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  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    Are we going to get an ETA for the fix or what? I haven't played the game since launch day because gameplay is downright awful with the respawn bug. For me, the respawn bug has permeated even main missions. Any missions with objectives to secure or clear out an area of enemies are either impossible to complete or take a ridiculous amount of time due to enemies continuously respawning over and over again right in front of my eyes and behind me. I have given up until they patch.

    This should be hotfixed asap so people can actually enjoy the game rather than putting it on the shelf to collect dust. I feel robbed by Ubisoft with them releasing this broken game.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    The annoying thing is the rest of the game seems great. Sure there's the odd bug or annoyance here or there but I really want to get into it and I just can't right now.

  • vahndaar
    120 posts

    Actually, thinking about it, this just makes the player not want to engage in combat at all.

    Stealth doesn't work due to despawning/respawning enemies.

    Assault doesn't work due to infinite spawning and being unable to clear anything.

    So on the mission I mentioned before, there's a search area and the only way to actually do this is to avoid EVERYONE so the player is actually discouraged from playing the game or engaging in any combat.

  • Freizeitspielar
    2 posts

    @igrvks i couldnt agree more.

    i really love to use the nicely engraved weapons even if that makes me weaker and play a tactical/silent or how i would call it "artist" style. but its impossible here.

    1) enemies only spawn after you penetrated deep into the core area making you instantly surrounded by them
    2) you cant stealthly dispatch guards because they respawn after 2 minutes anyway....
    3) enemies spawn out of air magically when you engage in open fire combat. from all directions. and when you defend yourself your "hunted" status goes up to maximum and you are just steamrolled

    this is extremly lazy and faulty game design and should be fixed asap!!!

    boy im glad im playing this game on ubi+ for only 15 bucks. its not worth more with the current situation

  • Gideon_Sage
    5 posts

    It's a great way to get amigos skills up quick, but yeah, they spawn so fast it's crazy.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 809 posts

    Hey there folks.

    This is known to the FC6 team and is under active investigation at the moment. Please keep an eye on the forums for updates on this. Apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of this. Thanks.

    Official Response
  • Sparhawk122
    76 posts

    Game feels like it has MMO enemies. That respawn straight away. Over and over. The respawn system and carcass persistency needs an overhaul.

    Also is it just me or do enemies not have blood splatter on the ground when I kill them?

    Very rough beta like game.

  • martygod12
    247 posts

    @sparhawk122 All Ubisoft new games feels like beta, tried to play Valhalla after few month again .. thought it would be fixed, after 20minutes of very rough beta like gameplay it crashed ... no need to say more

  • Sparhawk122
    76 posts

    Yes. The game has a now well documented respawning issue. Enemies respawn out of thin air and too fast.

  • DV20Katana
    139 posts

    Absolutely inexcusable. How was this feature even designed into the game? To think that we thought FC2 was the last time we saw this kind of nonsense. It ruined that game and its ruining this one. Just why why? Someone in the design team said "Thats a great idea lets make the bad guys respawn as soon as Dani turns away!"

    Oddly enough this problem is not there (as others have pointed out) in other Ubi titles like GRBP, AC Odyssey, FC Primal, FC5 etc.

    I really hope this gets sorted out quickly. If an enemy in a camp gets dropped they should STAY dropped, until the whole camp is cleared.

    But please Ubi - let the bodies of enemies STAY there for that entire gaming session (persistence) which also adds immersion. You should be able to go back to that camp 2 hours later (if in the same game session) and those bodies should STILL be there.

  • Flanker1Six
    216 posts

    Gonna take a break for a bit on this under developed title. Between the:

    1. semi routine instances of FC 6 locking my comp/crashing the OS/rebooting
    2. the rampaging respawn of enemy NPCs
    3. removal of features that were in previous editions (e.g. being able to lip the Y mouse axis on planes and choppers)
    4. limiting arrow types
    5. forcing us to carry multiple weapons (especially the rocket pack which would burn your @$$ off the first time you fired it) with different ammo types (too many of those too) to defeat enemies with "magical" attributes
    6. No human GsFH
    7. Nerfing the suppressors in multiple ways (even though they almost got them right if FC 5)

    The game is just tedious BS that is buggy, includes too many game mechanisms that DO NOT complement the game, or the seriousness of it's plot and premise.

    Best wishes to all who are enjoying it, and/or hanging in there for patches!

  • AltTabsAlot
    6 posts

    Any news?? Would be nice to know what is going on and how long we can expect to wait for this to be fixed. @Ubi-Mark

  • dyng0dyle
    3 posts

    Communication = 0..... This was last game from ubi i payed full price, im done with this [censored]s when they don't communicated with anyone, no infos, nothing, just pay for games,shut up and wait.
    7 days from last post and no infos just one big NOTHING 🙄

  • Abhishek2812
    8 posts


    Here is another example- https://reddit.com/r/farcry/comments/q92b5d/not_a_fan_of_the_infinitely_respawning_enemies/

    After so much delay in the release and 1 week into the game, this kind of issue is unacceptable. Hot fix should be issued ASAP.

  • Sparhawk122
    76 posts

    Maybe this respawning issue is somewhat responsible for performance issues? It would tax the processor a lot when enemies keep respawning in great numbers.

    And how was this not rectified before the game launch. These guys need to get more game testers in the future and do closed betas.

  • dyng0dyle
    3 posts

    @abhishek2812 they don't care, they have our money that is all they need, and about customers? Looks like they don't give a s**t

  • Logan_24-7
    5 posts

    I think by now the devs had enough time to "look into it". Even with a blindfold this issue should be obvious. Can we have an official response please? And not just the usual - "We have passed this on to the devs and they will look into it" - excuse? Or is Ubisoft so immature and afraid to admit that they botched a fundamental gameplay mechanic this badly? You know, admitting a mistake is not a weakness, Ubisoft. But more silence on this issue would be kind of arrogant and ignorant. Don't treat your customers this way.

    Just some more evidence to ensure you know what we're talking about.

  • Syphadeus
    14 posts

    Ubisoft - @vahndaar has done your job for you and tested the issue, made observations and suggested what may very well be a fix for this issue. It's an issue that you launched the game with that should have been spotted and never experienced by any paying customer.

    It's also something that has been picked up by a tonne of gaming media outlets and gained significant traction on the likes of reddit. The time for you to "look in to the matter" has come and gone. You need to be communicating with the player base about this now and you need to communicate immediately as a minimum. Ideally, the communication is going to be something along the lines of "we have isolated the cause of this issue and are testing the fix for it as we speak".

    This is game breaking. It reduces the game to nothing and makes it so that it's not fun to play. A product that you've spent millions of dollars on and hundreds of developers have poured huge amounts of effort into over a period of several years. Something like this needs to be fixed really quickly because the more time that passes is more time where people are made aware of it and won't buy the game, and those that have given you their money are rightly angered that they've got a lemon in return.

  • Edelsan
    1 posts

    Having the same problem here. Personally I'm taking a break from the game until this is fixed.

    I was stealth clearing enemies from around an AA-cannon. It was a small area with snipers on either end. Killed one, then as soon as I killed the second one, the first one respawned back. There were a bunch of other enemies too, and they kept respawning back after I got 20-40 meters out. At one point there were two snipers at the post where I previously had killed only ONE. My plan was to drive an explosive truck next to it once the place was clear. It never got clear.

    @devs Please fix this. Thank you.

  • ConnorSRousseau
    9 posts

    @vahndaar haha I destroyed two boats with a supremo and I didn't even turn around and two more just appeared out of thin air. Castillo must have some high tech military stuff! I hope they patch this too!

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