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  • bassregenerator
    4 posts

    I know people aren't going to be crazy about this but Origins is a great game.

    How about we pay 10 dollars each for a next gen upgrade? I'm not crazy about that but if it gets me 60fps on Series X, I'm here for it.

    (Playing the game right now because I never experienced it on the mid gen PS4 pro or One X. Textures are pristine, 60 fps would make it a monster).

    I figured I wasn't the only one wanting this. Origins is a near gem Ubi, I'm sure you'd get some bad feedback for charging 10 bucks but maybe it'd be worth your time? All in favor say 👁

  • lionxwarrior
    3 posts

    @bassregenerator totally agree with you

  • Hutchguv
    7 posts


    I do my weekly "ac origins console 60fps" search on Google since that tweet about "looking into it"

    I even bought AC origins for the Xbox so I could play at 60fps on my series X

    I completed it originally on my PS4pro so I was quite

    i bought odyssey again for the series X and completed it and bought all the DLC too because of the 60fps

    Now I've tasted 60fps I just can't look at 30fps anymore

    I also originally played Valhalla at 30fps on the PS4 pro, but once I got a PS5 I played through again at 60fps

    i think I bought watch dogs legion twice so I could replay at 60fps

    I just have my AC origins waiting for that 60fps update on the new consoles....

    And yes, I own both a series X and PS5 because im an old man that was born in the 70's and has retired early so all I do is play games all day

    Just waiting for that Origins 60fps patch

    Im sure my lady partner is more than tired of me moaning about it

    And yes, first world problems I know, but why Tweet about a patch and then do nothing

    Just nonsense methinks, or to just wind people up?

    Anyway, if they ever do patch it to 60fps I'll be there for origins

    oh... this is only my second post on these forums so I apologise if im talking nonsense

  • bassregenerator
    4 posts

    @hutchguv You good, I was born in 84' so not far behind ya. I never experienced PS4 pro One X anything, so you can imagine how hyped I was to score a Series X the other day (after having the Series S for about a year). Even the One X version is totally pristine to me.. like, it's intense even. Anyways I hope this happens.. Origins is one of those memorable games for me.

  • tigroutom
    23 posts

    @ubi-milky weeks still going on and Ubisoft continue and still no 60 fps for origins ,how long ago this joke will continue ? always any respect for people who loved your game ,you must admit that you lied and update will never arrive and that s all

  • PiotrCwiklak
    2 posts

    @tigroutom assassin's creed origins will be xbox game pass ultimate. maybe then a patch will be released.

  • PiotrCwiklak
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • gallant001
    5 posts

    I think the recent Xbox Gamepass announcement is the last best hope for this.

    If it doesn’t release on Gamepass along with the 60fps patch for new gen consoles, then that probably means they’ve given up on it (unless there is some suitable AC franchise history milestone or anniversary that I don’t know about later on in the year that they could mark with the patch in celebration).

  • Hutchguv
    7 posts


    Thats given me some new hope that the 60fps patch will coincide with the game pass release

    I do still have the unplayed Xbox disc I bought when that tweet about the 60fps patch was announced

    Hardcore gamers would probably think I'm a little sad, but the latest AC games have been possibly my favourite games ever, just because you spend over a hundred hours in each game

    I really want to replay origins but after getting used to 60fps with these new consoles it's really hard to go back to 30fps

    Im obviously sounding like a broken record here, but when I just had the ps4pro I was quite happy playing origins, odyssey and Valhalla at 30fps But as soon as I managed to pick up these latest generation of consoles replaying Valhalla and odyssey at 60fps was just incredible

    i love the fact that most new releases now for the new consoles have a performance mode that offers 60fps or higher

    I think I'm only posting this to keep the origins console 60fps patch dream alive

    I will admit that Ubisoft tweeting about this 60fps upgrade and then giving us a deafening silence is quite perturbing

    I realise there are lots of horrible things going on in the world right now which are far more important than this.... but it's also why video games are a much needed outlet to take our minds away from such horrors

    Apologies if this is a rather rambling post and those that read it are probably thinking... hmmm how many times do you need to type the term 60fps in one post

  • bully365
    37 posts

    Well what’s taking so long? This is getting ridiculous. Are they making new content along with it or something?

