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  • Aeveris
    5 posts

    The stutters always occur when you pick up an object, as well as with ammunition. It seems that the game then always briefly caches, which can also be seen in the icon in the upper right corner, and this causes the frame drop. If you are in one of the main missions, where there is less caching, the stuttering does not occur. 

  • Aeveris
    5 posts

    I have exactly the same problem. 

  • jotarodazpa
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    @jotarodazpa - Thank you for sharing more information with us, and for including what you have found from other players as well. Rest assured that I have passed along the images and videos you have shared with us previously, as well as the system files you shared with us already. If you'd like to provide more videos, you are more than welcome to! If you could also provide us with more information of your in-game settings, that would also be helpful for the ongoing investigation.

    Thanks! 😊


    What are your in-game settings? -> video here -> https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLaptops/comments/qdmryb/far_cry_6_3080_16gb_vram_hd_texture_on_huge/
    What are your system specs? -> Legion 7 2021, RTX 3080 16GB VRAM 165W, 32 GB 3200MHZ Kingston Fury, 5800H AMD, 1TB SSD, 16" 2K Gync 165HZ
    Can you please open a support ticket and upload a copy of your MSinfo and DxDiag. -> done week ago, case number 15537292
    Can you please upload a copy of your save file to the cloud. -> save cloud is on and direct link to save - https://we.tl/t-Z2mZTVpAPR: (https://we.tl/t-Z2mZTVpAPR)

    Now, some more feedback from users with 3090 gpus and huge stutters with HD TEXTURE PACK ON:

    https://www.resetera.com/threads/far-cry-6-pc-performance-thread.496386/page-13#post-75427149: (https://resetera.com/threads/far-cry-6-pc-performance-thread.496386/page-13#post-75427149) (scroll down):

    "Refresh rate is probably N/A because I just re-enabled the global cap on my frame rate on my 144Hz monitor since it doesn't even spike above it, real minimum frame rate averages in the mid-80s. There were points in the benchmark where GPU utilization drops into the 70s and 80s, should've watched my CPU usage more closely but in HWInfo64 there were a few that were almost maxed at 100% when I looked and I imagine that was during the bench. Haven't actually played the game yet, how indicative is the benchmark to real world testing?" (3090 gpu 5950HX cpu)

    "Apart from the stutter, there is some serious CPU bottleneck in this game. My 9900k may not be the top dog but 74% GPU usage at 4k with FSR Ultra Quality is just terrible. Running native 4k still results in 93% usage. I honestly don't know if my 9900k doesn't cut it in the latest titles or whether its poor optimisation."

    "Having spent a while testing various suggestions over the weekend trying to get to the bottom of this (including all the suggestions I posted a few posts up), I have come to the following conclusion...

    The ONLY thing that alleviates the constant traversal stutter (especially when in vehicles) is to TURN OFF the HD texture pack. The. Only. Thing.

    It is night and day difference. There still is a very slight hitch now and then, but it is massively reduced to an extent that I can at least play the game now (albeit with far muddier textures on a 24GB VRAM GPU, sigh).

    Playing on Win 10 using a 3090 (with 24GB VRAM!)/9900K system, 32GB 3200 DDR4, 4K/60 High/Ultra settings."

    Hi! Here is my information:

    In-game settings:

    In this video, I show 3 different benchmarks. The first is my 'Sweet Spot', good quality and good performance.
    The second option is Ultra (without Raytracing)
    The third and final option is Ultra with FidelityFX (Ultra Quality)

    System specs:
    GPU: MSI Suprim X Geforce RTX 3090
    CPU: Intel i9-9900K
    Ram: 32GB
    Resolution: 2560 x 1440
    Refresh Rate: 144Hz
    OC: Windows 11

    MSinfo + DxDiag files:
    Case number: 15559792

    Copy save file to the cloud:


    In this video, I show some gameplay with the 3 different settings I explained above. Unfortunately, he didn't record the FPS but it stayed 60+

    I find it difficult to see stutters in videos, but in-game you notice it. Also in these videos, you can see that my Cpu12 is doing all the work. This is due to how your Far Cry engine works, but I hope you make a fix for this too. My FPS is not that bad but the stutters take me out of the experience.

    I'll leave the game alone for now. Hope the next Title update (early November?) will solve many problems.

    @craftercis , great reply, nice information... good!

    I suppose you suffer rom the stutters with hd textures on?

    You need to push the system to the max to show the stutters, put everything on ultra, raytracing on, hd texture on, FSR/DLSS off, then do a video.


    I cant create a support ticket, It only says start chat and that is unavailable. I see nowhere submit ticket.

    @TheOutsider-NL , chat needs to be active, check the active hours.

    If chat is closed you cant do anything (i know is stupid, but you cant create ticket if chat is offline)

    --------------------------------------------------- P.S ----------------------------------------------------------------------


    My hunch about the huge stutters with hd texture on:

    Maybe the game does not fully use the vram avaliable, for example it uses about 11GB vram on my system, but the game is single thread, does not use all cpu cores! A single thread being loaded to the max while the rest are unused!

    Someone claims that shutting down half of the cpu cores improves the stutter a lot:


    So to me is both things, HD Texture pack (vram management, only 11GBVRAM used of 16) + Bad CPU optimization (single thread, no use of other cpu cores)

    And to me theres a third player in this, the game protection, DENUVO - https://www.pcgamer.com/resident-evil-village-drm-denuvo-stuttering/

    HD Texture pack (buggy) + Bad Cpu optimization (single thread) + Denuvo = huge stutters (thats my hunch)

    @Bladerunner4077, what do you think?

