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  • Mr.T.Magnum
    175 posts

    "We understand that you are frustrated by this issue and we do wish to help."
    If you read...and understand...the open ticket for this case, you could understand that I really don't believe the end of this sentence!
    Because I was sure that this will happen, I didn't answer the ticket in the first time!

    I believe you need a clever manager who clean up this "Support"!
    I'm looking for a Job and have knowledge regarding "Support" about 12years...

  • kreemkrackered
    4 posts

    @Mr-T-Magnum Here's a 100% guaranteed fix - uninstall this POS game. Problem solved. Ubisoft could not care less about this game now and have no intention of putting any more time of money into it.

  • Mr.T.Magnum
    175 posts

    @kreemkrackered As I told many times before...with Connect Overlay disabled I don't have any problems in this game! But If nobody pushed them again and again, nothing will happen...also not for future or other games.

  • echolecter
    369 posts

    @mr-t-magnum If you don't have issues without overlay active I don't really see the problem. My game crashes all the time after X amount of minutes (or even seconds) making it impossible to play (on hardcore). Creating a ticket is pointless, while waiting for solutions by means of an update the issue gets closed (automatically), and no replies or information about fixes afterwards. Support only works when you're having problems that aren't related to how games actually work and perform overtime. They are especially helpful when you complain that purchases aren't working, or payments fail.

    As mentioned by @kreemkrackered simply get rid of this game by uninstall option is best solution and it worked for me too, 100% fix. I didn't have anymore crashes ever since while playing other games. It used to be a great game when released, but over time they slowly demolished it by adding (or changing) features that aren't working properly.

    Geneally feel sorry for those that recently bought the game only to find out it doesn't work but cannot get refund.

  • Mr.T.Magnum
    175 posts

    @echolecter I don't want to disable the Overlay everytime I play this game and enable again for other games! Because it was working enabled until an update of Ubisoft-Connect in the first half of this year... BTW, I also finished the hardcore mode for the main game without crashes (and of course disabled overlay...).

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3957 posts

    Hello mr-t-magnum thank you for your reply, I can see your case has been escalated to our technical team for the freezes you have experienced in-game, we will continue your support through that case and email you with any updates, so this thread will be locked.

    Now your case has been updated with all the requested information, it will not close until we have been able to provide you with an answer, thank you for your patience whilst we look into trying to resolve this issue.

    Should anyone else be experiencing a crash, freeze, or the game still running in the background after exiting, please make a new thread and let us know if you have tried any troubleshooting to resolve this, thank you.

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