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  • FriteuseBelge
    34 posts

    @ubistorm It's happening all the time since the beginning of the game, and it's always there, it doesn't come after playing a certain amount of time in a session.

    Specs :
    Ryzen 5 3600x
    RTX 3070 MSI Gaming X Trio
    16gb of RAM at 3200mhz
    NVMe Samsung Evo 970 1tb
    Windows 10

  • Ywap
    55 posts

    @ubistorm Does the game has Denuvo DRM?

    Resident Evil Village had horrible stuttering and after they patched it out of the game it runs silky smooth.

    And no, the verifying of game files didn´t work for me either.

    I just talked to a friend who also play the game and i have the very same stuttering but AMD hardware. (5800x + 6800xt + 32ram + 980 pro SSD)

    As you can see on the top right of the screen the save symbol appears every time i pick something up. It also happens when entering new locations etc.

  • Ywap
    55 posts

    One more thing, please don´t take our criticism the wrong way. Personally i love the game and it runs so smooth framerate wise but it get´s so sluggish to play when it save and stutters all the time.

    We just want the game to be the best it can be ♥

  • heping4hao
    1 posts

    I am also having this autosave issue causing 1/2 second lag when picking up items.
    I'm sure it's only a small line of code that needs to be re-written or even just a single value JUST PLEASE FIX EEEET. 😛
    At this point it's way obvious that the autosave/item pickup issue is causing it verified by multiple users.


  • satsun_
    4 posts

    +1 for stutter when picking up items

    i7-9700K, Gigabyte z390 Aorus MB, 16GB RAM, game is on a Samsung 850 Evo SATA SSD, OS and Ubisoft Connect is on Samsung 950 Pro NVME PCIe SSD, Windows 11, RTX 3090.

  • Gun_Majster
    1 posts

    Exactly i have the same problem this is unbearable, I noticed that at the beginning of the game it was not so visible, but the more the game progresses and the more data is stored, the more microstutter there are

  • Kleindoktor
    12 posts

    I can confirm that, after about 10-15 hours it became very annoying and the further you play the stronger the stuttering.
    Exactly like in FC5 and New Dawn, the worst case was then in FC5 - New Game +

  • Ywap
    55 posts

    I agree Gun_Majster. At the beginning of the game i thought they´ve actually fixed this problem that both FC5 and New Dawn suffered from. Now that i have played a
    lot more it has become a stutterfest, just as the previous games.

    I repeat the question to the ubi staff:

    Do the Far Cry series have Denuvo copy protection, and if so, have it been researched that it´s not the cause of this problem?

  • QZOreOreO
    1 posts

    so many auto saving and it makes stuttering.

  • ehmkec
    3 posts

    Me too. Please get someone on this.

  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @qzoreoreo Yeah, this is definitely something I've also noticed. It shouldn't be on the same CPU thread as the gameplay loop, if that's currently the case...

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    @craftercis Thank you so much for that information! It is very useful. With the new update that you mentioned from Nvidia have you noticed any improvements or have the optimizations stayed the same for you in game?

    Official Response
  • craftercis
    60 posts

    @ubisushivamp its the same sadly.

    What I noticed was that when there is an auto-save the screen stutter and there is an FPS drop. Hope with the next patch for PC some things will be fixed 🙂

  • yourecord
    8 posts

    @ubi-mark I dont think telling the spec´s will help.
    It is a known issue with everyone playing the game on AMD Cards, but also read that it appears with Nvidia Chips.
    The same stutter happens when one of the Screen Celebrations and Feedbacks is happening, for example discovering a new Location will trigger a Stutter.
    Therefore i have deactivated almost every Hud Messages. It fixes everything except the Item Pickup and Autosave.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1252 posts

    Hey there folks.

    Sorry to hear about this.

    We are aware of and actively investigating reports that the Ubisoft Connect overlay is adversely affecting performance in FC6, as a temporary solution we are advising to try disabling the overlay if you haven't already done so. Also if you are using the HD texture pack please be aware that the recommended VRAM to use this without issue is 16gb, if you are below this we'd recommend uninstalling this. I'd also recommend attempting a clean boot for testing purposes and consulting our article on improving performance. Hope this helps, please keep us updated on this. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • Ribellu__
    72 posts

    @bladerunner4077 I think this pack is made only for gpu over 16GB from Vram (it's irony, although maybe not) according to Steam's September hardware specifications 0.23% users have such GPUs xD

  • Sparhawk122
    80 posts


    The RTX 3080 Ti is a MSRP $1500 USD graphics card. That's a joke right?

    The only Nvidia GPU with 16GB or more VRAM is the RTX 3090.

    Only AMD has affordable GPUs with 16GB VRAM. But their VRAM is GDDR6 not GDDR6X.

  • Ribellu__
    72 posts

    @sparhawk122 which means that this TPHD is reserved only for the only owners of such GPU.

    Is it voluntary marketing? is it a bug in the game engine? the future will tell i guess...

    And all high-end cards are out of stock and here, in EU 3080Ti is 2000€ minimum (2319$)

  • mikez19999
    30 posts

    In the early parts of the game it was not really noticable but as somone mentioned above, as the save file gets bigger the stutter starts. Glad I was skeptical that this version of far cry would be different, same issue on other far cry games I have bought in the past, so I did the ubisoft connect + for 14.99. This has been an issue that Ubisoft just drags out with, "check file integrity" and "sorry you are experiencing this issue". If they were sorry they would fix the issue. I might download a cracked version, they always seem to run better anyway, but I won't be paying ubisoft for failing to correct this extremely common issue that they always act suprised to hear about. I will happily pay for Ubisoft games that run well but this is a slap in the face to the customers who have been loyal to the franchise.

    Windows 10 21H1 new install with all the most uptodate and latest drivers that you could ever wish for...
    OS is on Samsung 860 EVO SSD
    Games on 970 EVO NVME SSD
    32 gb Ram
    EVGA FTW3 3080
    Intel 10850k
    1000 hz polling rate mouse
    Gsync monitor
    600 mb/s internet
    Game running on high minus motion blur and without HD textures.

    This is not our systems causing the issue, it's a problem with the game.

  • Skormy-Skormy
    5 posts

    EDIT: the game seemingly has this stutter at every autosave apparently, although I'm 43 hours in and have 30%+ of the map looted.

    Amazing game, setting, story, characters but this stuttering on pickup is really a slap to the immersion and clearly a technical bug.

    You must pick up 100 000 individually save-tracked crafting items across the world to become the most successful guerrilla, Dani! But it will cost you, greatly. The stuttering! The stuttering!

    Nvidia RTX 3060 TI
    Intel 5820k i7
    Samsung m.2 970 EVO Plus
    64 Gb DDR4
    Windows 10, latest drivers, updates, the game runs dreamy smooth, then every time I pick up stuff, bam, stutter 😿

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