  • TheOutsider-NL-
    14 posts


    Now I managed to create a support ticket. That was not possible in my area (Netherlands). All the information is in there.incl. DXdiag and MSinfo Case Reference #15564344

    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10G: OC on Customizable BAR on
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 4200Mhz
    32GB Ram 3600Mhz
    Game installed on a Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2
    Windows 10.0, year 19043

  • craftercis
    60 posts


    I also experience them with my sweet spot settings when I'm not recording. I will update my post with a video with everything max.

  • Bladerunner4077
    193 posts

    @jotarodazpa I think the transversal stutter which is inherent in the engine (see DF video) since Far Cry 4 will never be fixed. Its been there for years now and Ubi doesn't seem inclined to fix it. Unfortunately, this stutter has now started to come on consoles as well and on PC this is compounded by the HD Texture Pack. The game just refuses to use all the VRAM and even on 12GB GPUs it keeps flushing textures out of memory, when only 9GB is used which causes stuttering which in combination with the transversal stutter makes the game nauseous to play with the HD Pack as it flushes textures constantly to remain within headroom. If you still brute force your way through this after some time, you see blurry textures on 12GB GPUs as the game simply stops loading textures when 11GB is exceeded resolving the stutter but with PS2 class visuals. Since you have 16GB VRAM, you never see this but continue to see constant stuttering. Turning off the Pack improves things but the engine is still flushing textures out of memory every now and then causing mild stutters.

    I don't think the single threaded nature of the game is causing stutter. I turned off Hyper Threading on my 9900k, which improved my FPS by 10 but stuttering continues at higher FPS. This game is not using Denuvo. I don't think Ubisoft DRM is as bad as Denuvo.

    The only solution here is for Ubisoft to fix the VRAM management and texture streaming in the game. Thats the only way out here and it could take a long time as all their marketing material itself shows blurry textures so they were aware of this before launch but didnt fix it.

  • mikez19999
    30 posts

    @bladerunner4077 That's wierd because when you go to install the game you have to read over and agree with the Denuvo terms.

  • farkas501.
    4 posts

    Hi I just got like 5-15 fps drops while looting ,picking up gasolina meds ect. Btw the game saves always when I pick up something I think it has something to do with it. This massiv amount of autosave have to be reduced. I hope I am not the only one with this minor but really annoying problem.

  • HASTRO163X
    5 posts

    @dho_n1 ты не один. У меня также)

  • HASTRO163X
    5 posts

    I have the same problem. There is no pattern, but sometimes it seems that auto-updating causes a crash. Although the usual entry into the menu causes the same thing 😞

  • Aeveris
    5 posts

    I do have the exact same problem and it is SO annoying I can't find words. How, Ubisoft, HOW!?

  • Ampee1
    166 posts

    @aeveris Yeah, it autosaves the game almost each time you pick something up. This however shouldn't cause an issue.
    Might be worth checking whether it's the same situation as Resident Evil Village where Denuvo caused the stuttering.

    Don't know if the Console version suffers from this or not. EDIT: ok checked on console videos on youtube, stuttering is not present while picking stuff up.

    So, Denuvo maybe?

  • farkas501.
    4 posts

    @ampee1 I hope they will do something about it the last patch on 26.10. have fixed for me other bugs and its cool but this problem while looting is really annoying its not so fluent you know what I mean.

  • Ampee1
    166 posts

    @farkas501 Of coure, I get what you mean. Im frustrated as well about this.

    What issues did the previous update fix for you?

  • farkas501.
    4 posts

    @ampee1 the game runs better I get like 75-90 FPS while for the patch 55-75 FPS

  • H0BBS-
    12 posts

    It's actually become unplayable for me now...

    I think the more I progress in the game, the worse it becomes.
    When I 1st started the game it was fine, but now that I'm close to 3/4 completed it is a constant issue.
    Anytime I interact with an item (pick up item, get into vehicle, ect) I get a micro stutter.
    I don't recall having this issues with Far Cry 5 or New Dawn (although I have read the issue was present in those games as well).
    My FPS is consistently between 80-90 on Ultra (with no Texture pack) and I do not see any dips when this happens.

    Windows 11 (latest update)
    AMD 5900X (latest chipset drivers including AMD Windows 11 fix)
    EVGA 3080TI (latest Drivers as of 10/29)

    Edit: I think this maybe a NVIDIA issue.
    My friend who is running Ryzen 5950X and AMD 6900XT has said he does not experience any stuttering at all.

  • Kleindoktor
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    This post is deleted!
  • Kleindoktor
    12 posts

    I would like to take up the autosave stutter problem again and summarize my videos
    to show how strong the stuttering increase after a certain amount of playing time
    and add missing information about my system or ingame settings.

    And it's not just about saving when looting (that was just the best way to demonstrate it).
    Even if you accidentally pick up ammunition, as well as any other random save, it stutters just as bad.

    Win10 21H2 (clean install)
    Intel Core i7 7700K
    ASRock Z270 Extreme4
    16GB DDR4-3000
    1TB 850 EVO SSD
    1080Ti (v. 496.49)

    Medium Graphic Preset
    Without HD-Textures


    Save file is uploaded to cloud
    DxDiag&msinfo - Google Drive-Link
    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uKN4ehuyhjomaVnZqeg3NEeZDGi174MX?usp=sharing: (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uKN4ehuyhjomaVnZqeg3NEeZDGi174MX?usp=sharing)

  • Aeveris
    5 posts

    Same here. The further you progress in the game, the worse the hiccups get when interacting with objects. In addition, there is the seemingly unsolvable problem of displaying even non-hd textures cleanly. Ridiculous, considering the technical and financial possibilities Ubisoft would actually have. Just think of the great engine and attention to detail of a Far Cry 2 - and how it just got more and more superficial, sloppy and dull since then. 

  • Charles.dg2
    36 posts

    @olalaquebien I found a solution for that check and update your sata controller drivers fixed the stutter but not the crashes

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