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  • RazielKanos
    Original poster 17 posts

    i'm in the final zone - kill one with a headsnipe - 2 more span in right behind me and grill me with an RPG ....

    FIX THIS [censored]!

  • DV20Katana
    184 posts
    The game is just tedious BS that is buggy, includes too many game mechanisms that DO NOT complement the game, or the seriousness of it's plot and premise.


    When the first trailer dropped it has serious undertones. The hardships people face IRL in Cuba and then also Venezuela (which is what the trailer riots reminded me of). Then I saw the villain and he looks great too a tyrant. So I was hopeful that the series was taking a welcome slightly more serious tone.

    Yea. Really. Then I saw the first footage of the "rebels" who sound like and dress they were all plucked from a university campus party followed by news of the combat rooster and the other two "companions" and knew it was all downhill from there.

    So on one side it is trying to illustrate serious issues like life under a tyrant but on the other its a cartoon when you have the option of fighting with a backpack rocket launcher & a cart-towing dog.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1316 posts


    Hey there.

    Regarding the sign in issue you've mentioned at the end, that's weird that it's a specific thread you're having issues with. If it becomes a regular issue I'd probably recommend giving some browser troubleshooting a try.

    As you're aware if you've seen the main thread this issue is known to the development team and is under active investigation. I will forward your report on this to the team looking into this. If you have any video of this you could provide we'd appreciate it but it's not essential. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • vahndaar
    130 posts

    Yes, some.of the rebels are utterly ludicrous. The thing that made FC3 great apart from the setting was the fact that.despute the plot being absurd the main character and what happened was all taken very seriously.

    It was a dark story and thinking back there wasn't a huge amount of humour to it and it leaned into the whole idea of insanity and madness.

    The premise for FC6 is very good but some of the rebels come off as just goofy and unrealistic. Some are good. But some are just plain horrendous caricatures that are quite frankly an insult to the setting and story.

    Put it this way I wouldn't want to be in the same room as some of these people, never mind save them.

  • Sparhawk122
    80 posts

    @vahndaar I think the writers tried to write themselves or people they work with into the story. Immature people who don't know what physical hardship is. And the toll it takes on the human body.

  • Abhishek2812
    8 posts


    Castillo’s army is said to have learnt apparition at Hogwarts from Dumbledore himself as evident in this video.

  • CatherineCat93
    29 posts

    I'm not entirely sure if i posted this already.. but, may the enemy respawn rate be tied to framerates? does this happen on Xbox One/PS4 and or 30 fps on PC for others? i've been playing at a locked 30 (with 4k res, ultra settings on a 1080ti) and haven't noticed such an absurd quick respawn rate.. although that may just be me. It would need to be tested at 30, 60, 120fps , at the same spots etc..which ubisoft unfortunately didn't playtest most likely.

    5 posts

    So I’m going through, killing dudes. Sniping. Sneaky machetes. Grenades. Whatever. I’ll walk just far enough away so the location I killed them at is just off the mini map or I’ll turn around and face the other way only to have that red blur pop immediately up on the mini map. Bodies are gone. Snipers back in the tower.. dudes are immediacy back on patrol.. whatever. It’s super annoying when your trying to clear an area and you think you’re all good and the guys suddenly spawn and appear when they shouldn’t be there. I just wiped out that entire building and cleared all the roofs! Where tf did that person just come from. Biggest and most annoying thing so far.

    5 posts

    @joph13l just made a similar post. Super annoying bug. But if they did this on purpose it’s incredibly stupid.

  • Sparhawk122
    80 posts

    Yup. It's an even bigger pain with bigger bases. The spawning is out of control. It makes stealth playstyle hard and hiding bodies pointless.

    They either need to adopt Ghost Recon: Breakpoints spawn system. Or only have enemies respawn after fast travel and reload of save. Because it kills game balance when you can sit at a checkpoint and destroy enemy truck after truck and pile up easy resources. And camp at an enemy spawn point and pile up the Amigo kills etc.

    In my opinion this issue is game breaking.

  • carshop22
    47 posts

    @sparhawk122 like at least make them respawn from driving vehicles in... ( trucks and helis)

  • Logan_24-7
    5 posts

    Can we have at least an info on whether this is considered a bug or intentional game design, PLEASE? This is by far the most discussed topic but absolutely NO info on this from Ubisoft? WTH? It's not on the "known issues" list, so what's the deal with that? Is it not a bug? Not known? Are you pretending to not see or read anything of this?

    In a way this is worse than Cyberpunk police spawning, because it affected only the police system, you could still "kill the bad guys" without having them constantly respawn.

  • AltTabsAlot
    6 posts

    @logan_24-7 It's on this issue list. https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/111485/reported-issue-megathread-list-check-here-for-your-issue-updated-11-10-2021?lang=en-US
    This is getting extremely annoying. They could atleast give us some updates on the issue instead of this s**t.
    I bought ubisoft+ only to play this game, 11 days later, I haven't been able to play it.

  • dyng0dyle
    3 posts

    Another day without any info, good job ubi 👏 this is how you respond to your community, to people who doing job by posting you [censored] in the game that should be reported by your testers before release !!!!!
    I have new motto for you ubi - be our testers for a full price game you paid 🤦

  • Abhishek2812
    8 posts
  • Jakeo10
    24 posts

    @dyng0dyle Absolute silence by Ubisoft as we go further and further from launch with ZERO updates on the progress to fixing this bug and NO ETA given for the release of a patch that will resolve the issue.

    I literally haven't been able to play due to this bug progress blocking missions (cannot complete objectives to clear enemies when they keep respawning faster than I can kill) and general gameplay is unfun and frustrating.

    I paid full price for a game with less quality assurance done than most indie studios do.

  • a22ghooligan
    43 posts

    Not unusual for 'AAA' game devs to release such a mess these days it seems to be the norm, rush then game out then leave em hanging for updates, DLC and NG+. And why only 2 of the sorties come with the game? is it to drip feed content and hope us mugs stick around spending money in the shop till they all drop?
    Just wish I learnt my lesson from buying cyberpunk and held off buying FC6

    Luckily its been a really good year for 'AA' developers, especially on PC.

    speaking of 'AA' games, whack 'Selaco' on your radar if you love a good ol shooter.

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    Hey there everyone! I am sorry to hear about the enemy respawn rate frustration you have been encountering. Our teams are currently investigating this! Could you please share with me a clip of the respawn rates to help add the information to the investigation? Also, any specific locations you have noticed this occurring. Thank you!

    Official Response

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