you possibly add to the team that this issue is not spcific to the mission showcased in that clip and described by me in the opening post, but happening everywhere in the game world? So there is not any confusion and possible fixes only for that mission alone? 🙂

  • DutchRudderFTW
    6 posts

    Yep, getting this same annoying issue as are a whole heap of people over on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/farcry/comments/q355gc/enemies_keep_respawning_out_of_thin_air/. It's a pretty major issue. Seriously do devs even QA anymore? Stevie Wonder could of seen this bug within just the first hour of the game. This needs to be fixed.

  • SofaJockey
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    @virtual-chris They rarely volunteer patch dates because 'it's ready when it's ready', but first patch is usually 2-3 weeks, so by end of month would be typical.

  • RazorChain
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    I'm having the same issue. The respawn rate is immense so it mostly makes stealth completely useless as enemies just respawn behind you. This is really ridiculous when combined with the wanted system and going loud. I was searching Uncle Castillos beach resort for info and I had to kill dozens of guards that just respawned, no alarms or anything and I went in loud with the best gun in the game....the autocrat (because of the stupid bullet system but that's another issue). This means you are being hunted by special forces and literally killing hundreds of enemies just to plough through a single mission. This is a time when somebody at Ubi should have said "Hey, look at Cyberpunk 2077, players [censored] hate enemies spawning on top of them, let's not do that" This means it useless to carefully plan your assault, tagging all the enemies, doing things tactically or stealthily because you know that enemies will just be appearing out of nowhere. I want to iterate that this is happening all over the place in the game, I sneak in take out a sniper in a tower only to have him fire at me couple of minutes later when he has respawned.

    Tltr: Respawning enemies on top of the player is a [censored] game design in a game like Far Cry

  • Blackwolfe5
    22 posts

    Yep, one of the many really really annoying design flaws in the game that totally kills the immersion..

  • RazielKanos
    Original poster 17 posts

    Just happened again!

    I clear an area, get in the truck with the medicin and drive off - on the minimap i see a red dot spawing right behind me in the camp, 5 seconds later i am dead, killed by an RPG - Thanks for nothing...

    THIS really needs to get patched ASAP!

  • vahndaar
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    Experienced this for the first time today. Was a guy with a prisoner, killed the guard and freed the prisoner. Ran about 150 feet, came back and there was another prisoner and another guard. Repeated this about 3 times.

    Then I noticed approaching a base, taking out snipers on the periphery, only to find the first one had respawned so made this approach pointless.

    This absolutely definitely needs tweaked. Respawn should only happen on reload of the game, or have the distance massively increased.

    Right now it is impossible to actually clear a base, or indeed any location, due to the respawning.

  • chilliersplash
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    Yep same here, not playing until this is fixed, love the game but the enemy respawns sometimes directly behind me making stealth pointless.

  • a22ghooligan
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    killed an enemy that had a prisoner tied up, released the prisoner, went back to the same spot a couple mins later and there they were again. Same spot same prisoner, same guard saying the excat same crap....So not just guards respawning, it seems their prisoners are too. Could be handy if ya wanted to quickly build an army of banditos.

    How does this stuff get through internal testing, it almost feels like they released the wrong build of the game.

  • Grizzly.Pear
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    No idea how this went past QA. This totally breaks stealth gameplay.
    Following to know when this gets fixed so that I can resume playing.

  • Varjag31
    11 posts

    There is something wrong with the spawning of both enemies and objects in this game.

    First, like many other people noticed and is already mentioned in other threads, enemies spawn right outside the players cone of vision on a very short timer even though I'm playing stealthy and the wanted meter is zero. It is impossible to "clear" a location because enemies will spawn right behind your back. There is this infamous mission on the airfield with infinitely spawning snipers, but that is not the only case, majority of the world is like that. So far the place that it did not happen were the bases that you have to "liberate" but everywhere outside of that it's going on.

    I walked down a road for example, killing a patrol of two, came to a house, went in and out which took me a few seconds, went back the same way and the guards patroling were back on the road. This has to be a bug, I can't believe someone would design it like that by choice.

