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  • paulkneipp
    22 posts

    Yaran Marine Maintenance base is impossible to clear because the enemies all respawn so I can't kill them all. The most ridiculous is a sniper isolated in a crane with no way to get there but somehow respawns while I'm running around underneath him.

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    I think we can safely say Ubisoft either doesn't consider our issues a priority or they do not intend to change the respawn timer because they consider it a feature.

    I won't be rebuying this game. Glad I refunded. No more day one buy from Ubisoft. Tbh I will likely never buy a Far Cry game from them again unless they start listening to the fanbase.

  • DesertCyclist
    3 posts

    I'm super interested in this game (it'd be my first FC game), but the respawning issue is counter to my stealth playstyle, so I'm going to wait to purchase until I know it's fixed.

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @desertcyclist at least Play Far Cry 3 and if possible 4, 5 and New Dawn before 6. They are all far better than FC6.

  • viggenras
    10 posts

    @jakeo10 i like to add primal to the list..i know some people does not like it but i hade alot of fun in that game and i liked it alot.

  • Syphadeus
    15 posts

    So, checking in then.

    November 12th - which is launch plus 36 days.

    • The game breaking bug which was identified day one is still not fixed in any way, shape or form.
    • Officially there is no acknowledgement that this is a bug or an issue at all
    • Community has only had assurances that it is being "looked into"
    • Community has had no updates on this for several weeks

    Extremely poor doesn't begin to describe this travesty.

  • Zoopels
    18 posts

    @syphadeus The problem is that this is how Ubisoft has always been. They've always been anti-consumer. They really don't care if their games work properly or not, as long as people buy them.

    If I didn't have a bunch of other games on my Ubisoft account, I would have issues a credit card chargeback for FC6.

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @zoopels same here. I'm beyond [censored] that they have basically ignored our continued requests for them to fix the issue.

    If they are afraid of other players getting upset, they just add a [censored] enemy respawn toggle to the game menu so people who don't want horde mode can just disable enemy respawns / have them heavily reduced. A global variable change that affects all enemy respawns outside of main missions would be fine.

  • szentistvan11
    4 posts

    Never buy until a month has gone by, [or 6 the way this is going] has always been my mantra, and boy oh boy, has it paid dividends with this game. Having played the original Far Cry about 4 times, and the subsequent 4 editions at least twice each, I was very much looking forward to Far Cry 6, and very nearly became an unpaid beta tester a couple of days after it was launched, but patience is a virtue, and I held my fire in order to allow any bugs to be sorted out.
    Since the latest update number 4, which is supposed to have sorted out the respawn problems in a couple of places, the number of posts appears to have dropped, either because people have just given up, or they are struggling by on the crumbs Ubisoft have thrown them.
    If we want this problem sorted out for all areas of the game, then we need to keep the pressure up on Ubisoft, and keep complaining on this forum, hence this post.
    I will be first in the queue to buy this game if it ever gets fixed, but I will not touch it with a bargepole until it is.

  • Sleezure
    134 posts

    @szentistvan11 I think people have given up because it looks like Ubisoft has given up. We've received zero communication from the developers since launch (remember before launch? the exuberant interviews, Reddit AMAs, etc.? now, radio silence), not even to clarify whether the respawn issue is a bug or a feature. You don't keep calling someone when its clear they're not going to answer the phone.

  • nicko597
    1 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis This is ruining the entire experience for me. It isn't possible to clear even a small area! Stealth is meaningless, and fighting enemies is pointless!

    This will be the last Far Cry game I buy.

  • stolash
    9 posts

    Who's admin or moderator of this forum ? I want to call them here so they confirm ubisoft saw our complaining. @Ubi-Borealis  can you confirm you see this topic ??

  • moznessk
    8 posts

    @szentistvan11 Am one of those people that just gave up. It's been over a month since release and we still don't have any official acknowledgment from support if this is a bug. Lesson learnt though, I was going to buy riders republic but after my experience with this I decided to hold off for a second hand copy some time next year. I'll do this for all ubisoft games going forward.

  • Deriathan
    1 posts

    Just decimated an entire fleet of boats. They keep spawning so quickly that I didnt have even time to reload a gun.

  • szentistvan11
    4 posts

    I wonder how much profit Ubisoft have made, so far, from this game? If they are happy with the figures, and the accountants decide that the cost of making changes to the game won't be offset enough by any future sales, then we can all whistle for it. What comes first: money or reputation?
    I would respectfully point out that IMHO, reputation equals profit, and that if Ubisoft keep hacking off a lot of their customers, it will affect the bottom line on any future games they release, if people pile onto social media with the cry "Remember Far Cry 6!"
    For all I know, we, the posters on this forum, may be in a small minority, and that the vast majority of those who bought the game are perfectly happy with what they have got. It would still be appreciated if someone from Ubisoft would come clean on whether this is a bug or a feature, in order that we can lay this matter to rest. Did anyone at Ubisoft actually play this game before it was released, and if so, did they not realise that stealth is a complete waste of time and effort according to those who have paid and played it?

    Remember my mantra for the future, "Never buy until a month has gone by."

  • normski7a
    10 posts

    I'm wondering how much longer it will be before I get a fabled email from the bad guy who's name escapes me mugging me off for not defeating him yet. Yeah, there's a reason for that, the game is broke!!!

  • dwmckone5873
    1 posts

    STOP BUYING UBISOFT GAMES AT LAUNCH! This company is notorious for putting out broken, buggy, unplayable games. They simply don’t fix them if they don’t feel they need to in order to keep making money off of them. I truly love the Far Cry series but refuse to purchase FC 6 until I’ve read that they’ve fixed it. The ONLY way Ubisoft will ever stop screwing over their customers is if the players stop giving them money for broken games and playing the victims. It’ll never happen but it’s still the only way.

  • stolash
    9 posts

    Hello Ubisoft i cant play the game !! Its over 1 month and your game is unplayable, 0 fun ! Is anybody there ?

  • SagacityX1
    2 posts

    The game is bullsh!t for any sort of stealth play. You can pick off guys, and then 2 min later there are even more guys around. They just keep coming. I'll never buy another FC game again if they don't fix this sh!t.

  • Zoopels
    18 posts

    So Ubisoft hasn't responded to this thread in weeks, which probably means they've been told not to continue responding when people report the issue.

    We should probably not expect and further fixes for the issue. After all, the dev team is probably too busy churning out DLC.

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