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  • viggenras
    10 posts

    it`s very sad to read the reply this thread get`s from ubisoft...all farcry games have been in a good spot when it comes to respawn imo apart from farcry 2 and that game i never bothered to finish because of the respawn mechanics...they have all felt fun and i have enjoyed playing through them but now it looks like farcry 6 is also going to be a farcry game i never get to finish because of broken respawn rate and to blame this on yara feeling alive and dangerous is just silly...the other farcry games felt just as alive and dangerous as this game...but it did not feel as broken and not beeing able to clear an area is just stupid...yes of course they should repopulate after a while but not while your still there doing what your there to do.
    i guess it is time to leave farcry 6 behind and move on...sadly this also means farcry 7 will not be any good if this is the new farcry trend they ar aiming for.
    sorry for bad english..it is not my native language

  • PilgriM_71
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Sparhawk122
    80 posts

    @viggenras The quality of their game releases is degrading substantially. This has to be the worse Far Cry game to date. At least mechanically.

    Months later many of these big issues that have been identified by the community have not been fixed.

    1. Autosave stuttering issue
    2. Enemies AND animals respawning too quickly
    3. HD Texture pack being an inefficient bloatware option that favours AMD graphics cards with their 16GB VRAM (coincidence not)

    The old Ubisoft was better. And they would have rectified issues like the above. Hell the old Ubisoft wrote better stories and pushed out higher quality products. Whomever is now working at Ubisoft must be incompetent or lack experience.

  • dazzlerazzle84
    3 posts

    What the hell is going on with the respawn rate in this game !!!!!!! You can't even do enemy base sweep for resources after initially eliminating everybody. The game just keeps spawning [censored] over and over and over again. Do Ubisoft even playtests theses games ?

  • tynantech
    1 posts

    I find that this happens anytime you stop for any length of time. Especially near checkpoints where enemies continuously show up. I captured a check point turned around and had two tanks and two helicopters right there.

    I will say most of the game is alright except for this issue.

  • kauttoj
    3 posts

    This needs to be fixed ASAP! I've played all previous Far Cry games and enjoyed them a lot. Although there has been bit too much respawning (for my taste) also in previous games, it has never been this bad and never did prevent me from enjoying the previous games. In Far Cry 6 this crazy respawning killed all the fun for me.
    The situation was already bad in the first "tutorial island" (e.g. Vivoro Nueve Plantation site) and only went worse from there. All bigger restricted areas are affected and only tiny ones (e.g., checkpoints) are fine. Otherwise the game is great. I had to stop playing and will wait for a fix.

    As said before, just increase the respawn radius around player (10-fold bigger at least) and maybe also set a timer (e.g., ~10mins) before respawning the same enemies. It's not too difficult and you have smart devs to work this [censored] out.

  • xtracker85
    55 posts


    They could've also made it where enemies only start spawning when the player LEAVES the restricted zone. That would be the most logical thing to do and what most other open world games have done. I don't know why they chose to use this trash spawning system instead. It gives the game an incredibly 'cheap' quality.

  • kauttoj
    3 posts


    Yep, that should be even easier fix to implement. Ideally they would use both methods, i.e., increased radius check and a restricted area check.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3650 posts

    Hi everyone,

    While we're continuing to monitor your reports and are actively looking into certain areas where the enemy respawn rate might be too high, we currently don't have plans to adjust the respawn rate overall.

    While testing internally, we noticed that reducing the enemy spawning on a global scale made the game feel empty and without life.

    Official Response
  • Sleezure
    133 posts

    @ubi-keo If only there were other, existing Far Cry games you could look to for guidance on this issue. It is a shame that, aside from Far Cry 6, no other Far Cry title exists.

  • szentistvan11
    4 posts


    Quite!. I've just had an email from Ubisoft offering me 40% off FC6 and all dlc. I think I will retain 100% of my money!

  • Zoopels
    18 posts

    @ubi-keo While I'm continuing to monitor your posts and actively hoping you change your mind on this godawful "feature", I currently don't have plans to buy any of your games ever again.

    Not that it's a big loss. Ubisoft has been sliding downhill for years and now it seems your studio heads are hellbent on turning your games into NFT scams anyway.

  • SwaguarTV
    1 posts

    @ubi-keo that's unfortunate. i was planning to return to the game once the respawn rate was adjusted. enemies respawning so fast that they suddenly appear on my minimap is too much.

    I hope the team reconsiders.

  • kauttoj
    3 posts

    @ubi-keo I don't understand. You managed to do _five_ Farcry games without this issue. How did it suddenly become an issue now? This game has basically identical open-world game mechanics as before. Those previous games never felt empty despite the insane respawning.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2218 posts


    Please be aware that Ubi-Keo is only providing information that we at Ubisoft Support has heard back from the dev team following the reports and feedback on this issue. If we hear anything else from them regarding this, we'll provide it here in this thread also.

    Official Response
  • SinfulDanTheMan
    63 posts

    Throwing my hat in the ring. I'm loving this game but am frusterated that my stealth playstyle is not rewarded as enemies spawn very quickly. If I clear a base or a checkpoint or a field, I wish it to stay cleared for a while at least. If this single issue would be fixed it would greatly enhance my enjoyment, along with many other people. PLEASE increase both spawn distance and spawn time after death.

    For Example: when on the mission to Cayo Villareal, there are several enemies in the little village. However, after silently killing them all, they spawned again on the other side of the village, where I just was, and where I just killed everyone.

  • Sleezure
    133 posts

    @ubi-froggard It would be nice if the dev team could actually explain themselves and their decisions.

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2456 posts

    Hey there guys,

    Thank you for your responses.

    We're happy to pass your feedback on, but as per our previous posts there are no further plans at the moment.

    Should we have any more information from the devs we will share this, but the development team do not post to these forums directly so we can and will continue to share what's available to us.

    Thank you and if you have anything more you'd like to share, please let us know!

    Official Response
  • Niktastic
    1 posts

    @ubi-theberry You guys are making a mistake with the respawn timers. You should at least give players an option to toggle it. The consequence of this system is that it feels like you are not progressing through the environment as the player. Stealth gameplay isn't an option anymore. This was always the main draw for me. What is the point of making it "seem" like there is more "life" in the environment when it is implemented so poorly that it is turning players away altogether? I loved everything else about this game. But this issue is so game-breaking that it has turned me off from continuing to play after less than 5 hours. I put it down in hopes that this was a bug that would get addressed eventually, but I realize now, that won't happen. I thoroughly regret buying Far Cry 6. Such an unnecessary design decision ruined the entire experience for me so profoundly, that I likely won't be buying any more games in the series, assuming the next game is designed by the same team.

  • SiKiTtOyA
    48 posts

    It seems if you go a certain distance the enemies respawn. As others have reported it is on a timer? If i stay in a certain area it will stay empty unless I move maybe 25-50m away. Than they respawn. Dont think it has anything to do with time?

    Anyway, I feel the respawn rate should be adjusted if it does in fact deal with distance away from enemy location. Im sure Ubisoft could increase distance before enemies respawn.

    Ubisoft talks about not adjusting this due to it making the world feel empty. All FC games the world is empty anyway. Very little people and interaction with civilians. I think this is a weak excuse for not wanting to actually fix this issue. AC games dont have this issue. Well, at least for Origins and Odyssey. It would take some time to respawn enemies. Yet, it did not feel empty since those worlds were so big. Not sure why same cant be done here.

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