    I have also noticed that vehicles do the same. I'm walking down the beach and the water scooters are spawning into the water (making the bubbling sound) 10 meters infront of me, on regular intervals (every 20ish meters as soon as I cleared the previous one) throughout the beach. That can't be normal, that is something that should be happening "behind the scenes". I went through a tunel on the starting island and enemies in jeeps just kept coming faster than I can shoot them, until I ran out of ammo. At that point there was a traffic jam of about 30+ identical jeeps right outide the tunnel and they kept coming.

    In the lighthouse on a certain island, I released the three prisoners. By the time I ran out of the basement after them, they were just standing outside of the entrance of the dreadful place where they have been tortured and the guards have respawned. So they have been all just standing there staring into the sea, before I came out of the building and shot the guards in the back of the head. I'm sad I didn't take a screenshot of that comedy.

    I have no issues with infinite respawn in an open world game, but this is like Cyberpunk police all over again. Respawns should happen either on reload, on player leaving the location far enough or as reinforcements coming to the place after some kind of alarm has been triggered. It invalidates the stealthy playstyle because there is no point in taking care of patrols, alarms and cameras if everything will going to combe back the second you look away and then notice you from behind where you are sure you dealth with all the threaths. It also destroys any feeling of immersion and illusion of a cohesive world with more or less reality based rules. As it is, you are almost required to just sprint forward and shoot, to kill the enemies faster than they can spawn so that you can actually make some progress. Either way, wether it's a bug or a design, it is ruining my playthrouh of an othervise good game.

  • wheatthlns
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    If this issue were connected to the UBISOFT Store, it would have been solved already you can be sure of that. As it is, this ruins the game for folks looking for a stealthier approach to combat and is just unfun in general. Hopefully this doesn't take the usual amount of time and a fix is rolled out ASAP.

  • Kamikaze-TMX
    10 posts

    Or like you see a boat parked in front of you and you walk just a little out of the tress zone and then look whats behind you then look back at where the boat was parked and its poof gone... it despawned because you are not anymore in the zone... the idiotic thing is when you turn ya back to it it despawns or respawns. the most lazy design and most annoiying low key tech ever... and yes when i was on a construction side they just spawned a few meters before me but with crates and such in between.. but ye just in my face..... ow and when special forces are after ya they spawn right in front of ya they just plop out of thin air....

  • Syphadeus
    15 posts

    What's really galling about this is that this 'bug' appeared in Far Cry 5 and 4. Which gives the impression that they don't listen to feedback and they seem to start from scratch every iteration in the series.

    There is absolutely no excuse, except for saving time, money or effort, for this to be an issue AGAIN. Get it sorted Ubisoft. It ruins the game and you've literally had years to fix it at this point.

    1 posts

    So frustrating. I'm experiencing same issue. Except in some parts they respawn as soon as I look away, turn back & poof they magically appear. It is killing the experience of what has potential to e an awesome game. Do Ubisoft even look at these posts???

  • Sleezure
    135 posts

    Literally respawning as I was clearing an outpost.

  • leroy198532
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    Yeah unbelievably bad. Unplayable in this state.

  • mailhacker
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    This is literally the mission that did it for me. It was annoying as hell. I sat through several earlier missions where this happened thinking that it was temporary - it wasn't. Just listed it on ebay for sale. Screw Ubisoft and their low effort cash grab of a game.

  • Varjag31
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    Not just the enemies, also the objects.

    I'm walking down a beach and I hear a bubbling sound of a water scooter spawning 10m in front of me. It kept happening on regular intervals as I was walking down the beach. I guess the idea is that you would have a vehicle available close by wherever you go, but it is so crudely done that it breaks any sense of immersion you have. There has to be a more elegant way to do it.

  • Eriyasan
    13 posts

    @igrvks Definitely most annoying thing, feels like a bug rather than a feature. I hope Ubi patches this first, as I already noticed it in the first hours of gameplay.

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