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">We are also looking into adding 60FPS support for Assassin&#39;s Creed Origins, so stay tuned! 👀</p>&mdash; Assassin&#39;s Creed (@assassinscreed) <a href="'>

    21, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

  • Cleric670
    3 posts

    Just finished Odyssey and fully caught up on Valhalla. There's no way I can go back to 30fps for Origins so until the 60fps happens my money will continue to sit in my wallet.

    If you want my money, you know what to do.

  • Wiedzmin_2004_
    58 posts

    Many players expect an update that will improve performance and still nothing? In Odyssey they added, and in Origins not? It goes on and on, and then there is no information from the developers about it 😑 As a PS5 owner, I would love to see these options on my console.

    PS: Google translator 😑

  • Thestollman
    1 posts

    I've been going back and replaying the old AC games too and just searched for the 60fps on Origins to decide if I was going to buy it. Disappointing that it isn't available yet. I've been having a blast with Odyssey. It's so beautiful and it got me excited to see Origins in the same light with the pyramids and the Library of Alexandria. I really hope that they decide to add this update to Origins in the future. There is no way I can go back to 30fps after playing on 60fps, but I will definitely buy it and play it again if they add the upgrade.

  • muhammedtutar
    8 posts

    I finished AC Origins on PS4 Slim last year. It was beautiful.

    Now I have Xbox Series S and already installed Origins. Just waiting for 60 FPS patch.

    I can't wait to play AC Origins at 60 FPS. It will be amazing!

  • Hutchguv
    7 posts


    I know you say you can't wait to play origins at 60fps on the new consoles,....

    Unfortunately it looks like we do have to wait

    When was that "we're looking into it" tweet made? About five months ago

    Seriously,...... why bother posting that

    At the moment it's as useful as me saying "hmm me replacing Boris Johnson and becoming Prime Minister? Yes, I'm looking into it, stay tuned"

    Although I'll point out here I'd rather have the 60fps patch than become prime minister as I'm not much of a party goer myself

  • muhammedtutar
    8 posts

    @hutchguv my last hope is GamePass announcement.

    Megan Spurr said "In the next two months, Assassin’s Creed Origins will join the library for cloud, console, and PC via Ubisoft Connect app." on 19 April 2022.

    So, I am expecting that they will add it to GamePass after Xbox&Bethesda Games Showcase at 12 June.

    And this adding must be 60FPS patched version of AC Origins!

  • strange_cloud00
    1 posts

    @muhammedtutar Bought the origins last year on sale and have been waiting for 60fps patch. I guess I wasted money since its coming to the gamepass. OK. Lessons learned. Do not believe what the developers tell you until it is implemented. Lol I feel like I'm learning this lesson more often nowadays...

  • tigroutom
    23 posts

    @ubi-milky another month and Ubisoft continue to take people for fools ,Yesterday there are so many messages on twitter who asked for 60 fps for origins and the cm who does not want to answer just once since almost 18 months ,you really does not care of players ,we are just some purses and that s all ,there are absolutely no reasons for not having a clear answer it s just unrespectul , Ubisoft become a really bad studio

  • RealTeflonDon
    13 posts

    @tigroutom Indeed !!!!!!! Ubisoft have betrayed us all ! They don’t care about my new X series console or your PS5 ! They say we are looking into an update on 21st December it’s now nearly 5 months on almost half a year ! And they have done nothing at all ! Nothing at all ! Nothing at all ! And they say yeah leave a comment on the forum so we can ignore you on mass ! When are players gonna start organising boycotts of Ubisoft or any developers that can’t give the customer what it asks for because if we stopped buying games they would have an update in a week ! In stead doing nothing saying nothing! I mean obviously there is no update for AC origins and they never planned one they just lied on a Twitter post , I don’t believe they were even updating it at all I mean all they have to do is update Wildlands and AC Origins and there would be no problem but not only have they done nothing they insult people by suggesting their doing stuff and looking in to stuff then say nothing! Where is the communication?????? I mean this is a multi million buck industry not some half [censored] toy shop ! Try some communication with your community for Gods sake !

  • Cleric670
    3 posts

    @realteflondon My gut feeling is they have determined some arbitrary future date as the release date for the 60fps patch, likely to maximize profit and line up with some other event that we're unaware of.

    They really should just let us know if this is the case so we can all set a calendar reminder for the date instead of being worked up into a fury over the deafening silence.

    In the meantime, I've been thoroughly enjoying spending my money and time on other non-ubisoft games like The Last of Us Remastered and Days Gone.

    If you want me to open my wallet, you know what to do...

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