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  • locked topic_solved 'Gotta Get 'Em All' trophy/achievement has not unlocked and gift machine is empty | POST HERE

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    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 5866

    Hi everyone,

    I can confirm that an update was released today that should fix the issue with the achievement/trophy 'Gotta Get 'Em All'.

    If you still have issues with the achievement/trophy unlocking after installing the update please let us know.

    Sorry that this update has taken sometime to be released and thank you for your patience.

  • RayBladeX
    ubisoft:x-posts, 55

    @ubi-keo Okay, now why don't you get Just Dance 2020 Gotta Get 'em All fixed. Nobody legit unlocked the one for 2020.

  • thecuteonewsv
    ubisoft:x-posts, 14

    @ubi-keo I can confirm that the trophy has been unlocked on my Ps5, thanks 👍🏻. By the way, Im planning to play just dance 2019 and JD 2020, do any of them have trophy bugs?

  • Schachtstar
    ubisoft:x-posts, 6

    Yes, I did the rest of the Slot Machine after the Update on JD2022 and got the trophy. (PS4)
    Still no trophy on JD2020 (333/333).

  • ericnthenerd
    ubisoft:x-posts, 6

    I just tried it on my PS4 and I can confirm that it unlocked as soon as I started up the game with no issues! Now I finally have the platinum trophy!

    Thank you Ubisoft!

  • Lavsma
    ubisoft:x-posts, 19

    Unlock for me in Xbox as soon I reach in the method score screen (Kinect or phone). I hope now, we know the issue and how can fix, they fix the others games, principal the ps5/ Xbox series stack because is impossible play offline, so we not have choice if not wait the update

  • TheHazzVite
    ubisoft:x-posts, 2

    I suppose that the error will not be solved in previous versions (2020, 2021) due to license issues... good time for finally solving it in JD22.

  • RayBladeX
    ubisoft:x-posts, 55

    Okay, so if you can fix the JD2022 Gotta Get 'em All achievement, I demand that you fix the one for JD2020. This has been killing my head, since then.

  • oxHARMONxo
    ubisoft:x-posts, 18

    Was the team also aware of the same issue plaguing Just Dance 2021 on the Xbox Series X? I’d like to play and complete both versions of the game, but I know it’s not a possibility unless the developer team actually acknowledges it’s an issue. Although its a title from the previous year, its still relevant and relatively new in terms of the series, and should see the same support!

  • RayBladeX
    ubisoft:x-posts, 55

    @ubi-keo Okay, you may have fixed that achievement for Just Dance 2022, but why don't you start fixing the one for Just Dance 2020?

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 5866

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for confirming that the achievement/trophy has now unlocked after installing the update.

    As this issue is now resolved I will now lock this thread.

    For anyone experiencing issues with the same achievement/trophy not unlocking on Just Dance 2020 or 2021 could you please post on this forum here.

    I can confirm that the issue was reported for Just Dance 2020 in the past, however the development team were unable to reproduce it as the achievement/trophy unlocked.


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