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  • Raleigh1002
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    "Patch notes: -Added a franchise menu -Enabled higher frame rate when running on a PlayStation 5 console
    They think it could be added to the game next week. Either way, the patch is happening soon, same for Xbox I’d imagine"

  • muhammedtutar
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    Here is a tweet about Xbox patch. Is that confirmed?

  • Hutchguv
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    thanks for posting this as I do t really follow Twitter

    I have both game pass and the Xbox disc for origins so I'll start replaying as soon as the patch is done

    im also pleased it seems they are doing it for bot series x and ps5 so no one gets left out

    As an aside been replaying Valhalla on ps5 as I just bought the dawn of ragnarok expansion and I have noticed that despite the ps5 having Variable Refresh Rate added in firmware and ticking the box to enable vrr unpatched games I still get the odd screen tear when frames are dropped playing AC Valhalla

    maybe not the best place to ask, but anyone else have that on ps5?

    if that vrr unpatched games thing doesn't work I think I'll buy most games on the series x from now on, unless the PS5 version has any benefits

    I think I prefer the Xbox controller too

    The only way the ps5 improves over series X for me is native background music playing from a usb stick whilst gaming. Series has an non-official app that does it, but it's limited compared to the ps app

    apologies if most of this post is mostly off topic, but pleased to know that the 60fps patch is almost there

    looks like the next few weeks is tied up for me with Dawn Of Ragnarok and replaying origins

    ill probably buy the origins DLC too Any opinions on that?

  • goldcoasttanner
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    @hutchguv I've read that the Origins DLC is really good. I have it myself but have been holding off playing it waiting for this 60 FPS patch.

    Think I'll do a full game replay first though, as it's been over 2 years since I played Origins, as it was such a good game.

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